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Location: finland Birch Plywood in boatbuilding I am sort of beginner in all boat business - however I do have patience. However I will be moving back to Finland in 5 or so years and will have family farm with its ample space to work on things. Location: NSW Australia Birch Plywood Heikki, birch is a very pretty wood and the sap makes a great home-brew wine (as an old Scots Highlander I know) but like most soft woods when converted into ply is easily bruised. But (and here's the Highland Scot coming to the fore) if it's cheap and plentiful - then go for it. Location: Eustis, FL Another note is to insure the plywood panel has a proper rating for it's intended use, such as BS 1088. Here is a picture of an Open 60 (Ocean Planet) that has done two single hand around the world races. Location: NSW Australia Birch in Boatbuilding What a great picture DGreenwood Senior - taken by a camera strapped to an albatross no doubt - unless the camera like the albatross was hung round your neck But a superb shot however taken. Location: New York The really great thing about that shot is being able to see the consistant sail shape from bottom to top even though it is quite a flexible unstayed rig. As Par says, you gotta make sure you have the right stuff before you can screw , glue or guarantee any thing. I would always favor the material that lives well under a coat of paint alone, but then, I'm very low tech. Location: Trondheim, NORWAY This boat is built of meranti, pine and birch plywood. Location: maine It would be interesting to see how some older boats have fared. Location: Trondheim, NORWAY Okoume (for example) is not very rot resistant either, so if birch is treated right it may last. Those are softwoods, of course, but panels would be thicker at the same weight, and hence stiffer for their weight.
Birch is very cheap here compared to ANY other ply except possibly phillipine mahogany, for example. I imagine that a manufacturer that had some process of treating plys with mildewcide, etc., could produce decent panels not requiring full encapsulation, and that would make a pretty good marine panel.
Most of my exterior boat structure (only hull is fiberglass) is marine fir, which appears fine under paint alone after perhaps thirty years.
Location: Eustis, FL Birch is a fine wood and can be used, but it will need some protection. Since you have the availability, check the glue used (needs to be WBP), the general panel construction (number of voids, repairs, veneer count, etc.) and use the stuff, with an eye toward protecting it against abrasion and moisture ingress.
Location: UK Birch veneers were used after WW2 by Fairey Marine when they started building their hot molded wooded boats.
There are plenty of the early Fireflies, Nat 18's, Swordfish, Albacores around after 60 years that haven't ever seen a drop of epoxy.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Engineered wood products like hardwood plywood continue to gain strength in the marketplace. We buy our plywood with the same strict quality standards we use for our solid wood lumber so you can expect that even our B and C grade faces will be beautiful. Okoume and Douglas Fir plywood are rated as marine grade and are sold to the nautical industry for a variety of applications, including, among other, fiberglass forms, cabinetry, and utility uses on board fishing vessels.
We carry a full spectrum of marine grade plywood, which includes a full spectrum of qualities, from utility species to top-of-the-line Bruynzeel BS 1088 Okoume Gaboon plywood. Although veneer core is more traditional, MDF (medium density fiberboard) core plywood is quickly gaining popularity because of its superior flatness, stability, and great holding power with screws and nails. Two Type of Marine Grade Plywood to Solve Many ProblemsOur customers build some truly beautiful things. High strength plywood besides known as aircraft plywood is made from mahogany and Oregon birken and uses adhesives with. Buy Midwest dilute aircraft grade birch plywood 12 x 48 in Sheets.4 3mm Thick and other quality Plywood astatine downhearted brush aside prices from Utrecht trusted since. No problem barely lodge some 1 4 birken plywood right It is aircraft grade mile atomic number 15 6070 ane which 1 have found it really isn’t so a great deal well-nigh the. Accreditations such as ISO 9001, FSC and PEFC ensure both product quality and choice are achieved.
Yorkshire Plywood supply only graded quality plywood, sourced from around the world that meets our exacting quality control standards. Because each veneer is glued together with adjacent plies having their grains at right angles to each other, plywood is very strong in both directions.
Our Laminated Panels are manufactured by using a process which glues various substrates (Plywood, Plasterboard, Chipboard and MDF) to PVC and Paper Foil Decorative Coverings which are various colours and embosses. Our Bonded Panels are produced by our state of the art machinery using a modern efficient glue bonding spray process to glue various substrates (Plywood, Plasterboard, Magnesium Oxide, Cement Particle, Styrofoam, Polyfoam and Insulation) to decorative finished made from Steel, Laminate, Lead and GRP. Our state of the art machinery (including in line moulders) can produce mouldings such as mdf, plastic, plywood, steel & timber wrapped in a vast choice of our ex-stock range of coverings.
Far Eastern Plywood's are generally made from tropical hardwoods and sourced from Malaysia and Indonesia.
We do carry some specially constructed panels for specific end uses and are CE2+, CE4, CE Mark, EN 13501-1, EN 13986 and Fire Resistance certified.
I am building up momentum into starting some sort of boat projects and I know that you can get really nice birch plywood at very reasonable prices back home. Sure you could use it for boat building- BUT - it will need to be throughly sealed both inside and out - and in doing so you'll lose much of its natural beauty. When that thing flexes like that it scares the bejeezus out of you but it is fact very reliable.

The best, of course, is entombing it in plastic (epoxy), but well cared for painted panels could do okay.
In my mind this means well coated with epoxy for hull and weather deck applications, with cloth sheathing in high traffic or exposed areas (exterior hull surfaces, soles, etc.).
Their stability, ease of use, and in some cases, weather resistance make them ideal for cabinetry, doors, and all manner of marine applications. Gibson McIlvain is also an exclusive North American distributor of Bruynzeel Marine Grade Plywood (view spec sheet) which is a top of the line, BS1088 panel perfect for boat building. The real advantage to our customers is that we supply both solid wood and plywood so when placing an order for one or the other we can easily add sheets of plywood to the truck already scheduled to deliver to your job site.
Wicks Aircraft is your source for the highest degree aircraft spruce and plywood for fuselage Wicks Aircraft supplies aircraft spruce and aircraft plywood to aviation aircraft plywood birch and poplar.
Items one 20 of 82 This is group A software of 6 build wood i beam Micro Cut Aircraft Grade birken reduce Plywood Sheets aside Midwest Products Company. We keep an extensive range of both sheet materials and manufactured laminated panels, bonded panels and wrapped mouldings which are supplied throughout the UK and Ireland from our 3 sites in East Yorkshire. Unless of course you intend to hide it under several layers of paint ( and that would be a pity). The outer veneer should be darn near the same thickness as the other, interior veneers, to provide strength. To be exact it is 2mm aircraft Finn birch on either side of 25mm Nomex impregnated Kevlar honey comb.
The thickness of the sheets are in American made structural aircraft grade plywood is made of imported African Mahogony or American birken veneers laminated in group A hot press to hardwood cores.
We carry also decorative Teak and Holly marine panels and can lay up custom marine panels based on our Bruynzeel platforms using a face veneer of your choice.
With a few patches of carbon reinforcement to take some of the larger tension loads it was bulletproof and showed no signs of movement or fatigue.
All of our plywood is available in multiple grades and saw faces like plain sliced, rotary cut, quartersawn, or sequence matched and numbered. Results I fifty of 75 Browse birchen and Poplar Plywood Aircraft degree MIL phosphorus 6070 in the Wicks Aircraft add catalog including Item List Price Size Thickness. Thin aircraft grade birch plywood is apotheosis for all carpentry projects This melt off plywood takes paint and varnish well Micro Thin birchen plywood has.

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