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Whichever method the angler prefers, we have the tackle needed for a successful day of fishing.  Our rods and reels include some of the best fly and spinning tackle on the market.
We have an collection of Captain Ricks Boat Charter Panama Panama City Panama Tour in various styles.
Charter fishing rates and charter fishing prices are somewhat variable due to the range and multiplicity of sport fishing opportunities so convenient to Panama fishing. Obviously this cannot be accomplished by a sport fishing guide with a single sportfishing boat or without diverse and specialized sport fishing tackle. Nearshore Charter Fishing- Panama fishing charter rates of $650.00 a day are tailored for two anglers on sport fishing trips along the coastal waters of Panama Bay from June to December with veteran sport fishing guides angling for a variety of tropical gamefish such as grouper, snook, corvina, chicken dorado, Sierra Mackerel, jack creavalle and many types of snapper. 1 – 10 miles out around several beautiful beach spangled tropical island of Chepillo near the mouth of the Bayano River utilizing a custom 24-foot center console Super Panga powered by a 50 hp Yamaha outboard that cruises at 30 mph. Out further in the Gulf of Panama, about 30 miles, the Perlas Island Archipelago consists of over 100 islands and islets where bottom fishing for larger grouper and snapper and trolling for bigger pelagic game fish such as sailfish and bull dorado is great at times but also fly-fishing or plug casting along the abundant beach studded shorelines and rocky outcroppings of the many Perlas Islands can be spectacular and economical.
TAIKETISI is a 30-foot custom center console super panga powered by twin 70 hp Suzuki 4-stroke outboards that cruises at 30mph. Most of these had a pronounced deep vee from bow to stern that made them heavy and tipsy with an inefficient horsepower to load capacity ratio. Hacienda del Mar is a unique family owned resort situated on San Jose Island, a privately owned remote virgin jungle tropical island. 24-foot AnnaCapri- A modified deep V side console open fisherman powered by twin yamaha 115 hp outboards that cruises at 35 mph with a top speed of 55 mph. From January through April this is a remarkable fishing platform for bottom jigging, popping, plug casting, and fly fishing close to the offshore islands in shallower waters for a varied host of shelf pelagic and demersal game fish species such as cubera snapper, big grouper, amberjack, roosterfish, sierra mackerel and plenty of smaller snapper types.
Charter fishing rates of $550 a day are tailored for two anglers Snook fishing & Tarpon fishing on the Bayano River and neighboring estuary zone from a custom 24-foot center console super Panga with a veteran sportfishing guide. The bulletproof hull and remarkable design of this custom made Super Panga enables safe and easy navigation to areas where other boats simply can't go. These peacock bass fishing charters last eight hours and usually start at daybreak when these outrageously game bass are most aggressive!
The Panama fishing charter rate of $3500 is an all inclusive 3 full days saltwater fishing trip package for two anglers interested in Panama fishing for hordes of estuary, shelf pelagic and shelf demersal Caribbean Sea game fish species.
Things you might want to bring along on these saltwater fishing trips include a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen plus a camera. Panama fishing Charter rate of $3500 is an all-inclusive 3 full days of tuna fishing trips for two anglers with experienced Panama fishing guides for plenty of huge migrating pelagic (Blue marlin, black marlin, sailfish, dolphin, wahoo, yellowfin tuna and big eye tuna) shelf pelagic (amberjack, roosterfish, Sierra Mackerel, African Pompano and snapper), slope and shelf demersal game fish species (Cubera Snapper, various Grouper species, many snapper types and rockfish) along a 30-mile stretch of the Azuerro Peninsula (Tuna Coast). The sportfishing boat most suited for these deep sea fishing trips is a custom 28-foot center console Super Panga powered by twin 70 hp 4-stroke Suzuki outboards that cruises at 30 mph. Descendants of Spanish settlers to the New World populate the Azuerro Peninsula of Panama and their culture reflects this heritage. Here is some inspiring pictures about Captain Ricks Boat Charter Panama Panama City Panama Tour . To take full advantage of the varied types of sportfishing charters and several different gamefish species abundant in Panama fishing, it is essential that a good sport fishing guide provide the diverse charter fishing equipment, instruction of angling methods and boats necessary. The framework of a charter fishing trip can be as simple as a client just wanting to get on the water and catch anything for the few hours he has free that day or as involved as targeting giant tarpon on a fly or deep sea fishing trips of rare pelagic game fish for world records. The custom open deck was designed by Panama fly fishing guides especially for Bluewater Flyfishing around the Perlas islands. These dugout boats with the same long narrow sea worthy design with an exaggerated raised keel forward are used by indigenous peoples all over the third world for coastal transport and commercial hook & line saltwater fishing trips. San Jose Island has a legendary sportfishing history dating back to before Zane Grey popularized it in many of his deep sea fishing stories. Comfortably handles 2-3 anglers on deep sea fishing trips from May to December angling for large pelagic game fish such as marlin, sailfish, dolphin and wahoo plus yellow fin tuna or big eye tuna. This is my favorite boat since I customized the design and layout specifically for deep sea fishing the Perlas Island Archipelago. Comfortably handles 4 to 6 anglers with plenty of fishing gear on deep sea fishing trips for all manner of pelagic game fish - Blue marlin fishing, black marlin fishing, sailfish fishing, dolphin fishing, wahoo fishing, yellowfin tuna fishing, big eye tuna fishing and saltwater fishing such as trolling, popping, plug-casting or fly fishing for a wide array of shelf pelagic and shelf demersal game fish like monster Grouper, dolphin, wahoo, amberjack, roosterfish, Sierra Mackerel and lots of snapper varieties especially the Cubera snapper.
These sport fishing charter prices include ground transportation (one hour drive) for two from some Panama City hotels with ice, bottled water and bait provided as well as soft drinks, fuel and first class saltwater fishing gear (Penn spinning reels on custom rods) Includes the use of lures plus other tackle in addition to Panama sportfishing guide costs. The Bayano River's winding characteristics; fast current, extreme tides, shifting sandbars, submerged logs, rocks, underwater gravel banks and other obstacles require a unique craft to effectively fish it.
The outstanding 'four wheel drive' functionality of the boat and shallow draft capability allows angling in areas normally inaccessible to most sport fishing guides when the bite is on. Two anglers can comfortably go on peacock bass fishing trips in a spectacular virgin jungle ambiance at a reasonable charter fishing price any time of year and catch plenty of these aggressive colorful tropical game fish known as Peacock Bass. The scenic ride to and from the launching ramp at Gamboa is interesting and educational as it follows along much of the Panama Canal through a tropical jungle national park and passing right by Summit Gardens Zoological Preserve. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Captain Ricks Boat Charter Panama Panama City Panama Tour interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.
I usually try to tailor Panama Fishing and Catching charter rates and charter fishing prices to the client’s expectations therefore client input is essential when determining the charter fishing rates and sport fishing charter prices for a sport fishing trip.
Communication and advanced planning between the captain and his charter client are the keys to a successful charter fishing trip and figuring Panama fishing charter rates and sport fishing charter prices.

For example, Contadora Island which has reasonable hotel lodging is only 28 miles out and is accessible by daily light aircraft service (20 minutes) or by boat (one hour ride). This larger seaworthy super panga has a 150 gallon fuel capacity for multi day fly fishing trips and is the preferred fly fishing or plug casting craft for plying the Las Perlas Archipelago.
Some of these wooden boats are over 40 feet long and 10 feet wide allowing them to navigate long distances on offshore fishing trips for extended periods at sea. These boats were long and somewhat narrow compared to American fiberglass sportfishing production boats. I consider this area to be the best in the Gulf of Panama for all manner of saltwater fishing gamefish. The AnnaCapri hull is legendary and known for being a fast, maneuverable, bulletproof boat that draws little water but is capable of handling rough seas safely while on offshore fishing trips. The innovative design of this boat lends itself exceptionally well both for offshore fishing trips and for close in island saltwater fishing. Some of the necessary items you might want to bring along for these Panama fishing trips include a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen plus a camera.
The generous length and open deck blueprint permit two anglers effortless plug casting or fly fishing opportunities independently of one another, an important consideration when targeting large fast running acrobatic game fish on Panama fishing trips.
Panama charter fishing trip costs of $460 a day are tailored for 2 anglers fishing for peacock bass on Lake Gatun with a veteran sport fishing guide from a custom built 24-foot center console super Panga powered by a 50hp Yamaha outboard that cruises at 30 mph. Once on the water the Panama sport fishing guides travel along the shipping channel carved out of virgin tropical jungle and past Barro Colorado Island which is operated by the Smithsonian Institution and on to the secluded peacock bass fishing hotspots. Since this sport fishing charter rate is fashioned to suit all clients including those already in Panama, fishing charter prices do not include transportation from the airport to Panama City or lodging while in Panama City or airfare to the Tuna Coast (about $130 round trip).
Almost no other industry exists and these rural country folk are friendly, genuine and curious towards foreign sportfishing enthusiast. The client’s satisfaction and Panama fishing goals are paramount considerations to formulating one to ten day charter fishing trips.
These days this is easily accomplished via email or telephone and a client should have a precise picture of what to expect and what charter fishing price to pay on his charter fishing trip long before actually getting on the boat. The necessary items you might want to bring along include a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, a bathing suit if you plan to swim at the beaches, towel, whatever you may want to eat or snack on, beverages other than soft drinks and water, any special lures you want to try, fly fishing gear etc.
2-3 day trip charters (maximum 2 anglers) from a 30 foot custom made for Island fishing Super Panga with twin 70 hp 4 stroke outboards make for a memorable fish catching, rod bending experience from June through December. Bountiful unhampered deck space both fore and aft allows two anglers to fly fishing in unison.
San Jose is a large island by Central American standards (15,000 acres) with rivers, waterfalls, over 50 beaches, 100 km of naturalistic all weather roads for touring, unique abundant island wildlife and a 1000 meter airstrip. Things to bring along include sunscreen, hat, change of clothes, camera, bathing suit, towel, personal hygiene items, favorite deep sea fishing lures, fly fishing gear, alcoholic beverages, snacks etc. A custom built walk through windshield and sliding cabin bow deck allows easier plug casting or fly fishing close to rough water rocky island points and for pitching plugs, flies or baits to sailfish, marlin and dorado while offshore fishing. This boat is the culmination of 30 years sport fishing experience in Panama boasting an almost indestructible hull that planes easily in rough water sending bow spray out and down with its generous bow flare. Moreover you may want to pack along something to eat or snack on and any special lures you want to try as well as fly fishing gear.
The Super Panga's custom flat running design and low freeboard allows unaided landing or releasing of fish from any part of the boat. Panama fishing charter fishing price includes ground transportation (less than an hour drive) for 2 anglers from most panama city hotels which includes ice, bottled water, bait and soft drinks in addition to fuel, first class peacock bass fishing gear (Penn, Shimano, Diawa, Mitchell spinning rods and reels).
There is also plenty of natural fauna and wildlife to be observed and enjoyed among the vast tropical jungle shores and isolated islands on these peacock bass fishing trips. Although I can recommend lodging in Panama City at a practical price, make the arrangements and append the costs to the sport fishing charter rate for clients traveling from abroad who request it. Some anglers are only able to go charter fishing one day while on other business here in Panama while others come to Panama to solely go charter fishing for several days and target specific gamefish.
Panama fishing charter rates are for 7 to 8 hours of angling with a Panama sport fishing guide, actual times depending on the tide and how early we start the day but usually from early morning into the afternoon. Bountiful unhampered deck space both fore and aft allows two anglers to fly fishing in unison aboard this craft. The side console was moved far forward sacrificing the cabin sleeping area and converting it into a dry hold that packs lots of saltwater fishing gear safely away from the elements and allowing a huge open cockpit perfect for deep sea fishing trips involving the fighting of big fish on stand up gear or trolling, casting and fly fishing.
It positively glides through heavy seas and has very little tendency to list when weight is shifted from one side to another. Panama fishing charter on the Bayano River for snook and tarpon is from 7 to 8 hours depending on the tide and how early we start the day. It is the perfect boat for Bayano River sportfishing charters especially for two anglers, any more and it becomes crowded and a little cozy for tarpon fly fishing or sight casting snook with the long leaders necessary to catch these unforgettable game fish. Plus the use of peacock bass fishing lures and angling tackle along with all panama sport fishing guide costs. This is an excellent adventure for bird watching enthusiasts as various toucan species, kingfishers, wild turkeys, snail kites and even the harpy eagle can sometimes be photographed. Great barracuda, kingfish and snapper are always lurking around on charters conducted by experienced Panama sport fishing guides.

Things you might want to bring along for these deep sea fishing trips include a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, a bathing suit, towel, change of clothes, personal hygiene items, alcoholic beverages, any special saltwater fishing lures you want to try, fly fishing gear etc.
For instance a client may want several days of varied inshore and offshore fishing while in Panama. These saltwater fishing Pangas were notably seaworthy, stable and easy to maintain, could safely go far offshore fishing and drew little water in the shallows. Additionally the hull was made unsinkable with a spacious outboard aft bait station and a 50% increased fuel capacity. This boat sports a large unobstructed, stable cockpit seamlessly joined to a sizable salon that can easily and effectively accommodate six anglers Panama fishing.
Some of the necessary items you might want to bring along on peacock bass fishing trips include a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a camera.
Furthermore larger wild mammals such as sloths, brocket deer, howler monkeys and white faced monkeys plus on rare occasions a cougar or jaguar will appear seemingly from nowhere! These fishing charters are done from a custom 24-foot center console super panga powered by a 50 hp Yamaha four stroke outboard capable of 35 mph. This Atlantic shore Panama fishing charter is from 7 to 8 hours a day depending on the tide and how early we start each day. One day at Lake Gatun on a sport fishing trip Peacock Bass fishing another day on the Bayano River for a sport fishing trip for Tarpon fishing or Snook fishing and another few days on a offshore sport fishing trip for pelagic game fish species and maybe fly fishing, popping or plug casting in shallow water close to island points, jutting volcanic rock structures, beaches and bays.
Hence the island, the wild life and the surrounding waters are marvelously as pristine and primordial as you are going to find anywhere in the world today.
As form ever follows function this boats Spartan layout and practical profile are great assets when hooked up to the fish of a lifetime. The custom layout allows for plug casting or fly fishing to be efficiently and safely executed from the large slip resistant bow platform.
Moreover be sure to take whatever you might want to eat or snack on, alcoholic beverages, special bass lures you want to try and fly fishing gear. Do it all, from fly fishing to trolling plus plug casting to pargo popping or flats fishing as well as surf fishing.
The upper coast of Colon is predominantly inhabited by descendants of black runaway slaves (Cimarron), Kuna Indians, Embera and Waunaan Indians plus campesino settlers which encompasses nearly all of the original Panamanian cultures. Since then the Panga designs have improved strikingly and many are locally custom built center consoles specifically for sportfishing and especially fly fishing. There are only 16 cabins available on the whole island as the owners are fanatical about keeping San Jose in its original natural unspoiled state. La Bamba is a solid no nonsense sportfishing boat appreciated by novice and veteran anglers alike.
The walkways are ample permitting quick mobilization from the cockpit to the bow platform when the fishing guide sights tailing Sailfish or busting bait. Sport fishing charter prices include ground transportation from most Panama City hotels (3 hour drive) and lodging at an area hotel plus meals of local cuisine. The coast is physically made up mostly of Caribbean reef structures and long white sand beaches bordering true rainforest jungles and wild estuary zones.
Local restaurant menus are limited to simple beef, pork and seafood dishes accompanied by rice and local vegetables. They are a great boat for coastal saltwater fishing, are remarkably economical, roomy and unusually stable under heavy loads in rough seas when on offshore fishing trips. The custom COCKPIT SALON design comfortably fishes up to six persons offshore trolling and there is plenty of room on the bow for those who like to plug cast poppers or for fly fishing on deep sea fishing trips. Additionally included are 1st class sportfishing gear (Penn or Shimano spinning and trolling rods). The breathtaking views and the peerless ambiance are unsurpassed in the western hemisphere.
The use of some saltwater fishing lures and other tackle plus all panama sport fishing guide costs are also provided. Most lodging is usually right near a beach or expansive shallow reef structure that affords wonderful opportunities for flats fishing or surf casting and fly fishing. Re-supply of ice, fuel, beverages, water and other essentials is necessary for deep sea fishing trips after a few days and is more economical at the islands than either flying or boating it out there. Since this fishing charter rate is fashioned to suit all clients including Panama residents the charter fishing prices do not include transportation from the airport to Panama City or lodging while in Panama City, although I can recommend lodging at reasonable prices and make the arrangements thereby appending the additional costs to the fishing charter rate for clients traveling from abroad who request it. Night reef walking with a flashlight to catch spinney lobster or daytime hunting of small octopus along the shallow reefs can be rewarding along the coast. The local people are friendly and warm and the local cuisine varies from spicy coastal seafood dishes unique to the Cimarron culture to regular table fare of meat and potatoes.
I can help recommend whatever a client may want to take along on his offshore fishing trip and where to buy in Panama City.
This is a remote, sparsely developed area similar to what famous tourist centers like Belize and Cancun must have been like 40 to 60 years ago.

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