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Our signature boat , the PRO series, is THE top of the line aluminum fishing boat available & uniquely 100% customizable. If your'e interested in powering your hull with a Jet outboard - look no further than our PRO-Jet! The secret is the Jetwaffe, a small and nimble boat the Crapo brothers and business partner Branden Holloway designed and built themselves.
With more work, the men of Broken Rudder ended up with more tools of the trade and more experience, doing a lot of work like upgrading boats to run on an outboard motor.
When they saw a video of New Zealanders zipping around in tiny boats with jet ski motors, they knew it was something they had to try. Darrin said he saw the need for a boat with that kind of maneuverability to take on rivers and creeks, where traditional boats would get stuck. Now they have the ability to design a craft on the computer, he said, but the prototype they finished building in 2013 went from napkin to drafting paper to plywood before its current metal form. Brian has the welding skills, while Darrin handles the design and Holloway is the brains behind the business aspects of their operation.
With the tools and technology purchased and the design figured out, the group anticipates being able to sell their boats for under $20,000. The Jetwaffe they’ve been tearing up and down rivers and creeks in, the first to take on Southeast’s tributaries, can go a little over 40 mph, Darrin said.
Efficiency is something they were mindful of, not only in respect to getting from place to place quickly, but for fuel efficiency as well. He reminisced about a time when his father would take the family out for a weekend boat trip, consuming around 300 gallons of fuel.

The Jetwaffe, they bragged, burned just five gallons of fuel during a four-hour adventure on Cowee Creek. Traditional boats running aground in the landscape they are using as a playground could mean a total loss, or at least hefty repairs.
The ability of the boat to traverse shallow water and narrow passages is the real highlight for its creators, who have been navigating Juneau’s shallow waterways since February. Holloway said they still get the same rush as the first time they took the Jetwaffe out each time. And the desire to make the Jetwaffe available to other boaters is part business but also part of a desire to get others out on the water and having as much fun as they are. And if anyone was worried these big ideas might take the trio elsewhere, there’s no need to fret. Wasn't it a couple years ago that all the salmon of the Taku would be destroyed because a mining company wanted to barge product to and fro from the mine? Seller's Notes:nicely equipped , hard top walk thru bow, 1991 duckworth magnum, less than 50 hrs. The newest in our line of hulls is the PRO-JET - A hull light & efficient enough to run swiftly with mid-range 4-stroke Jet outboards. But one thing Brian and his brother, Darrin, will tell you is the secret to making a three-hour hike to that spot a five-minute boat ride. His father was a commercial fisherman and the Crapos spent at least a portion of their childhood living aboard a boat. The men foresee having two types of customers for the Jetwaffe models: motorsports enthusiasts going for the thrills of the little boats and fishermen or other types looking for a way to get to remote locations more efficiently.

He said that was something they could afford in the ‘80s when fuel was about $1 per gallon, but today it would cost $1,200 in fuel for the same trip.
The Jetwaffe could be pulled to slightly deeper water with a chainsaw winch and be on its way again. They’ve skimmed across water that would barely cover their boots, squeezed between many a rock and a hard place, and where there is brush overhanging, they just duck. We've taken the PRO series, lightened the hull, developed a superb jet tunnel & balanced the weight properly for running jet outboards! This popular vessel is designed, engineered and built specifically for the punishment that the ocean often delivers to fishing boats. The all-welded, heavy gauge aluminum construction is what sets it apart from all the fiberglass and riveted cuddy cabins on the market.
The Sport Jet’s minimal-draft jet technology allows you to cruise on step through water as shallow as 4 inches.
Whether fishing the Pacific, the Atlantic, or even the Great Lakes, the Ocean Pro is your big water boat.
Hewescraft Pacific Cruiser boats are fully featured with standard amenities for which other boat builders charge extra.
This boat is tough enough to take the pounding of fast water rivers, maneuverable enough to manage the strong hydraulics of white water rapids, powerful enough to tow water skiers and tubers, and yet packaged in a convenient weight and size that makes towing and storing your boat a snap.

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