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Atlantic Beach Clubs has provided rental ski boats to all of Fort Lauderdale since the late 1990s. This 18ft Sports boat that is a fun package that combines sleek styling and power for all watersports. This sports ski boat measures 18ft and is an excellent boat for water activities or just cruising. This boat measures 20ft and is ideal for accommodating a small family as it provides adequate space along with the ability to outfit it for watersports or fishing. The 290 model has a beautiful design with sufficient seating for and a sun pad for day lounging.
With top-of-the-line rental ski boats ready and waiting, Atlantic Beach Clubs offers you a chance to zoom around the Atlantic with some of the most technologically advanced watersport vehicles being manufactured today.
Because of the size of the open-bow structure motor in our speed boats, it is a perfect rental boat for those adventurous enough to water ski and wakeboard. Independently owned and operated for over 14 years, Atlantic Beach Clubs provides vacationers and Florida residents boat rentals. When you want to use a boat to explore the vastness of the ocean and soak in the sun, a ski boat is a fine option.

Like a ski boat, a deck boat is the perfect option for those with larger groups and aspirations. Because of our convenient Fort Lauderdale location, Atlantic Beach Clubs offers some of the best fishing in the state of Florida. Perfect for all ages, our boat tours offer great opportunities for vacationers and Florida residents to enjoy a day filled with relaxation.
In the cockpit you will find a wet bar and storage, while the deck has a three-step ladder for easy and safe boarding. Our ski boats are an ideal choice for you if your only desire is to feel the ocean air at high speeds, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying and towing your boat to the dock.
You can even attach more than one water skier at a time, making it a truly unforgettable experience for you and your friends or family.
We have one of the largest selections of boats in the Fort Lauderdale area along with very competitive rates. With an extended bow that seats 13 or more, a deck boat has room for your friends and family. While there are some people that enjoy the spa or playing a round of golf, Atlantic Beach Clubs provides every age group something they can take pleasure in doing.

Come to us when you want to experience the ride of a lifetime. Whether you rent a speed boat to explore the sights out on the sea with friends and family, or you want to try your hand—and feet—at water skiing or wake boarding, a ski boat can do it all.
Why deal with a hefty price tag, finding storage space, towing the boat to the dock, and maintaining it when you can simply rent a boat from us and get out on the ocean immediately? Leave the planning to us, and we’ll match you up with your own private “chauffeur.” You’ll be able to enjoy an afternoon on the sea and have a blast.
Take an exciting ride on a banana boat tour and get a little splash of fun with your afternoon. Contact us at (954) 376-3770 for more information on our rental boats, or read through our FAQs. No matter how cliche it sounds, a Florida evening on a ski boat really is something to behold. We make it convenient for you to get out on the open sea so you don’t waste any time experiencing Mother Nature at her finest.

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