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Ditto on the PS wiring harness.On the shift cables, measure how long you need and I'd add at least an extra 12" in length. Thank you all again for your input.I called ACE Hardware in town and while the store manager didnt seem it would be a problem, he said I would need to talk to the store owner who comes in at 3pm to get his approval. 2007 suntracker 32schema suntracker diydescargar suntrack pelicula rio bravo nelson riddlesuntracker party barges used canadaMission Development prides itself on designing distinctive projects. If you do not have any luck with finding a place close to home you can have your stuff shipped to our warehouse up on 37th across from Coleman. So hopefully he helps me out.I am going to go with PS steering system since that seems to be very "generic". Creating community through strong neighborhood principals of walkability, sense of place, attention to detail, and active parks. These lifestyle centers mix the traditional retail with pathways, park-like greenbelts, and ambience.
We have 3 forklifts and 100,000 sq ft of open space so no problem taking delivery of your stuff. Architectural interest and the incorporation of local culture and history is important to our planning and design team. I am starting from scratch, meaning I am replacing the cables shift & throlle and steering cable systems.

I've seen some online but I was wondering what you all boat experts would recommend I go with, and what all do I need exactly.
As you see in the picture, towards the front of the boat, the rail around it sits lower than it does in the back. When I took the console off, I didn't care to see what the connections came from (sort of) since all the cables were pretty much damaged. When we stop and hang out at the sand but it just switch it to #2 so that the stereo is running solely off of the two stereo batteries thus never allowing me to run down the engine battery. I am removing the two fisherman chairs and will be installing long comfy sofas in there (all from PontoonStuff).
The small fence in the front (with the gate) I am moving towards the front (ahead of the fisherman chairs). But wasn't sure if there are any "safety" violations, or if the fence has to be X minimum height, etc.
If I don't have to buy new fencing, it would be great :)As you can see, I already did the tear down part. I called this local kansas marine place to see if I could take my motor there and found out they dont work on older models (its an 1981), but gave me the number to this local guy who works on them. I need to take some measurements tomorrow, then make the phone call to order, but first is the flooring kit with the plywood.

I will only have a stereo and navigation lights, and MAYBE a depth finder)Anything else cable related?I don't need anything fancy.
And I am sorry if you are a small local outboard motor business, but those places scare me. My father-in-law had trouble with his motor from his cobalt and he took it to one of those places, and it seems like he always has to go back to do something to it.
Any input is totally appreciated it.As soon as I hear back from the grocery store I'll be making the phone call to order the kit. Not sure what it is, but it seems like it is all trial and error until it just stops messing up!!!catalinaflyer: thank you so much for the offer. I figured it was because I needed to call to make sure it is a commercial site. Anyway, thank you all!!!

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