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Reports are coming in from Rhode Island, Michigan, and Missouri of late nights, last minute runs and a rush to get to Miami for the move in dates. Goldman recently traveled to MTI to oversee the final days of completion on the new boat from MTI. The new owner ordered this boat from the model that was on display at last year’s Miami Boat Show. Larry said he is expecting to have a lot of cross over customers from performance catamarans owners who want to make their boating experience a little more open but aren’t wiling to fully compromise performance when buying a center console. This year’s show is throttling up to be better than ever with many new and exciting attractions including more boats than previous years, more exhibitor booths and larger floating tents.
I am about to do a 27 day deck hand training course, but the problem is that I am still 18.
Founded in 1939 on the site of the Fogel Boat Yard, the Miami Shipbuilding Corporation received the first US Navy contract for the construction of small, fast and heavily armed "Crash Boats" in 1939.
Launching the first US ship of the type later in the same year, the Miami Shipbuilding Corp started the ball rolling on what would eventually result in one of the most storied ship designs of the Second World War, the PT Boat. The end of the Second World War brought hard times for the shipyard as government contracts evaporated. Eventually declared a Historic Site, the two-story Art Moderne style office building could not survive the pressures of real estate development and was razed to make room for the construction of condo's in the late 1990's.
We were fortunate to have some great images shared with us of the 149′ tugboat Yankee.
Notes from the sea trials, “Full load sprint speed of 37+ knots, not bad for 46,000 lbs.
Read more about this project at Workboat Industry News – North River Boats Manufactures Safe, Comfortable Crew Transfer Boats.
Boksa Marine Design, a leading naval architecture and marine engineering firm for luxury, recreational and commercial vessels, has announced the launch of its new website.

The new website features a clean, minimalist approach intended to showcase the company’s design and engineering projects and to provide visitors to the site simple navigation and usability. Established in 2003, Boksa Marine Design is an independent design and engineering firm specializing in naval architecture, marine engineering, production engineering and consulting. While media attention may often centre on the largest yachts and concepts, US designer Nick Boksa of Boksa Marine Design has decided to explore the smaller superyacht realm with his newest 38m concept series. The series will cover the 25m to 38m range, but Boksa has initially started by focusing on the intermediate size, the 38m.
For Boksa, the industry needs to be made more accessible for new owners, particularly the US market. The truth remains that the number of UHNWIs who actually own superyachts is still fairly low, but Boksa emphasises that it is up to designers and builders to generate excitement for yachting and exploration.
Structural, architectural and mechanical work has been completed on the Toro 46′, a sportfish yacht for the Chinese market. Working with the University of South Florida (USF) and the Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO), Boksa Marine Design provided systems and mechanical engineering work for the boat’s engine upgrade. Commercial Services BrochureDesign and engineering services for real people in real working conditions. Larry told us the team at MTI is working overtime with three full shifts a day to complete this boat. A1A) from 41st to 51st Streets, situated directly across from landmark hotels such as the Fontainebleau, Eden Roc and Miami Beach Resort and Spa. The yard dabbled in the commercial and pleasure yacht sectors for a time before reinvesting in the concept of hydrofoil craft, but when the economy soured in the late 1970's the yard shut down its operations.
And whether they were familiar with our services or not, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to find what they were looking for,” said Nick Boksa, president of Boksa Marine Design. Located near Tampa Florida, the company works with clients all over the world including owners, operators, builders and shipyards.

The American market is still more substantial than Europe and China in terms of potential buyers. Thomas Boschart work his magic to produce wiring diagrams and load analyses for us.  We have something close to 700 wire leads between the two systems! Learn more and please join Boksa Marine Design at the 2016 Refit International Exhibition & Conference, Jan 28-29. With this new 42 Sport Vessel from MTI, you can still have a performance boat that will run in the mid 70’s with a dozen friends, gear, and a cabin!
Further orders followed from Allied Navies, and by the end of the war Miami Shipbuilding had sent over 200 crash boats down its ways for the Russian, British, Australian Dutch and South African armed forces. The yard itself remained mostly vacant and unused for several years, but the main office building for the yards operations was used for the filming of "Miami Vice", where it served as the police headquarters for the show. The intended market is for customers who will using the boat for fishing and cruising along various South American coasts, beach and inland waterways.
Their main concern was that the boat will be operated in an area that has a lot of civil unrest and potential piracy threats. Once the theoretical design is complete, then of course the challenge will be to install it as per the drawings!
This is the sister ship of the Toro 57′ (see images link below) also designed by Boksa Marine Design. The Weatherbird II is a research vessel and has been the flagship of the Florida Institute of Oceanography since 2009.

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