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Throughout the centuries, people have been using all kinds of materials to build boats and ships of various sizes in order to cross the oceans or for hunting purposes. Hopefully this short introduction to shipbuilding materials was useful to enthusiasts willing looking into building their own boat. Located in historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina along the Cape Fear River, CFCC’s boat building school offers two programs designed to teach students the fundamentals to work in the boat building and repair industry.
Emphasizes fiberglass and composite boat building techniques along with training in marine finishes and paints, marine electrical, plumbing and rigging systems. Focuses on traditional woodworking skills and precise wood joinery techniques needed to work in boat building or woodworking trades.
With the help of everyone in the Wood Shop, one day we righted the hull, then, using the hoists, we set it on a cradle we had built. We had followed the plans well; she sat on the water just like the picture, without the cabin of course.
Under the trees in the village of Windward the rum-sodden boat builders of Carriacou carve out frames, and hew planks, and throw together boats using the tools and the methods employed by their ancestors – plus a few new tricks that they have picked up from the yachting industry. No sooner had we set foot on the sand than we were welcomed into the village; and no sooner had our interest been made known than we had a self-appointed guide who offered to take us to visit every boat and every builder (and every bar) in Windward. Carriacou boats are designed in the old-fashioned manner: by eye, and without recourse to a tape measure. Once the skeleton of the boat has been constructed it is then decked over – because, as our friend pointed out, this keeps out the rain! The deck-sloops are planked with cheap Guyanese mahogany which is fastened onto the frames using silicone bronze nails.
Whereas the majority of the planks are as straight as the ones making up the sides of a wooden box, the planks at the turn of the bilge are massively tapered, meaning that the end grain is exposed and the unpainted construction is given a rather awkward look; or so it seemed to me. Besides making racing boats the Kayak shipwrights also build small plywood runabouts, which skim over the waves, and big high-sided motor vessels which carry cargo between the islands.
The first boat which Mem took us to see was no more than a shapely framework and, as such, she had no name. Unfortunately, Bernard’s latest project had not yet reached that tricky stage where the planks descending the hull and forming the topsides must meet the ones rising up from the keel, and so we were unable to study the way in which the master tackled this aspect of the construction. A: For a 28-footer it costs around ?40,000, including all of the materials and the labour but not including the rig.
Summerwind‘s only ballast consisted of big stones, and Nick has happy memories of being put to work in the hold, shifting them up to the weather side after every tack. Jill started sailing at the age of three weeks and spent her formative years messing about in racing dinghies in Chichester Harbour. Jill has written a handful of books and has many more in the pipeline, but her true vocation is as an artist. This is the story of the good ship Mollymawk, and of how she was built, and where, and why.
Packed full of advice about such things as ocean-worthy design and sail plans, it will also tell you how to operate a cutting torch, how to avoid a leaky stern-gland, how to pour your own rigging sockets, how to handle a ferocious gander, how to sandblast, how to weld in mid-Atlantic, how to amuse three young children in a cabin space the size of a phone booth… and much, much more besides. Copious illustrations and photographs ensure that even the most complicated piece of engineering can be understood by all, and Jill’s observations and anecdotes, combined with the cartoons scattered here and there ensure that the account never gets too heavy.
Please note that the writings, photographs, and entire content of this website are subject to copyright. Thanks to them, we now possess the knowledge of many shipbuilding techniques and what materials should be used for each. It is very tough and can take a rough journey, but is a lot more susceptible to rust and needs to be treated very frequently with paint in order to keep the water from entering. It’s weight depends on how many layers are put, giving you flexibility when it comes to how you want your boat to feel. It can last you a very long time, and considering the cheap manufacturing cost, should be considered when building a boat. As you can see, each material has its own purpose, along with certain flaws, and it is up to you to determine which will suit your best in your building. The programs focus on hands-on training in traditional and modern boat construction, repair, and mechanical system maintenance. Another month and the engines were in, the deck was on and the control mechanisms were in place.

We hadn’t even had a chance to name her and worst of all, we still didn’t know whether the rumors of the sunbathers were true.
To be precise, Maamari was lying in English Harbour, and in the absolute poll position at the head of the harbour; fifty-odd yards from the dockyard and fifty from the Slipway. Eddie just happened to be the owner of a rather special boat called Summerwind; and thus it was through his work at Slipway that Nick came to be one of the crew aboard a genuine West Indian deck-sloop. Instead it is to be found in one of the smallest villages, in one of the smallest islands – and it is to be found on a beach, under a tree. Rumour has it that the forefathers of the present-day builders learnt the art of producing fast boats, rather than long-lived ones, because that was what was wanted: a design, and a boat, which could out-run the customs and excise cutter. According to Paul Johnson (himself a boat designer and builder, of course) this timber is good only when it is cut at exactly the right time of year.
As a rule, boats are planked from the keel upwards, the pieces of wood being carefully tapered on one side so that they adopt the required shape. Like the double-enders these high-powered machines are ballasted only by a centreboard and by their acrobatic crew. The runabouts are a new thing, inspired by the sighting of an imported speedboat, but the cargo vessels are as old as the village.
When ready for the sea they are carefully lowered down onto their starboard bilge and dragged over the sand on logs.
Around here, boats are not named until they hit the water and receive a baptism of Jack Iron. She was first launched a year or two ago and was very successful, but she is now being made longer and much wider.
With a name like Compton this fellow can certainly claim to have Scottish blood running in his veins, and his skills also seem to confirm the idea of kinship with those first Carriacou boat builders:  Bernard is renown as the number one Master Shipbuilder in Carriacou. Noting that the new boats make use of modern materials he wondered whether the builders have also moved on to modern methods of keeping the sloops upright – and this proved to be the case. She made her first blue-water passage at the age of 18 but it was to be a further ten years before she was shanghaied by the skipper and started her career as an ocean-going hobo. It is a DIY instruction manual, a travelogue, and – at times – a comic tragedy, all rolled into one.
Whether you are looking into buying a boat or are perhaps considering building one yourself, one of the key things to consider is the material.
However, you must keep in mind what kind of boat you are planning to build when selecting the wood, as its performance will most likely vary depending on the environment and the task. If you consider using aluminium, make sure you understand the process, as you will require special tools to weld.
Even though the structures itself is quite robust, it will likely need to be reinforced with other materials such as wood or foam in order to give your boat more stability on the water. If you are planning to buy one, make sure you check in with a ferrocement expert or a shipwright to check the construction for minor flaws which may lead to real issues in the future.
Graduates will have the skills needed to work for companies in boat building, boat repair or woodworking. You can request a removal using the Copyright flag link below each image if you find an image that shouldn't belong here.
I had dabbled a bit in photography; I also bought a bass guitar and tried to learn how to play it. We must have looked like a bunch of Vikings, all sitting on the deck minus our ores, putting around the marina in a 34’ row boat. I really don’t know what happened to her, but I suppose she is still on the bottom of the Gulf somewhere. And the fruit of this tradition is a classic boat which outsails the competition and wins every regatta throughout the Windward Islands. After the keel has been laid, and the boat has therefore become something more than a rum-shop boast or a smoker’s-dream, the village celebrates the event. The Kayak (Carriacou) boat builders choose their own trees, fell them themselves, and arrange their haulage down to the shore.
Nowadays the decks, and the low cabin tops, are built from very cheap, poor-quality plywood which is nailed to the deck beams and sealed all over with epoxy.
Indeed, we have come across plenty of boats, both on our travels and in the motherland, which were built using nothing better than galvanised nails.

Here in Carriacou work begins at the deck, instead of the keel, and the planks are all of uniform width. They seemed to us to be unique to Carriacou and the Grenadines, and we were struck by the fact that they are completely different from the traditional racing boats in the more northerly islands.
In fact, it was the need for cargo boats which caused a Scottish land-owner, in the 19th century, to call in a team of Scottish boat builders; and it is from these boat builders that the current practitioners claim descent. Her frames have been cut, half-way up, and new pieces have been scarfed in to take up the new shape. Not satisfied with this fact, the young man plans to take her up-island to Antigua and, having wiped-up again, to sell her; then he will be able to build another, even faster boat. Bernard’s latest boat will be fitted with an external keel made of lead and weighing one ton.
Also, research the wood’s density and hardness, as these affect how easily the water can enter its structure.
There were all kinds of shops on base; Auto Shop, Wood Shop, Metal’s Shop, you get the picture. The plans were for a 22’ cabin cruiser, but with a little math and some ingenuity, it became a 34 footer. In order to get some rest we were working in shifts, and by now, there were even more people wanting to help. The buoys purporting to mark the channel often drift from their allotted stations, and the post which is supposed to mark the end of the inner reef has now fallen over… In short, entrance to Windward is not a thing which should be attempted in poor lighting conditions, when the sun is low or keeps ducking in and out behind the clouds, because in poor light the coral is invisible.
When the planking reaches the turn of the bilge the men start work from the other end – at the keel. Some are so beautifully fair that I at first mistook them for fibreglass boats, built in a mould.
There will also be a certain amount of loose ballast, but again, this will consist of lead pigs rather than rocks, pigs being less inclined to roll around.
There were seven of us working on the project, and it would be fun and educational at the same time. One morning, I got up and decided we could do the rest on the water, and we needed to make sure she would float before I invested much more money.
Most of the frames are grown (which is to say that they are cut from one piece of wood which was especially chosen for its appropriate shape) but we noticed that in each boat a few of the frames were made from timbers which had been scarfed together.
Where the upper and the lower planking meets they must then be bodged together; or at any rate, that was how the matter appeared to my untrained eyes. The double-enders are 16ft long and are fitted with a very unusual, very high-aspect sprits’l rig.
Seemingly, just as each town around the coast of the British Isles evolved its own type of fishing boat, so too, in the days when there was little communication between the Caribbean islands, each one developed its own little racing dinghy. The West Indians do much the same thing to their houses, building a new, bigger one outside the old, and so I suppose it would not occur to them to consider this style of boat building unusual. The boat will also carry sandbags, which can be emptied after the weather mark has been fetched and they have become redundant. Remember that it requires a lot of maintenance in order to keep it from rotting and deteriorating. Just up the coast was a Girls College with a long pier that extended out into the Gulf, on which it was rumored, the girls from the nearby girls college sunbathed in the nude. After several weeks, it was progressing nicely; we laid out the framework and then began sheeting it. I sent some of the crew to Metal’s Shop to fabricate an old trailer from junk I had bought from the junk yard. The cabin would contribute much of the strength to our boat, and it would have to be done before we could take her out beyond the protection of the break water. The scarfs (or joins) were short (ie they had a only a short overlap) and they were doubled (or reinforced) with pieces of plywood nailed and glued onto one side. The sergeant responsible for the Wood Shop told us one old engine wouldn’t be enough for a boat that size.

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