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If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. Once the side panels were cut I also used a craft knife to gently score the wood panels and then used one of our flower leaf modelling tools to mark the woodgrain pattern. I then stuck each side to the bottom of the boat using melted chocolate ( I would normally use royal icing however I had spare melted dark chocolate on hand).
I wanted to make sure that the figurine resembled my brother as best as it could so I included some personal touches.
Again when modelling the fisherman and esky, I made sure I mixed the fondant with some tylose powder to enable it to set and hold its shape. Once the cake was ganached and covered in fondant I was able to decorate the sea theme below the boat.

We offer an extensive range of essential cake decorating supplies as well as offering our customers advice on various cake decorating techniques and designs. As an avid fisherman I thought it only fitting to create a cake relating to his favourite pastime.
I made sure I mixed enough tylose powder in with the chocolate fondant so that the sides of the boat would stand up and hold their shape. Once set I was able to add a wooden seat for the fisherman to sit on, again this was moulded out of chocolate fondant.
I created the hair and facial features to match my brothers and the shirt and hat were replicates of his favourites. I have to admit that the little sea creatures on the cake were toppers from our online store.

Once I mixed in the tylose I started cutting out the boat bottom and two side strips of equal size.
I would normally make these but I just couldn’t go past using our adorable mini sea animal cupcake toppers(the larger fish being caught was from our larger sea animal set). I was then able to mould some little pebbles and cut out some fondant seaweed to complete the scene.

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