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How to Build Missile 19 ft Racing Sailboat Plans How to Build Missile 19 ft Racing Sailboat PlansPlans to build your own 19 ft racing sailboat plans.The Missile boat is designed to be the first boat around the finishing buoy, regardless of the competition or wind conditions. Why not just go with the cabin version pathfinder and then cut the front end off and slap some ply and goo in its place to make it look right?!?? I've watched with absolute amazement at how well that fat little SCAMP boat sails, she seems balanced and well mannered in all sorts of conditions and loads, and how on earth (or on water) he managed to get it to do that when its darn near half as wide as it is long I really dont know. Dylan, i cant imagine these days spending 3 days and nights in the winter onboard a Mirror offshore!
ETA -- Of course, a 15' version of SCAMP will be a different boat than a Great Pelican in many particulars. This year’s WoodenBoat Design Challenge III, “A Fast, Expedition Sailboat”, is a theme near and dear to my Proafile heart.
The winning entry came from John Marples and his neat 27’ folding trimaran (Congratulations, John!) and while it would have been nice to win, the contest drew 49 entries, a number that both amazed and gratified us that so many others are thinking “small, expedition, sail”. The defining feature of Evergreen is her rig: twin free-standing masts, one stepped in each hull.
The 5-panel hull is our best compromise between efficient plywood construction and efficient hydrodynamics. Evergreen’s hulls provide space for a dry berth and sealed storage compartments fore and aft in each hull, a portable head, and a small galley. To sum up, the combination of free-standing rig and expanding beam creates an unusually seaworthy, powerful, and easily trailered small catamaran. But congrats to you and Laurie anyway; I find myself looking at your entry over and over again- just a remarkably beautiful boat, well laid out and highly original.
This is a fantastic looking boat, it manages to combine classic looks and modern functionality. I know I speak for many of the few when I ask you to kindly remove yourself from the keyboard and go get your hands dirty.

Tom also said that Dandy was the best tacking catamaran he had ever experienced (or words to that effect).
It might be fun to build the prototype with Dierking style leeboards to play with a range of CLRs on a range of courses, in order to design the best possible keels for it.
After our first week-long cruises last month, we definitely like the galley box idea though cooking from the sailing seat is more comfortable…  We used a portable cooler, but found perishables kept very well in a bilge given the 10oC waters of the Salish Sea! I’m thinking this would be one of those designs that if you wanted longer, you could just stretch it out lengthwise without compromising? To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I realize it's not the same as scamp (no flooding ballast) but it has the same appeal for me. I did all that over 20 years ago on 19ft bilge keel Robert Tucker Caprice.I dont really think you would be comfortable in a 15ft scamp either!
She's full bodied, single sail, outboard in a well infront of the rudder next to the helmsman. Last winter, Canadian designer Laurie McGowan and I were busy working up a design that fit the parameters of the contest pretty well so we entered Evergreen, our 6m (19’-8”) camp-cruiser cat. Our list of desires include simplicity of construction and operation, easy trailerability, ample load carrying ability, good looks, seaworthiness and strength, and excellent speed under sail. The lack of standing rigging speeds up the rigging process, and complex folding arrangements are avoided with the simple sliding beam setup. Her 8’-5” collapsed beam fits onto most beach cat trailers, and she is rigged for sail whilst sitting on the trailer.
Shallow keels with lifting NACA-section rudders are a simple and sturdy solution for catamarans intended to be beached through surf and sailed through unfamiliar shallows. Racing: With the deck hatches sealed, sitting on top of the windward hull with feet on the bridgedeck.

I see a little Cape Breton fishing boat in her, and a whole lot that is unique & elegant.
He said Lock Crowther had predicted that the interference from the rigging would not be an issue but Jones lamented that it was. Just a thought regarding rig interference, perhaps a wharram soft wing sail would be better in this application as the soft sails hitting each other wouldn’t cause damage for the short amount of time it would be occurring.
I've lots of other projects I have to do before I get to it, and some consultation to do with Small Craft Advisor magazine before it goes ahead, if it does.
We had to really push to make the May 29 deadline but in the end we got the packet in the mail and had a great time doing it. Because the masts are mounted in the hulls and not on the beam, compression loads on the beam are removed along with the dolphin striker, again speeding up rigging for a variable beam cat. Though a bit smaller than your 15' request it just might contain your girth with a bit of room to spare. The free standing masts allow the tops of the sails to de-power in gusts, which should make for a more easy-going and safe sailing experience, compared to a typical hull flying beach cat. The aluminum tube beams telescope inside fiberglass tubes that are firmly bonded to the hulls, and are held in place by four bolts.
Unlike the current wave of racing multihulls, Evergreen is definitely NOT a “wave-piercing” design. I would still be interested in a comparison of the two designs from someone with experience with both.

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