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After draining the water out and allowing the boat to dry, use an aluminum boat repair kit specifically to fix leaky rivets and seams. Cut out two pieces of fiberglass fabric large enough to cover the holes on each side of the metal. You can find all of the supplies for repairing a small aluminum boat hull through eBay sellers. A dent in an aluminum boat may seem like a minor issue, but with the corrosive properties of metal and the careful balance of hull integrity, a dent can be catastrophic over time in an aluminum boat. If you have a larger newer dent in your aluminum boat, the best option might be to send your boat to a body shop that can hammer out most of the dent. If you have a dent or even a scratch that’s impossible to hammer out, your next option is to use body filler. An important property of metal is that it expands and contracts with changes in temperature. For aluminum boats, a few filler options include JB Weld Putty or a putty called Bondo, which is used in racing aluminum boats.
Whenever using filler on an aluminum boat, surface preparation is very important or your repair job will be for nothing.
However, these boats can develop leaks from scraping the bottom on rocks, too much weight, stormy waters, and even from loading and unloading the boat. Owners might also need other supplies, such as a wire brush, putty knife, acetone, rubber gloves, plastic spreaders, hammer, pliers, and sandpaper.
These holes allow the epoxy to make contact from each side of the repair, making for a stronger patch.

Dents threaten the structure of the hull and places uneven pressure against the waterside of the hull.
When finding body filler for your aluminum boat, its very important to always use the right kind of filler! Fiberglass filler, for example, expands and contracts at a different rate than the aluminum boat. Metal is very sensitive and needs professional care to prevent the hull integrity from breaking down. Rather than giving up the boat for lost and buying a new one, it is possible to repair these leaks. Before buying anything, determine whether the leak is from a loose seam or from an actual hole in the boat. Aluminum doesn’t stand up well to uneven distribution of pressure and over time, a thinner hull will fail as a result. As your boat is exposed to changing water temperature, changes in seasons and even sunlight, it contracts and expands.
After just a few days, if you use fiberglass filler, you’ll see flaking and eventually the filler was fall off the boat. Whenever you are unsure of what to use, it’s best to consult a boat repair specialist which will often give free advice to do-it-yourselfers.
Alternate applying the epoxy to the heated rivets with a syringe and using the propane torch to heat up the rivets. Apply a generous layer of epoxy to each side of the hole, filling in the hole as much as possible.

Review the list of necessary items to see what you already have and what you need to purchase. Unnoticed and unrepaired, your aluminum boat will experience stress and have further damage to the hull as corrosion sets in. Cleaning after sanding is very important as well, and this can even include a coat of primer or chromate conversion coating.
Buyers can find these items at hardware stores, boater's shops, online boating and hardware supply websites, and on eBay. Take some of the sandpaper to the metal to remove even more of the dirt and debris, leaving the surface inside and outside the boat bright, and roughly polished. You may need to use multiple coats of filler, and you must ensure the filler fully cures before applying a second coat.
Gently smooth down the fabric patches to remove air pockets and ensure complete contact with the metal hull.
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