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Everything will be designed a fabricated from scratch, except for the engines, and the boat hull. Some preliminary structural analysis was been performed to check the feasibility of the design. Location: Australia Jet Boat (Super Light Build) Hi guys I am working on a small project at the moment and i realise there are numerous threads for Jet Boats on this site however after reading a fair few of them, none of them seem to answer my questions completely. I have Google'd and Youtube'd extensively the use of fire fighting water pumps as a means of generating a jet of water out the back of the boat for thrust.
The max head lift would give you an idea of pressure the pump can generate and as a result thrust.
I haven't seen this being done with much success on Youtube however the hulls people use for these are either really inefficient (barrels etc) or the pump being used isn't a good one and the water isn't being directed through a nozzle or even onto the surface of the water.
Location: Australia The challenge is to create a watercraft capable of moving upstream in shallow water that is moving kinda rapidly.
Sizing a pump is hard, the specs are often best case scenarios, they will tell you max flow and max lift but both will not happen at the same time. Location: Australia I've thought about fan boats but i have no idea how big the fan or motor will have to be to power such a small craft? Location: Australia I recommend firework rockets strapped to back of the punt, as many as required for good forward motion, repeat as necessary.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

If you live in Europe,an affiliated shipyard in Poland can build one of my designs  for you.
We will take the propeller which we carved out of hard Maple and build an airboat around it.
You can't match a toy engine to a jet-ski pump, it will just kill it ( the engine, that is).
In one section the water moves quite quickly as there is a steep gradient however there are no large rocks to worry about.
Its simply about accelerating a mass of water backwards and thus causing same force to the boat forward. Was kinda hoping to stick with simple cheap motors like lawn mowers, outboards, whipper snippers etc.
They are used to protect the part of the hull subject to corrosion resulting from the effect of two metals of different nature when immersed in an electrolyte, which is exactly the sea water. Given the conditions i figure a jet drive or water jet are the only means of successfully completing the challenge. Am wondering what kind of motors i can use to power the jet drive successfully given the 25kg mass and 2.4m size of the hull itself. The acceleration comes into it as the water will only slow down as it leaves the nozzle at the back of the boat. Apart from that, speed on the flat water as well and ability to cover the most distance before you run out of power.

We design boats for professionalboat builders, and offer custom marine design services and naval architecturalassistance, to individuals who would like to realize their own vision of a perfect boat.
In order to protect the metallic parts immersed in water, some barrettes constituted from a particular alloy are applied in their vicinities.
I'm looking into motors such as lawn mower engines, petrol engines from water pumps, 2 stroke 49cc engines for minibikes, whipper snipper engines and maybe even a cheap outboard motor. This will be negative acceleration of the water but will positive acceleration for the boat in the direction that we are interested in. Im not sure if it was because of the flat bottom shallow draft of the skiff or the actual instalation of the drive.
The alloy's aim is to act as anode, corroding itself and therefore protecting the other metallic parts that have a superior potential (cathodes). I realise that unless powered properly a jet drive is actually quite useless since it is highly efficient at slow speeds. I would think the problem was that the jet couldn't be mounted low enoughbecause of the motor hitting the bottom. In fact, everybody knows that when two metals are immersed in an electrolyte, the electrical current passes from the anodic zone to the cathode zone, giving origin to the phenomenon of the corrosion.

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