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2lb Polish - Bigger Container to Polish both sides of your pontoon tubesSharkhide Aluminum Polish is specially formulated to combine the fast cutting properties of a coarse rubbing compound, with the fine polishing characteristics of a polishing rouge. Originally designed as senator's entry level model aimed at the first time boatie, the rc440 has evolved into a truly multi-purpose small boat. With the largest cockpit area of this series, the rc540 provides plenty of room on board while still being easy to tow with smaller vehicles. A 5mm hull and the ability to have up to a 130 horsepower make the RC580 a high-performance boat.
The rh650 wide is a new model with walk round features to make your next adventure even more comfortable.
A step up in construction, the width , depth and size of the RH690 gives room for full length bunks and the option of spacious lock-up forward and main cabins.
An impressive offshore boat, the rh780 is the first of the larger models to be 2.7 metres wide. Seller's Notes:2002 Monterey Montura 248 LS **Mechanic Special** Selling one 2002 Monterey Montura 248 LS.
HelloIf you have a boat on the eastern side of the US, hurricane Sandy likely played real havoc with your houseboat. By doing this, you can quickly bring a dull finish to a reflective shine, but without changing compounds and going back over the initial cut, you can continue on to a highly reflective scratch and swirl free finish.Sharkhide Aluminum Polish can be applied by hand as well as with a variable speed-high quality buffer.

From towing the kids on a 'biscuit' to light tackle fishing or deep-water game fishing this little boat is a surprise package. This is an excellent practical boat for mid-range motors, ideal for beach launching and perfect for plenty of family fun including fishing and water skiing. It's a proven performer, with up to 115 horsepower and capable of carrying the load of your choice to and from your favorite spots in comfort and with ease.
The rh650 includes a slightly longer cabin, sliding window, an overall length of 6.5 metres, and an increased deck length. There are larger storage areas and a deck interior width of nearly two metres, giving the serious diver and fisherman room to move. Since aluminum varies in alloy and hardness, it's suggested to try different pads as well as different buffer speeds to find the best combination for your job. Add to that plenty of usable interior space, including standard king & queen seats and squabs in the front cabin. The rh650 also comes with hydraulic steering and additional hand rails and rod holders, as well as a longer fish bin for those really large catches! Tell us about it herea€¦ Now that Halloween is here, do you celebrate OR are you going to have a boat party? Another little trick we've learned is most alloys polish easier if they're acid washed first.Since most our customers are doing large polish jobs such as boats,, we've packaged our quality polish in one and two pound cans.

The rc440's total length on the trailer allows it to be safely stowed in a smaller garage or left at the Bach, waiting for your next adventure.
With an entry angle of 26 degrees varying to 18 degrees at the stern, the RH620’s capability to safely stay out with larger boats and often get home first makes it the leader of the pack.
The options list for this hull is extensive so contact Boat City for a specification tailored to your needs. Here are the Top-10 Houseboat Party Ideas, and you can even vote for your favorite one (at the bottom of the page). This eliminates the cost and hassle of purchasing several small tubes of other brands.With Sharkhide Aluminum Polish, you're not limited to aluminum,. Not only that, it can remove scratches from Lexan and plexiglas windshields, and can also remove yellowing and haziness from headlight covers. Get Started Here. 1000's of Houseboating Articles to Read. * New to Houseboating?

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