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It will be mainly used in the ocean for diving, we get caught in all sorts of weather so it must perform is hard conditions.
You mentioned a machine to joggle the topsides of your trailer boats, did that resemble a big version of a bead roller? From the photo I'm guessing the joggle was a 'Z' section(?) but the small photo's not telling all. I have not had anything to do with them other than correspond with their naval architect but they were obliging enough.
Location: OREGON plate aluminum boat YOU MIGHT look at specialty marine contractors.
Location: The heights of High Wycombe, not too far from River Thames Who might look in Oregon, rasorinc?
Location: OREGON aluminum boat specialty marine AKA Specmar is one of those other places.
I made a machine to put a joggle in the topside plates of all my trailer boats, since I stopped building I sent the machine to scrap, pity Lazyjack I'm a retired welder, trying to get ducks in a row.
I cut the complete boat out using a circular saw it was easy and fun and went together very well .
Boat plans for sale » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Plate alloy kit construction? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: Adriatic sea Two pieces of 24 mm plywood, several coats of epoxy resin until you're sure the surface is completely sealed, then bed it with Sikaflex.
Location: Milwaukee, WI The engine beds usually end up at the transom, just like on a wooden or fiberglass boat.
The engine rests on two spring washers on the bracket of the transom housing and one or two adjustable front engine mounts. The transom has to absorb the thrust as if you had an outboard engine, but the area is larger and lower positioned; I see no problems there. Location: China Paint problem Aluminium boat Aluminium boat, the paint has gone milky after 2 years in patches also Orange Peel(Guess thats always been). Location: Eustis, FL Without a lot more information, it's difficult to make any recommendations, but the obvious questions are, what type of paint, what conditions has it lived in, etc.
Location: China This boat is 2 years old and this is only showing up now, the boat is in Holland so i can only go on what the client is saying that it wont buff out. Location: China I have had similar milky patches on interior before that was due to spraying in high humidity.
Be specific;- ask them to gently hand flat, using some 3M P2000 or P2500 wet and dry with warm water an a little simple green, ideally somewhere inconspicuous. If it's modern 2 part paints, those are much harder than the traditional paints and using a basic cutting compound will hardly touch it, especially if done by hand. Location: Manchester, UK Hi steve123, this looks like paint oxidization to me, perhaps the builder used a better priced 2k paint rather than a PolyUrethan paint. Ask the gent to spray hairspray on the area then take a picture as he doea it, then after it dries. If the colour stays dark after the hairspray dries, then youre only looking at a cut and polish. This beautiful, hard to find triple cockpit runabout is in excellent condition, having undergone major restorative work in 2000, including a new 5200 bottom and a new GM 350 V8 engine.
This beautiful water-craft offers a light weight, pollution free mode of enjoyment and transport on the water.
For full details please see ad number pb578 on the Non-motorized Boats page, or click on the link. We have been instructed by the owner of this Sea Skiff to reduce the price from $16,000 to $9,999! 1929 was not a good year for investors, but it is now… HIGH TEA, an immaculate displacement hull cruiser, is an absolutely stunning example of a “Gatsby” era yacht from a by-gone time.
With Spring officially here (at least in theory), it’s time to begin fantasizing about wooden boating. One of the iconic race boats from the Muskoka Region is Rainbow III is a 25 ft gold cup racer with an external rudder which now resides on Carnelian Bay, CA, United States. Even clothing Designer Mogul Tommy Hilfiger has shown off Rainbow III in his 2008 Fall Winter Campaign.
Note: Viewers, to enjoy some of the 72 You Tube videos we have produced on wooden boating, please visit pcboatsandcottages on the You Tube site. Paul Brackley and his staff perform major surgery on a a 1950’s Chris-Craft cruiser and give a face-lift to a knockout Minett-Shields triple cockpit.
Our March 2014 visit to Brackley Boats in Gravenhurst, Ontario, uncovered a beamy Chris-Craft semi-enclosed cabin cruiser undergoing a complete restoration. We recently received news of an incredible one-of-a-kind 1929 Finnish race-boat, constructed by top marine builders as an experimental prototype. Sikari has been in my family since the late 1970s when my father bought her and started restoring her. LONDON (13 February 2014) – In what has quickly become one of Europe’s leading collector car auctions, RM’s biennial Monaco sale will feature one of the most significant motor boats to be offered to the market in recent years. Augustin Sabatie-Garat, Car Specialist, RM Auctions, says: “Aside from its reputation as a seller of some of the world’s finest collector cars, RM has also built a reputation for offering some very fine hand-selected boats to the market. VIA, which is also known by its hull number, number 62, is powered by its original pair of Chris-Craft MCL, inline six-cylinder engines, with each engine capable of producing 175 horsepower; therefore providing exceptional performance to this magnificent machine. For further information, please see ad number pb576 on the Reproduction Boats For Sale page, or click on the link. Because of aluminium's low smelting point of 592 degrees C, compared to steel smelting point of 1427 degrees C, is it safe or possible to pour molten lead ballast directly into the aluminium keel box?

There are several companies in Holland doing this regularly, but I don't think they'll be willing to disclose their working methodes. Location: Milwaukee, WI You can also make lead ingots of the approximate shape of the keel and set them in resin or other adhesive. Imagine pouring molten lead ballast into you alu keel and, phoof, the goes your labour of love up in smoke if you do not take extreme care. By pouring in molten lead the keel is solidly filled with the heavy stuff, and the CG lower than with ignot or shot. I have to add to my first post that the biggest part of the keels is normally filled with lead ingots before pooring lead.
The keels are protected against catching fire in the methods I discribe, but I can imagine this happenening when someone goes about it the wrong way. They don't see that vessel back in 10 years, and when they do, it's for a refit of the interior, and not the keel.
Add aluminium , warm Australian sea water, marine grade alloy and then drop in something more noble (which means just about anything) then sit back and watch it fizz. Even very large commercial craft can have some ridiculous inbuilt corrosion starters, just because commercial boatbuilders do it doesn't mean its ok.
If it is poured then it should be either capped with fully welded plate and or bitumin or resin to fully insulate the bimetal region from any moisture.
Incidentally even with steel keels designers often prescribe either painting or zinc sheeting to line the keel prior to the pour.
Corrosion inside the hull works quite differently to that immersed outside, you can't work on the ratio of areas to assess likely corrosion rates. Don't see this as me disregarding your experience, but the point I'm making is that this methode is used on yachts of ?50,000,000.=. It is supplied in bags of 25 and 50 kgs and poured bij way of a pipe in the holde of the keel.
Proff yards are not manned and run by engineers, our involvement is low in the actual building of the vessel, we do the design and the specifications, then you find the yard knows better, and although within the rules the vessel gets approved the corners that are cut shorten the vessels lifespan, all for a few hundred dollars. The big problem I find is the yard only has to guarantee its work for 12 months then its the owners problem. I would be very suprised if there is not some sort of basic sealing, even just epoxy paint used in the yards in Holland.
I have always thought it a good way of handling the ballast since you can shovel it around, shape it and then pour resin over the top. As an aside, even lloyds gets things a bit skew at times, they approve some dissimilar metals that should not be used. I would be very surprised if there is not some sort of basic sealing, even just epoxy paint used in the yards in Holland. Originally Posted by MikeJohns As an aside, even Lloyds gets things a bit skew at times, they approve some dissimilar metals that should not be used. Location: Western Australia I have to place around 250 kg of lead ballast in the keel of a 28' semi displacement alloy hull that I launched last year. I am planning on chopping a couple of oval holes into two adjacent keel spaces about 75 x 50 mm in the upper part of the keel from the outside of the hull and pouring in leadshot mixed with epoxy resin. I do not underestimate the potential for a galvanic reaction between the two metals but effectively encapsulating the lead shot in resin should moderate this.
My original plan had been to cast up some lead bricks just narrow enough to drop in the keel and cut bigger access holes in the keel side, but the lead shot will be much quicker. My designer has suggested to fill up the space between lead and aluminium with oil, wait for a week to get it to every cavity and then preassure test it. Originally Posted by Pavel My designer has suggested to fill up the space between lead and aluminium with oil, wait for a week to get it to every cavity and then preassure test it. Adding Side Stringer on Shell Plating » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Compromises - Ballast keel?
If it was sprayed, it was with a partly plugged gun or something, as that stipple looks worse than a lousy roll and tip job. I'd start by roughing it in with a 1,500 pad, moving up through 3,000 and seeing how it looks. It can be sometimes 'deep' in paint ie too deep to get rid of without sanding with something like p600. Designed by Harry Greening she set a world distance record of 1060 miles in 24 hours on Lake Muskoka. Time to head to Buffalo for the OLD BOATS BUFFALO, Niagara Frontier ACBS Chapter workshop this coming Saturday.
At that point the boat didn’t have an engine and the new owner, Vieno-Verner Sillanpaa equipped it with a Ford Flathead V8 engine. She was stored for many years, but now we are working to get her back to water next summer.
One of the wooden boating world’s most prestigious water-craft, a Riva belonging to the late Prince Ranier of Monaco, will be put on the auction block this coming May.
The immensely desirable 1958 Riva Tritone, known as VIA, was originally ordered new by His Majesty Prince Rainier of Monaco and his famous wife, Princess Grace Kelly, for their personal use, and the vessel is one of only 26 boats built by Riva that year. Several very important Rivas have passed through our hands, along with the spectacular Ferrari-powered hydroplane, the ARNO XI, which we sold at the last Monaco sale in 2012. This vessel, acquired by the current owner in 2003, has had only three owners from new, and it boasts a recent ground-up restoration by the specialists at Woodcraft, in Amsterdam. The bottom is mahogany ply, sides are cold molded cedar and decks are red cedar over mahogany ply coverboards. It’s difficult to imagine the funds, patience and creativity to pull off a custom build like this!
And not only the melting point of the alu is the problem, but also the stresses in the keel caused by the heat, these will deform the keel resulting in problems with the straightness.

A shower system is prefered over a bath as in a bath air bubles form on the keel surface as water starts to boil and this prevents the surface being cooled. Another advantage is that the lead would be anchored well fast to the keel because of the structural "formers within. I would paint the aluminium inside , (etch then at least 150 microns of epoxy ) lead and aluminium are (from memory) about half a volt apart on the galvanic scale. How do you get moisture between the alu and the lead when the lead is poored in at, let's say 500 degrees??? Aluminium doesn't bond to the lead consequently it works a little and moisture can collect down between the lead and the plate. I have never specified zinc sheeting but I suppose you could use this method with aluminium.
If they dont in wet bilge areas than I suggest they will start to do so soon as alloy boats become more common. Problem is the cost and availabiity, in many parts of the world lead shot is around 5 times more expensive than scrap lead.
It does need restraining for inversion with capping plates unless its all mixed with resin and runs through the frames. If they don?t in wet bilge areas than I suggest they will start to do so soon as alloy boats become more common. The resin is supposed to achieve two objectives: first it is supposed to seal the lead shot and minimise the galvanic effects of contact between the lead and the alloy. They were not sprayed at the same time, my impression is this boat was sprayed when humidity was high or someone dropped a can of thinners or something and tried cleaning up. If it was mine, I'd just repaint as the finish looks like crap anyway, in spite of the cloudiness. If you're real anal about it, pull out the 5,000 grit pad and have fun, before the fine polish comes aboard.
Her hull design has been replicated on numerous boats both old and even today her lines appear on many interpretations of the Gold Cup race boat.
We can’t all be Irish, but we can certainly emulate the love of the Irish for travel. The really high end models, such as the Bennington, below (apparently listed for six figures) are like mobile floating living rooms, with all the comforts of home. Some will accommodate twelve passengers, who can conduct a business meeting and still store all the golf clubs on board! We had her in two exhibitions in spring 2013, Vene 13 Bat boat exhibition and American Car Show 2013 both in Helsinki, Finland. This wonderful Riva, VIA, is a unique piece of Monaco’s cultural history, and it is the ultimate privilege to be able to bring this beautiful boat back to its original home. With such an outstanding restoration already conducted, the boat is a perfect and unique opportunity for any collector looking to obtain a historically significant Riva in perfect, ready-to-go condition (Estimate: €350,000–€500,000, without reserve).
The Atkins Flyer is powered by a 12 cylinder, 1970’s, 275 hp Jaguar engine, (offering 60 mph!) An additional engine is available. Pet friendly, the cottage features a full kitchen with modern conveniences and satellite TV. If you pour directly into the keel with the metals in contact and get some moisture in there you will have a replating job within 3 months.
Some builders use lead shot poured in layers and they fuse it together with a gas torch to increase its density. Secondly, it will stop the lead shot rolling around in the bottom of the keel space and migrating along the keel base through the rat holes in the bottom corners of the keel formers. I know some say you can't buff some of the LPU's but I'll be damn if I've found one yet, that doesn't respond positively to some surface smoothing, so long as it's fully cured and performed correctly (speed, products, etc.). With that in mind, we’re listing a few of the many upcoming ACBS International Boat Shows.
So the boat was an experiment, a prototype and she was built for the company’s own purposes.
It would be particularly satisfying if VIA could return to Monaco on a permanent basis, but wherever it goes, the boat is surely the ultimate prize for any Riva enthusiast”.
We hope the site will satisfy your love of wooden boats, cottaging and the holiday lifestyle. There are formers every 500 mm in the keel, which is nominally sealed shut ( I have no confidence that my welding is pinhole free, having pressure tested too many alloy fuel tanks. Perhaps even some transformer oil with enhanced corrosion resistance property would do even better? It may have been a prototype of a new kind of a motortorpedo boat, but that’s just speculation. A large deck makes outdoor entertaining easy, and a two slip dock with great swimming enhances water activities. The 3 coats of epoxy paint on the outside of the hull will cover a multitude of welding sins and hopefully seal a few leaks ). It’s not sure if it was Zake Westin, Bruno Westin or Jarl Lindblom who designed the boat but it has been said that all the major designers of the company were involved. She has a fuel capacity of 810 gallons, water capacity of 100 gallons, and a 40 gallon holding tank.

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