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A scissors trailer is great for allowing you to set your pontoon down anywhere ( yard-garage-etc) or in very shallow water. There were two things holding me backa€”I knew nothing about pontoon boats, and I worried that they might not be seaworthy enough for tidal water. As usual, I was looking for a boat line that had an open transoma€”in other words the consumer has their choice of powera€”so I went to the marine Dealer Expo, started looking at brands, and talked with other dealers and manufacturers. A bunk trailer is more stable, but can only be unloaded in the water and you are at the mercy of the landing depth.

And now if a customer comes in looking for a boat to do water sports, run to the crab house, and get through a chopa€”I have 3 brands to show. 3 years with Bennington and many happy families later I can truly say I have 3 great brands representing 3 great decisions. Today we are just as committed to our goals as we were when we wrote our vision statement 15 years ago.
At Bennington, customer satisfaction is a must and we won't compromise the quality that our customers expect.

Through word of mouth, dock talk, and the recommendations of friends and family, Bennington has grown to become the most respected name in the pontoon business.
We start each and every day with a management meeting that includes our president and CEO, lead engineer, lead designer, lead production director and lead personnel from our sales and customer service departments.

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