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Whyte, Just and Moore Wooden Boat Festival was held at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club during Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th March 2012.
The ideal weather and the perfect setting, assisted by a cast of thousands and a small group of dedicated volunteers certainly made this year’s Whyte, Just and Moore Wooden Boat Festival of Geelong a smash hit! A larger than expected fleet of wooden boats arriving at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club during the Labour Day weekend gave the public a mind boggling weekend over the two day festival, which started with the arrival of absolute classic yachts over the finishing line in the Classic and Modern Wooden Boat Passage Race. With well in excess of one hundred craft on display, it was no wonder that the sleek greyhounds of the sea were like magnets to the general public!
If anyone wanted a better picture that that of the twenty three classic wooden boats lining up for the ‘4 Winds Marine’ Classic Boat Trophy race, they’d have to search the world. The stately lady, ‘Sayonara’, said goodbye in Japanese to the fleet by leading for most of the race and taking out line honours. She, ‘Lupa Wylo’ (not Lilliane!) has beautiful bronze winches, traditional timber turning blocks and an Oregon mast and boom with stainless steel rigging. Wooden boats came in all sorts of shapes and sizes and the two steam boats choof-choofed around the marina to the toot of their steam hooters! The other ‘Tea Urn’ (which actually had an urn beside the boiler!) was the steam driven ‘Osborne’. Many power boats were part of the ‘Navigation Rally’ which was won by ’Cadora’ owned by Chris Ackerman, Rear Commodore of RVMYC in Williamstown. Herons are the type of yacht that many of us ‘grew up’ with and Ralph Brown’s Heron, ‘Sarie’ was the victor in the Heron series taking out the ‘Norglass’ Trophy.
The standard was so high that it was decided to award an ‘honourable mention’ to a beautifully presented, 1971 15ft. The overall winner of the ‘Concours d’elegance’ is unquestionably a rare and real ‘Classic’. Designed by Norm Dallimore, ‘Windward II’ was built by Percy Coverdale in Hobart in 1929 using the finest Australian timbers, King Billy pine on Blue Gum frames. Whilst racing was progressing on the water, the ‘on shore’ activities were full of surprises.
Undoubtedly, the world’s wisest wonders of wooden boat wisdom and they were part of the Whyte, Just and Moore Wooden Boat Festival of Geelong.
Caravels were used by Bartholomew Diaz around the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 and in 1492 by Christopher Columbus in his ‘Santa Maria’!
The ‘Notorious’ is Lateen rigged, a rig that can be seen off the coast of India and on the Arab dhows in the Suez Canal today! Built entirely from reclaimed timber and without felling a single tree, amateur boat-builder, Graeme Wylie built ‘Notorious’ almost with his bare hands! The perfect viewing site at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club enabled every display to be close to, or actually on, shore.
Children were not forgotten and their entertainer, pirate Cap’n Jack Sparrow had them enthralled!
Onshore, a jazz band entertained during the afternoons and ‘Rock and Roll’ with the Hoos Bros got the ‘sea legs’ working at night. On top of all that, boat building displays, featuring local boat builders demonstrated chalking, laminating and steam bending. With all this at your disposal, you must put ‘Labour day weekend 2014’ into your diary now so you do not miss this incredibly wonderful spectacle of fine workmanship. Having won the 420 World Championship in 2000, the feeder class to the 470, while still at school in Australia young Matt Belcher was given the honour of carrying the Olympic flag during the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics.
Mitchell focussed largely on the circumstances of the matter and introduced into the public arena some interesting documents to support his claims. While a host of major sailing events go from strength to strength, the Sailing World Cup has very major issues.

Last night my Irish better half was sitting beside me on the sofa watching an Australian version of the popular TV Cooking Program My Kitchen Rules on a tablet with her headphones while I was watching Diehard II for the seventeenth time (it’s a boy thing) on TV.
I’m absolutely not going to lay claim to the phrase, but it is insanely apt and hilarious all at the same time, however. Ian Bruce, driving force behind the Laser dinghy, sadly passed away at his daughter's home on Monday March 21 2016. Two New Zealand women sailors will head overseas on self-funded campaigns to gain selection in the New Zealand Olympic team in what is expected to be the final round of announcements. Accommodation:The 3 cabin layout provides for a 4 berth Folksall cabin, forward, a Galley, Settee, Bathroom cabin amidships with the capacity for 2 berths and the Masters cabin and Queen style berth aft, with the cockpit astern. Remarks:There is a world following of the George Buehler designed boats with the relaibility and seaworthyness almost legendary, and this one has been built for extended sea travel, but is just as comfortable (and beautiful) for cruising the coast around Australia. For more information on this boat, please fill in the following form and we will contact you shortly. A juried contest of films celebrating the heritage, spirit of adventure, and ingenuity of boats and waterborne pursuits. Click on a category to go direct to that individual category page for a detailed list of marine trades and service providers within that category. If you already know the name of the service provider or organisation you're looking for, or are searching for a particular service or product, you can also try entering the details in the search box above and the system will search our database and try to match your selection. If you provide products or services direct to boaters in Australia we’d be happy to provide you with a free listing. In Victoria (Australia), we also download the information from this website and publish an annual printed directory.
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Joubort Black Swan ‘Kingurra’ with the winner on handicap being Carl De Fina’s 39ft cutter, ‘Anitra’ crewed by Aaron, Marcus and Elise De Fina assisted by Chris Hewitt.
Never-the-less, a ‘wily wolf’ named ‘Lupa Wylo’ won on handicap after stealing the handicapper’s heart!
Again!) is easily managed by a small crew under all conditions and she makes a great long distance racer. She’s a Scruffie (my mum used to call me that!) Marine 16ft day boat and was built from a kit and modified a tad.
They are cat ketch rigs with the masts supported in tabernacles which allow for simplicity in raising or lowering the masts for rigging and de-rigging.
Considering that all the entrants had been built to quite different standards and quite different design specifications, the judges decided to judge according to each ones unique qualifications. Among the highlights and willing to talk boats with anyone were that amazing pair of adventurers, Lin and Larry Pardey. She’s an almost brand new, full-size, copy of a 15th century caravel and is Australia's oldest ship re-construction! In the theatrette, local entertainers Colin Mockett and Shirley Power gave running commentaries to the ancient ‘movies’ showing yachting and seaside life in the days of yore.
But it was from the original topsail schooner Enterprize that a handful of settlers disembarked on the Yarra River on August 30, 1835, to begin the settlement which is now a capital of around 3.5-million people.
Model steam engines ‘chuffed’ away to everyone’s delight and extremely high quality model boats were proudly displayed by their makers. In the olden days we did not have television until I left school and they had a thing called print magazines, that reported events between two weeks and four months after they happened. She suddenly spluttered and laughed, took off her headphones and motioned for me to mute Diehard.

Just dropped the price by $10,990, wher can you get a boat like this! Katherine Scarlette is built to the world famous George Buehler design, and was built by an English boat builders son in Leithbridge, near Geelong, and launched as a completed hull in 1997-8. In the process of building the George Buehler designed Gaff Ketch, every effort was made to resource the strongest timbers for the job.
250 Laurie McGowan considered three different hull shapes when developing the concept for a home-buildable sit-on-top fishing kayak. 14,000 copies of Shipmate Marine Directory – Print edition, are published annually and distributed free to boaters.
This simple low cost option gives your listing priority and your entry appears before any of the standard listings within your category. A couple of the frames were added to make the interior larger and the decks planked to give it a little class! They have been round the world, east and west-about, against the prevailing wind south of the great southern capes and have voyaged more than 200,000 miles together on self-built engine-free wooden boats! Today's replica Enterprize was constructed in Melbourne and launched in 1997 to commemorate that event.
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After leading on day one, Souter slipped back to third on day two after finding herself on the wrong side of a number of umpires’ decisions and suffering a series of frustrating losses. Built of Western Red Cedar, Queensland beech and Tasmanian Blackwood she hits a speed of 6 knots with a steam pressure of 100psi.
Built in the traditional way of upside down on a jig, using hoop pine keelson, chines and sheers and gaboon ply frames with topsides and deck of 9 mm ply with three layers of 6mm cross planked for her bottom.
Successfully too, having won a total of 56 trophies at SSBOC events which includes family marathons. Colonisation was already under way in Tasmania in the 1830s, and the schooner brought settlers from Launceston. We merely seek to use it as a way to demonstrate that when there is a lot of brouhaha going on, the smoke screen ultimately ends up as a lovely, colourful flag as to the real intent behind it.
The whales will soon be gathering again off the coast of Queensland to observe all manner of racing and cruising craft as they head North for a Winter in the sun. The double and triple thickness Marine Ply decking is surrounded by 30cm bulwarks providing great protection from the elements and a safety and seating rail at the same time.
The huge decks and raised cabin tops also have the benefit of providing protected sun baking and seating areas for up to 15-20 people. Going into the final Blue Water Pointscore race, the Audi Sydney Southport Race starting Saturday, 24 March, AFR Midnight Rambler is on 11 points, two points behind English yachtsman Chris Bull in his J145 Jazz on 13 points followed by Howard de Torres’ IMX 40 Nips N Tux on 17 points. Second overall went to About Time on 12 points and Stickybeak, Robert Sheldon’s Farr 40 OD on 20 points. A bring your own barbecue will sought to be held at the club after each race – weather and other factors permitting. The races are open to NSC dinghies, and yachts owned or part owned by NSC members, and also, at the Club’s discretion, yachts (or dinghies) owned by members of other sailing clubs. Boat owners not affiliated with any club are able to apply to be Winter Members of NSC at a reasonable cost. Nips N Tux’s win clinched second place overall, with Amante third just one point ahead of Black Adder (Stephen Thomas) with one more point to Stickybeak (Robert Sheldon).

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