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Hey guys, gotta a new aluminum welded boat I designed with a mini surface drive in mind and finally got around to building it. How does it run?What is the assembled weight of the finished hull?In the one photo it is floating kind of low in the back.How did you counter this? Frank, not really, I'm going to guess close to 30 when light,at full throttle, which I rarely do. I don't really hunt the open water much but I cross lots of open water hunting on Lake Erie and Lake St.

In Reply To21' TDB 140 hp Suzuki 4-stroke Brian, it seems like you're going to take off into the air at any moment!
It was my go to boat for a few years and has been collecting dust for three years but I'm bringing it back as my big water tender for this season. I really like what you've done with yours and would appreciate any more photos for inspiration. I see you have a PA registration, if your anywhere near me give me a PM if your interested in getting together.

I gave it a quick once over and made a quick list of things that need doing before the season starts.

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