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How to Build a 12 ft Outboard Skiff Jon Boat Plans How to Build a 12 ft Outboard Skiff Jon Boat PlansPlans how to build a 12 ft outboard skiff Jon Boat.If you want a dependable boat to poke around in rivers and marshes this is it.
Looks like a great job there TP!There are so many add ons but like you said no need to go crazy with it. My Uncle fabricated an arm for his depth finder transducer that hooks on the back of his jon.It works really well and kept him from drilling any holes. They probably sell some type of detachable transducer and monitor mounts for jons but if not you look pretty handy I bet you could fabricate some.
Also, any plywood in a boat should be primed with at least 2 coats of outdoor oil based primer. I made a little plate to mount a battery tray on as an after thought out of "Vantek"??

Made a beleiver out of me, and will be scouring any new construction in the area for scraps.. I will be working on the trailer bunking ASAP, It already bounces all around now, so I don't want my permanent boat and my temporary subfloor coming off the trailer, plus it sits so high, it's a PITA to launch. Slipping on a pair of chest waders sure does take the hard work out of loading and unloading little jons and makes it no problem. I don't want to affix anything permanently to the hull, want to keep her as virgin as possible and modular.
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Details about your aluminum jon boat, used jon boat, used outboard boat motor, and fishing tackle.

I have made a deck so far, and plan on building one the same for the front only with a casting seat and a battery box for my trolling motor.
I plan on installing a bilge pump soon, but I will plumb it up properly so I am going to wait a bit for that one. Like I said it was free, and had I had to pay for it, I would have bought marine ply and some glass to seal it up.

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