Working on an experimental project to help folks easily have more fun. More coming soon.

Secure messaging and authentication is kind of a big deal. With the blowup of biometrics and the major challenges with password recovery, there is a need for frameworks that put the user in control. Currently prototyping concepts.

Wondering what you pup's up to when you're away at work? Curious to see how that bill on the counter got ripped to shreds? How did he even get up there?? I was curious and so I bought a Raspbery Pi, a camera module and started searching for libraries to capture video and store images when motion was detected. The best library was Miguel Grinberg's on his blog. There is also some great information on the Raspberry PI blog. See links below.

Miguel Gringber's blog on building a video streamer, the motion library and the picamera library.


I used to have a website that was for the most part a regurgitation of my resume, plus an illustration of familiarity with information design, HTML and CSS. It was updated every few years to keep up with the "new" stuff. Being the curious type I always wanted to learn new programming languages, tinker with the latest shield to help reminisce the wonderful days of window-less basement laboratories. I even did a few XNA apps once ;/. Over the years I've accumulated a lot of disorganized code that is pretty meaningless without context. When I saw Simon Sinek's talk about focusing on the why, I decided to rethink and focus all my extracurricular energy through the forum of adillipa. Every experiment is a milestone - to learn something specific, leading to a final goal. This is the result.