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My sincere thanks to all the builders that not only chose to build one of my designs, but are kind enough to send me photos of their boats. Precut Plywood Kits Available for Storer Boats – UK, Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa.
Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S. A number of companies can cut kits for some of my boats in Australia, North America and the UK.
David is a professional woodworker and was also the first builder of the Goat Island Skiff in North America.
David also does boat repairs, fitouts, sparmaking and complete builds and non boat production work. Currently supplies kits for the Quick Canoe and Quick Canoe Electric to the USA and Canada.  The kits are not just precut plywood but contain all the timber to build this simple canoe. Duckflat can supply materials packs for any boat, but also precut plywood kits for the Goat Island Skiff, the PDRacer, The Eureka Canoe, the Handy Punt and the Quick Canoe.  They also can supply foil and mast blanks ready to be final shaped and epoxied.
Fyne are my main plans agent in Europe and the UK and also have put in a big effort in making all my plans and kits available.
Alec will cut almost anything you need.  But in the past he has cut some Goat Island Skiffs.

Roy has cut out several Goats and a couple of Eureka Canoes.  South Africa has a similar high performance plywood boat culture to Australia and New Zealand. Summer may not be here just yet, but that isn’t stopping Lewisville High School Harmon campus (LHS-Harmon) students from getting a head start. Nearly 20 students from Joshua Fletcher’s art classes have been busy building a pair of boats in preparation for the 25th Annual River City Legacy Cardboard Boat Regatta, to be held April 26 at Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, Texas.
The hard-working group of freshman and sophomores have been designing, building and painting the two vessels since returning from Winter Break. One boat named “The LHS Siren” has a canoe look with a flat-bottomed front and will hold three students. Toledo and Melendez have enjoyed every minute of the enriching project and have taken ownership in managing a team. The students are precise with all aspects of the process such as measuring, folding, cutting, balancing, weighing and taping.
The level of craftsmanship is excellent, and I’m always impressed by the amount of thought that goes into the interior layout of the boats.
They have spent time developing the first BETH Sailing canoe kits (recommended for experienced dinghy sailors only). They record all data with Lewisville ISD-issued iPads and have even recorded video with the devices to create a time-lapse production.

To learn more about the Cardboard Boat Regatta, including start times, rules and admission prices, click here.
Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network. The other boat, named “LHS Farmer Gods of the Sea,” has a Jon Boat feel and will be navigated by six students. The bulk of the cardboard they are using came from boxes of new furniture that was delivered to LHS-Harmon this summer.
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As a result, we have begun showcasing customer-built boats in what will hopefully become a growing archive of our customer experiences with boatbuilding. Sophomores Abril Toledo and Bryan Melendez have been dubbed as captains of each boat, respectively.

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