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Located at an altitude of 750ft above sea level in the Cambrian Mountain range, mid Wales, the rustic and charming shelter is made from recycled materials.
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I'm not sure you want to go this kind of route, but if you could think of a use for the building after the boat is out, I'd build it as a regular building, foundations that can take the weight (does not have to be concrete, but is recommended), build the walls out of 2x4 (or2x6) as elements, about four meter sections.
The roof trusses I made for my workshop (25 pcs, building is 8 m x 23 m) are made out of 1x6'' spruce, assembled in a jig with 3'' nails (300 nails - 1,5 kg per pcs). As for cost, my workshop has insulation (free - wood milling shavings) and two layers of gypsum board inside as fire proofing and concrete floor with floor (water circulation) heating. I'm sure there are cheaper ways to make a shed, and this method can also be stripped to easily save 5-10K, gypsym board alone cost over 3K. I am an engineer that mostly designs buildings and I have been thinking about something similar for a large boat project. It should go up fairly fast since the minimal amount of materials are used, all the trusses are the same (you outline it on the slab, lay chords and guessts, and shoot them with a nail gun). It would be wonderful if other people would contribute more images of simple trusses that I can build or share ideas of low cost materials, or joint details.

I would be surprised if you could find a design for free that would suit your needs and cost you that little in construction costs. I have used the shrink wrap before, it holds up reasonably well and is inexpensive and easy to apply. I might have a sketch of what I was planning I could scan and post if you want to see what I had in mind.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
This size elements can be handled and erected by two men (personal experience, 3,5m high wall).
The trusses weighted about 110 kg apiece, so lifting them ontop the walls was done by a winch lift.
I will be saving those precious dollars for further down the road when I am not able to move forward without assistance. Light is important for visibility - saves much electric lighting costs and general good mood improves with full spectrum (natural light). If you've priced canvass lately you'll see it'd be a bit pricey but could last the 10 years you're looking for.
In my use the trusses hold up about 50 kg per sq.meter of weight on the lower chord and light steel plate roof on top.

The pointed arch is a good direction to continue as the snow will shed often and a collapse is unlikely.
I was on the attic (with a rubber mallet) when that mass decided to come down on one big slab, the trusses did not give any kind of creaks. For boat building I think at least one meter of additional height is needed compared to my workshop's 3,5 meters. He contacted the local steel roofing company and got all the offcuts and blems for 25% of retail. Here in Vermont we have 3' of snow on the ground right now so the design needs to be able to either support it, or shed it (allow it to slide off) a few times each winter. I do not have vast accounts to tap for this project so cost is very important to me - I am hoping a few of you out there may be able to share some creative concepts.

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