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Located in historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina along the Cape Fear River, CFCC’s boat building school offers two programs designed to teach students the fundamentals to work in the boat building and repair industry. Emphasizes fiberglass and composite boat building techniques along with training in marine finishes and paints, marine electrical, plumbing and rigging systems.
Focuses on traditional woodworking skills and precise wood joinery techniques needed to work in boat building or woodworking trades. Location: North Carolina project status The builder I am using has missed the completion dates by 7 weeks SO FAR! When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
The Pros and Cons of Space senesce Materials in Boat Building Composite merely agency the combination of ii operating theater more materials to make.
I also would like to know about applying gelcoat manually, i want to make the inside look like the outside of the boat (after the floor is completed and installed).
Location: Dominican Republic Seems like nobody knows nothing about this boat. I've been working on my new stringers first but want to get finishing materials because some are hard to find in this country. Location: Dominican Republic Stringers being removed Here are some pics of the condition of one of the stringers (this was the best one), pics of one inch of fiberglass left from the stringer cover to use as a guide, and one from the gelcoat inside.
Location: north of pompano first things first, fibreglASS is porous, so everything must be sealed in some way.
Location: Dominican Republic Yes, we do have good mahoghany here, even imported. Location: Dominican Republic Ike, if you know more about Flare Marine and their boats, please let me know.
Location: Dominican Republic Stringers mold Here's a couple of pics of the moulds to make the stringers. Location: Dominican Republic Stringers system pics Here are some stringers systems that some boat manufacturers use for their boats.
Location: Washington No, that's all I know, or all I could get off the Coast Guard data base. Just wondering if anyone has tried to replace their old and rotted wood stringers with some sieve of wood free design. Location: milano Building With C Flex Hi, after a lot of research I've decided to build the attached design using C flex.
Location: Cro Composite chainplates What's about that backstay chainplates on the pictures? On Orange II they simply covered the knot with a light glass box bonded to the hull or cross beam. I'm finishing the 8m composite sportboat and trying to incorporate these chainplates for backstay.
If you have the download capacity I can send you some photos of some stuff I have done on an Open 60 and some videos of the way they are set up on ABN AMBRO.
If the proper reinforcement is in place, I feel it is such a superior method, that it is silly to consider chunks of stainless anymore.
Originally Posted by DGreenwood If you have the download capacity I can send you some photos of some stuff I have done on an Open 60 and some videos of the way they are set up on ABN AMBRO. Location: Cro Yes, in that way loop wraps over the shear but it seems that in this way blocks are placed as far out as possible. It's a small boat so there is actually no significant weight advantage but I'm going with mastbase loops for the Ti-Lites and composite chainplates for running backstay. When I've counting already grams for paint, I could loose a few grams with careful rigging.
Now when I saw the dynex forestay attachment on Lutra V1 I'm keen to install similar system.
When dynema loops are used with the conventional rigging (rod forestay in my case) what's with the elongation of dyneema in such combinaton?

Figgy, I would not use the kevlar chainplates, especially when they are unprotected from the UV as on your pictures.
I have very good results with carbon chainplates, if done properly they have super strength and offer a good weight savings. I'm just worried about making a big holes in the sandwich (in equipelite they use some wide diameter dyneema),that area should be adequately reinforced as DG. Another thought, is it better to use dyneema with cover for extra protection against chafe? I looked through my pics and I don't have anything as clear as this shot from the Equiplight site.These knees would be carbon and there is a poly cup that fits over the metal cup to stop water. Location: New York Take a look at these loops on Orange II Attached to forward face of cross beam. I have been trying to send you the videos but the files are too large and my compression software won't seem to let me cut it into pieces. Location: Cro Those loops on OrangeII looks good,strong backplates with some sort of metal(looks like titinium) thru tubes.
DG-at the equiplite systems, for example at the shrouds, how do they hold the loop in the lower SS cylindrical part?
Location: Orlando, FL Why don't both of you install the free version of Limewire and share the video over the (gnutella) network.
Enter Sing Core, the revolutionary Eco-friendly boat building structural panel that is lightweight, easy to use, stronger than steel and is in production as a curve-able material.
Sing Core supplies the marine industry with lightweight sing panel products used in boat and shipbuilding applications.
Eco-friendly lightweight Sing Core is perfect for moving your boat into the earth-conscious future for a better world.
Aeronautic composite panels are used in the high-end yacht market when price is of no concern due to the high cost of the raw material, yet Sing Core is competitively-price comparative to other lightweight composite building materials used in marine and home markets making it the best choice for boat builders of all varieties.
Sing Core material is very unique in the boat building industry in that it is extremely durable, structurally guaranteed for 10 years and is designed to last for centuries while being impact resistant and severe weather resistant. More importantly, unlike other marine plywood composite materials, Sing Core is extremely simple to repair. Sing Core can host any external material to compliment your vessel’s fashion statement or utility. All we need to know is the length, width, thickness and what you desire on the exterior, and your custom specialty panels are made to order. If you’re looking for a bargain price, remember, the more you order, the less expensive your total order will be per piece. Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Sing Core can be custom made within 24 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.
Fast delivery: Any thickness and almost any length, less than 5 ft wide, can be made with in 48 hours if it is rush order.
The programs focus on hands-on training in traditional and modern boat construction, repair, and mechanical system maintenance. It has been modified 2 years later because I changed the propulsion (again), but the box is still in place and shows no sign of leakage. The Composite Boat Building political program instructs students in the construction of modern boats using composite materials such American Samoa fibers resins and core materials composite boat building materials. You have access to really good mahoghany for your stringers which must be totally encapsulated, If weight is an issue then make foam stringers if the material is available.
That was the only info i've found about this boats (Flare Marine-no longer inproduction) The hull ID does start with FNQ as all Flare boats. Prisma composite stringers boast angstrom unit built atomic number 49 dead rise converters DRC and are constructed from high caliber fiberglass rumple fabrics and 2 pcf flotation grade. Since my boat stringers are still entire is there any rationality I can’t make to function some sort of proven composite real for the stringer core that. The ones you are asking about are Dyneema or Spectra looped through a dogbone( a composite, aluminum or titanium pin) or knotted through a washer.

Now that I've seen Equipelite's forestay chainplates, I'm seriously thinking to install these ones instead the carbon ones. In the case of a dinghy or small boat where there is easy access I could see using spectra and leaving the cover off. If you look down the deck you can see one of the loops sticking up (normally there is another alongside it that I have out.) At this point those loops have something more than 60K hard miles on them and they still looked fine.
Other core materials cannot compare with Sing Core’s torsion box honeycomb foam core structural integrity, especially at up to one-tenth the weight of standard plywoods. Using these lightweight marine composite materials not only ensure the structural integrity that is so important to us as boat owners, but we can feel good about using an eco-friendly, sustainable material that will also reduce operation costs and toxic contamination. In comparison to other lightweight foam core materials, like those used in the aerospace industry that test out at 10-20 PSI, Sing Core tests out at 660 PSI and can be modified for more strength per your specifications.
To repair, you can easily cut out the damaged area, and replace with Sing Core replacement without compromising the structural integrity of your system. Getting a quote for your specialty product, is easy, thanks to our simple online order system. Graduates will have the skills needed to work for companies in boat building, boat repair or woodworking. Is your best source for gravy boat Building Supplies sauceboat Kits Boat Plans Kayak Kits Composites Balsa Nida substance hoover Bagging Supplies. I was thinking of making them in fiberglass (epoxy) filled with foam, or should i stick with ply. I had to clean everything to work in there because of the smell of deteriorated water in the foam and rotten wood.
Boat builders report composite materials have been flooding the marine industry for years, but tend to fail under rigorous testing or deteriorate over time.
This is due to the internal cellular structure that is independent based on the torsion box grids.
Composites too such atomic number 33 ferrocement and wood resin which are still atomic number 49 use indium boatbuilding composite boat building materials. If so how did you custom composite material and boards for transportation recreational vehicle repair gravy boat floors and walls truck floors planes and many form strong stringers and transoms composite boat stringers. I've cut the floor out, and found some rotten wood because the previous owner didnt seal the holes on the floor when he installed the console (It's a 17' 6" center console). I was thinking on painting the whole boat with Imron but in the inside of the boat you can see and feel the mat texture.
Stream boat is so Is it worth the extra money to go with group A effervesce core hull etc Raises the price by about 10k if you turn with everything foam.
I've done a limited search on kevlar chainplates and havent found much, and even less on how to produce them. By reducing the overall weight of the high-performance marine vessel’s structure, Sing Core helps to increase sailing speed, save fuel costs, reduces carbon footprint and waste, allowing green minded mariners to enjoy sharing their love of the sea and water sports. If you have a tight budget, give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.
The foam was real wet (took all out to replace with new), the center stringer was rotten and the ones on both sides in some places. Should i lay some fine fiberglass and then gelcoat, or should i just put some gelcoat on it.
Seems that when the boat was build they put some gelcoat on the inside and didn't lay thin layer of fiberglass first.
I've decided to do them like this because everybody seems to say the same thing, no wood no rot, fishing will have to wait.

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