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Great cruiser for Lake Minnetonka - You'll look good cruising the lake in this restored 1966 25 foot Chris-Craft Sea Skiff.
Classic boats are not only an investment opportunity they are a declaration of personal style. If you have a passion for beautiful boats, you will appreciate sailing a wooden boat is one of the most pleasurable, satisfying feelings in the world. The most cost effective way to own an vintage boat is to buy a well cared for and restored craft where its history and craftmanship is fully documented throughout the years.
For the inexperienced vintage boat investor, however, the problem is knowing where to to find top quality boats. The significant difference between a classic wooden boat, and a modern day fiberglass (GRP) boat is the design shape of the hull, and the sailing or motoring characteristics.
The deck area of a wooden boat typically has more bright work to be maintained than a fiberglass boat. In today’s boat market, it is still substantially less expensive to buy a classic wooden boat, than a fiberglass production boat. Most individuals have come to understand the desire to buy classic older homes that have been restored with modern amenities.
Marina del Rey’s Lake Simcoe Chandlrey Store offers a good selection of parts and accessories for your boat. 1949 Chris Craft Used Classic Wooden Boat For Sale in NC Scroll down for Specifications and the Seller’s Contact Information.

1965 LARSON Used Classic Wooden Boat For Sale in Florida Scroll down for Specifications and the Seller’s Contact Information. Port Carling Boats is your source for antique and classic wooden boat, Muskoka Cottage rental, weather, golf,weekend events, chris craft,century,lyman, hacker. The boats of historical significance designed and built from the late 19th century through the mid 20th century were known for their sailing ability, ascetic beauty, craftsmanship, construction methods, and design innovation. Classic wooden boats, like all boats fall into one of three categories of condition: like new, needs work, and project. There is no difference with regard to the need for painting the bottom of a fiberglass or a wooden boat. The bright work maintenance schedule is based on the protection from UV rays, and the product used to finish the bright work. This includes buying a larger classic wooden boat to be able to obtain the interior space of a modern fiberglass production boat.
If we are unable to satisfy ourselves about the history of a boat and guarantee that the work and restoration carried out has been done satisfactorily and to the highest standard, then we will not sell it. This page is being run in response to many calls made to committee members from people who wish to sell their wooden boat. Painting the hull of a wooden boat is not done any more often than the need to clean and wax a fiberglass hull to remove oxidation. The only added cost is the potential increased cost of moorage, which is a non-item when considering the difference in the purchase price.

Both these homes, and these cars have dramatically increased in value, as the demand has increased. The West Coast of the United States, and European countries such as Italy, France, and the UK are now driving the market for classic wooden boats.
The vast majority of modern day fiberglass production boats are designed to maximize interior space, with little regard to sailing or motoring ability. Some of the best boat restoration done world-wide is now taking place in these geographical regions.
At the same time, the deck of a fiberglass boat will oxidize if left uncovered, and not protected from the effects of UV rays.
At the same time, the demand to own restored classic wooden boats has increased substantially along with their value.
The answer for reducing the maintenance for the deck area for both types of boats is using a boat cover.
Covered moorage is also an option for protection from UV rays for power boats, where available.

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