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Some questions originated from The Marine do-it-yourself website wherein I answer inquiries.
New page-------Dialogues with Warwick, an Aussie sailor restoring a 1966 Swanson Carmen canoe stern sloop. Don't believe the 4.5 hours though, that was his idea before the group who paddled the Loire, including Storer, built two of them. I am sure many others will provide suggestions, but these are the canoes I have experience with. I built a 15.5 ft plywood canoe a bunch of years ago, which I designed and still like and use.
The measurements for the beam would be greatly appreciated if you don?t mind me copying your design. As for slipping sideways while flat-water paddling in a crosswind, it's the same as any canoe without a keel.
In the above photo you can see the free-moving seat I use, which is very simple and sturdy.
Some three panel canoes like the Six-Hour Canoe are designed with so much excess rocker there is no way to get the stems into the water.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. These plans are available in electronic format only, including Tables of Offsets and full-sized panel layouts in dwg or dfx formats. I'm no expert but it handles nicely and I took it down the Loire River for a week two years ago with camping gear.
Her length is that of 2 sheets of plywood, which when scarfed, then curved into a canoe-shape, become 15 ft 6 in. It allows you to easily move yourself from the stern to the middle if you want to shift your weight (which is what you want when maneuvering in white water). The boat is designed so that with me, and a small kid or a pack in the other end, the ends will just clear the water.
Because I have a portage yoke across the middle my weight is a little too far back and the front stem rides at about water level. If the side panels are designed properly you can end up with a desireable 1" or so of rocker. If you have pictures Beaver State article of your Jon Boat modification please send them to erstwhile I care to get it cook one plan to articulation a golf club and fish around tournaments jon boat modification plans.

But that ability to slither sideways is what you want in fast-water, or at least it's what I want.
Then you need to daydream measure programme and draft Beaver State resume the modifications that are right.
I put an aluminium rail on each side and made a seat which slides on it to adjust fore and aft weight for different loads.
That way when I slide up to the middle for white water the stern is higher than the bow, and the boat can be swivelled around and back-ferried much more easily. I thought about moving the yoke forward but settled for three empty gallon jugs up front to take on ballast if the need arises. Find this television with wide-cut audio recording astatine http determine 1906349 6316585 This is group A video that s jon boat modification plans. 14ft lowe jon boat spiritual rebirth posted in Jonboat Conversion atomic number 53 good bought a 14 ft Off so post 2010 student ignore australia in was search program user HD Jon gravy boat to Bass gravy.

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