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Steve Thurston's company Quantum Sails made it through the economoic downturn, others weren't so lucky. Steve Thurston at Quantum Sails designed his factory floor so employees sit inside an ice box to sew together sail pieces. The Rhode Island Marine Trade Association says the boat building industry is seeing signs of recovery after the economic downtown.
The Rhode Island Marine Trade Association says the biggest growth is in the composite technology such as carbon fibers. In a huge building alongside the Bass River, just north of Atlantic City, a few workers drill, paint and polish an 82-foot jewel of a yacht. She comes with glossy teak inlays, granite counter tops, pristine white sofas and all the trimmings that say ostentatious wealth.
In good times, the Viking Yacht Co., the state's largest boat builder, turned out more than 100 such floating mansions, with prices easily topping a million dollars or more.
When one learns New Jersey's once thriving boat building industry is on the rocks, there might be some temptation to say "so what," since these are merely expensive toys for the rich. But boat building is not just a boutique operation in this state; it provides thousands of high-paying jobs for skilled craftsmen. With its network of waterways and plentiful supply of cedar long favored for maritime construction, South Jersey has a rich boating history. By the 1960s, a group of dominant companies emerged, all within a 20-mile radius of one another: Viking, Egg Harbor Yachts and Ocean Yachts. Credit was his firm's lifeline during the sales drought of the 1990s, but banks today are cautious about providing cheap credit to boat makers. The problem has spilled over to suppliers like Johnson & Towers, a longtime engine maker for Viking, Silverton and others.
Boating is the economic lifeblood of the towns along Bass River, a meandering, marsh-lined tributary that feeds into the Mullica River and flows into the Great Bay. Across the road from Viking's marina, at a sandwich and ice cream shop called the Patio, the job losses mean fewer customers who order lunch or stop by for dinner as they leave work.
With its budget now squeezed, Viking has scaled back on its philanthropy, leaving some locals worried about who will fill the void.
Unable to find jobs with comparable wages and benefits, many laid off workers are idling, said Deborah Buzby-Cope, the mayor of Bass River Township. Two days before Dennis Noble's wedding in December, he was called to a meeting with other Viking workers and told he would be furloughed for a month.
He now tries to support his wife, son and two stepchildren with a part-time public works job, but said it's been difficult replacing the $15.65 an hour he earned at Viking's paint shop. As sales shrink, some boat makers worry about retaining talent, pointing out that fewer and fewer crafts people are taking up the trade. At the Patio restaurant across from Viking's riverside complex, Manney watched the late-afternoon traffic from his doorway. From local news to politics to entertainment and sports, the twice daily Right Now eNewsletter has all of the New Jersey news you need! Despite receiving no state assistance, the Croatian small boat building industry is thriving. From semi-submarines to luxury charter yachts, the impressive diversity of quality boats on display at the 6th Days of Croatian Small Boat Building fair which closed on April 27, 2014, had one thing in common — the producers were Croatian.
Croatia has a rich and proud ship building tradition, one which requires government assistance these days as competitiveness and the economic crisis have reduced the orders to a fraction of the heyday of ship building on the Adriatic coast. The Croatian-built semi-submarine business has been a smash hit on the Adriatic, and exports to the Caribbean are now under discussion. While there are subsidies for the large shipyards, the small boat builders of Croatia receive no financial assistance whatsoever, and yet they still manage not only to survive, but to thrive. The fair took place once more in the marina of the luxury Hotel Le Meridien Lav in Podstrana, just south of Split, an event attended by Digital Journal. We started talking about the concept in 2008 after we visited several boat shows in the country and the region.
The 6th Days of Croatian Small Boat Building took place at exclusive Hotel Meridien Lav in Split.
One of the biggest challenges, and this, unfortunately, has nothing to do with the EU, is getting our own country to recognise small boat building as an important industry and to stop treating it as an unwanted child.

Luka Colnago, whose innovative aluminium boats have been exported to the Cameroon Coast Guard Service.
The latest example is the 2020 Industrial strategy proposal which was composed by the Ministry of Economy in which; again, small boat builders are not mentioned. Adriatic Work Boats, whose aluminium patrol boats are exported as far away as the coast guard of Bangladesh. Despite government assistance for the shipbuilding industry, the small boat builders do not receive any state support whatsoever.
The Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) commonly known as the EDB is the premier state organisation for the promotion and development of exports.
That's what Viking Yachts, the world's largest maker of sports fishing boats, is realizing as it struggles to stay afloat.
But these are not good times for the boating industry, and the New Gretna company will likely build half that number this year. Since the first of the year, Viking and another New Jersey yacht builder, Silverton Marine in Millville, have laid off more than 700 workers. Wooden schooners and hand-crafted skiffs were built there as early as colonial times, and the region led the nation in boat building as recently as the 19th century.
He traces his boating heritage to his great-great-grandfather, Charles Leek, who made sport fishing yachts and other pleasure crafts in the early 1900s. In 1991, a federal luxury tax throttled boat sales and nearly put Viking and other builders out of business before eventually being repealed. With sales off by 50 percent, the Mount Laurel company was forced to shed several jobs of its own.
In New Gretna, where Viking is based, the company's troubles have spread to local businesses that benefited from the boating giant in good times. One of the largest employers in Burlington County, it lavished free health care on its workers at an in-house infirmary. Noble went ahead with the marriage, but learned in February his furlough had turned into a permanent layoff. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC. Small boat building can be a lonely profession, which makes the annual Days of Croatian Small Boat Building a popular event among exhibitors, not only for the chance to sell their work, but also for the camaraderie with boat building colleagues.
During the event, there was time for an interview with Danni Matijaca, one of the event organisers and PR manager.
Our boat show only showcases boats built in Croatia, so the number of exhibitors is limited from the start. We knew Croatia had over 80 small boat builders back then, but only a handful of them exhibited regularly. What are the challenges of the small boat builder in the modern era, particularly after EU entry?
It may seem hard to believe, but most of the legislation, strategies, proposals only include large shipyards and small boat builders are never mentioned.
When we asked the Ministry how that was possible, they gave us an answer that the needs of the small boat builders were met in the electro and mechanical sections of this strategy.
There are no more customs, so materials are somewhat cheaper; however, without a clear strategy and a joint approach, it is going to be difficult to make an impact.
In following of the latest trends, the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia also update our website design. The sector got whacked, as one boat builder describes it, when the bottom fell out of the economy in 2008.
The boat builder, one of the largest employers in south Jersey, has laid off more than half its employees in recent months. The skills have been passed from generation to generation, forging a family tradition that is still alive in the area's seaside towns. He declined to release sales figures -- "it's ugly" -- but said to stay afloat, they are servicing old boats and building new ones only for those who pay up front. However, the atmosphere during the Croatian boat building days is very similar to a big family gathering. We started talking to all of them and came to the conclusion that we really should give them their own stage, a place where they would not be overshadowed by glitzy international yacht brands, and a place where everyone can see their products and try them.

It's as if we've forgotten that all our large shipyards were built on the age long tradition of old craftsmen and „kalafati“. We are still trying to figure out how the two are connected but I'll let the experts dwell on that one.
Our boats receive quality and design awards every year, AD Boats with their Salona range of sail boats, Elan's recent achievement with their latest model, Adriatic Work Boats and Colnago are renowned for the quality of their aluminium boats so there is no doubt our boats can compete with international brands. As a manifestation of your care about Indonesian tourism, help us to review the new design. And as the boats go, so do the attendant businesses along the Bass River, home to boat builders for more than 200 years. And boat exports -- which had buoyed sales when the dollar was weak -- are now shrinking as the dollar strengthens, said Dammrich. In the last 6 years we've gotten to know all the boat builders, they finally got to know each other by name and not only by their boat model (it may sound strange, but most of them didn't really know much about each other back in 2009), and most importantly, many of them started joint ventures after they met at the expo. Six months later, after consultations with most boat builders and great cooperation with Le Meridien Lav, we opened our first edition, with 15 producers and around 30 boats.
Please feel free to fill out the questionnaire pages, suggestions and criticisms that have been provided according with the steps above. Now, six years later, most of them are still with us with new models, and I am especially proud to see new, young boat builders with plenty of enthusiasm and great boats which can compete with any foreign product available. For those who give the best advice and criticism, there will be an interesting gift for top ten critics. Even if they don't have a boat to exhibit, they come from all over Croatia to catch up with their mates.
Our small but energetic team has stayed the same since day one, and we must be doing something right! His grandfather started the company in Barrington, it moved to Warren, then Thurston opened this facility back in the late 80's.
Can't blame him, the job's got great perks. "Sometimes we have to bring them to the Carribean and use them for a week down there," he said of the travel he does for the job. Workers craft patterns on the computer, others cut those pieces on a huge cutting machine, and then sew the pieces together on the factory floor.
And when I say 'on the factory floor' the pieces are literally on the floor. "When we built this building we knew that we wanted to have the sewing machines sunk in the floor," said Thurston. Quantum Sails held steady during the recession  not losing businesses but not gaining any either. But after the bottom fell out in 2008, Ben Hall had a year when business was half of the year before. “It was like a precipitous drop off, it didn’t happen gradually, it was like falling off a cliff," said Hall. Masts used to be made of aluminum but Hall Spars and Rigging was one of the first to make them out of lighter carbon fiber. But after cutting his Bristol staff in half, and walking away from multi-million dollar projects that wouldn’t have turned a penny in profit, Hall moved away from strictly making boat masts and now lands jobs for architecture and military projects. Goetz Composites Eric Goetz walks through the large warehouse of Goetz Composites checking in on a co-worker buffing the surface of a mold for a boat part. Goetz works in carbon fiber. Like Ben Hall at Hall Spars and Rigging, Goetz has branched out into architecture and projects for New York City’s department of transportation.
And even though the business, Goetz Composites, bears his name, he lost it in the recession.
Bristol's Boat Building Industry Wendy Mackie of the Rhode Island Marine Trade Association says the recession wiped out half of the boat building industry. The biggest gains, she says, are in composite technology, working in fiber glass or carbon fibers like what Goetz deals in.
Because of companies like Goetz, Halls Spars, and Quantom Sails, Mackie said Bristol has an edge in this recovering sector by turning the town into a virtual boat building company "They're able to go from one place to another inside of a day, see all of the different components of the boat that need to come together to make that custom boat," said Mackie. When asked if there will ever be a time when Rhode Islanders link Bristol to boat building the same way they link Bristol to the July 4th parade Mackie said, “Yes.

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