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Call Marina Mikes in Fort Myers, Florida (Toll Free) at 1-800-955-7543 or 239-216-7867 or Email Us for more information ! Person Capacity is 9 people, or 1,280 lbs, great for throwing small parties or get together’s while out on the water.
We recently told you about some rapidly growing pontoon boat hot spots like Atlanta, GA (with a 350% increase in pontoon sales) and Houston, TX (not far behind with a 250% increase).
Recreational pontoon boats  were once thought of as boxy floating docks designed for a leisurely day on the lake but times have changed.
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Most manufacturer’s have done away with the box-like shape and opted for a sleeker design.

Comfort: While pontoon boats offer more capacity than runabouts, manufacturers have not sacrificed space for capacity. Overall Versatility: Pontoon boats provide owners with the comfort of a backyard patio and the ability to reach speeds fast enough to tow a tube. A pontoon can pull right up the edge of the dock, allowing passengers to step onto the deck instead of stepping down into the deck or onto a seat (which can be difficult for small children and middle-aged patrons).
According to Premier Pontoons, the entry-level 20 foot pontoon boat has been the most popular segment of the market since 2008.
Their kids and having kids and suddenly the runabout won’t accommodate the entire family anymore.
Manufacturers like Bennington have even added lounger chairs to some of their models that look out to the back of the boat.

The ease-of-boarding on a pontoon boat has even made it possible for handicapped people to board. These boats typically run in the $35,000 -$75,000 range which is an attractive price point for value-conscious customers.
Grandparents can kick back and relax in a comfortable chair under the shade of a bimini top while teens and grandkids can tube behind the boat. A typical runabout can hold about 5-8 people where a pontoon boat can hold anywhere from 10-14 people (depending on the size, of course).

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