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The solutionUltramar Sprayhood & Tent Protector makes the cloth of a boat cover, tent, convertible top or awning perfectly water and dirt repellent.
If necessary, clean first with Ultramar Power Cleaner and Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo. By using our website, you agree to the usage of cookies to help us make this website better.
Star Brite Sea Safe Waterproofing Spray features an environmentally friendly, biodegradable water-based formula to make marine fabrics water repellent without affecting color, breathability, and flexibility. I still had some fabric left over from the cockpit cushion making and used this to make a new sail cover. After ripping the remaining seams open on the old sail cover I used this as a base for the new cover.
Using my measurements I chalked on the larger size making sure there was enough for the seams.
I checked my figures and made sure I had added enough extra, plus the seam allowances and area for the fasteners.
After unpinning the old sail cover I turned the piece up side down and pinned it on the fabric making sure that it was nice and straight. At this point the quality inspectors noticed I was doing something interesting and offered to help.
After folding over and sewing the edges that will have the twist lock fasteners, I folded over the 2 edges at the top of the mast part and at the end of the boom.
I had carefully removed what fasteners remained on the old cover and found that they were still in good condition. The Raymarine AIS250 is designed to work as a marine AIS system in conjunction with either a C- or E-series Raymarine multifunction display. Raymarine has eased installation issues on most boats by supplying a VHF input and VHF output jack on the unit. To test the Raymarine AIS250 for functionality we mounted it temporarily on our powerboat test bed.

We were able to display several ships simultaneously and according to the owner?s manual up to 100 ships can be displayed. To use the AIS250 for collision avoidance a safety zone is set around the boat using menu selections made with the associated display. Although the AIS250 installation was easy and data supplied was useful, the unit is held back by its receive-only design and limited waterproofing. Specially developed by Ultramar Sail and Tent Cleaners for impregnating and waterproofing a boat cover, tent, convertible top, boat cushions, awning. Can be used on any synthetic or natural fabrics for waterproof clothing and equipment provides a staining and soiling resistant coating.
Fabsil is a highly effective silicone based water repellent treatment for all kinds of outdoor kit.
Suitable for Using on Clothing, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Packs, Shoes,Boots, Umbrellas Many More Outdoor Activities.
The fabric was tearing, all the seams were coming apart an many of the fasteners had long ago disappeared.
The top did not fit in nor was it fat enough to fit the sail in at the corner of the mast and the boom. I pinned the old cover on the fabric with the bottom on a straight line and the part that goes up the mast at right angle. Usually on long straight seams I don't bother pinning but in this fabric any crooked bits show up because of the stripes. It is designed to mount vertically on a bulkhead and must be placed in an enclosed area as it has only an IPX2 waterproof rating. It needs to have its own 12-volt DC power supplied as well as be connected to a VHF antenna for signal reception and a NMEA0183 port on the designated display unit. This allows the user to connect the AIS250 directly to an existing VHF antenna and then connect a VHF radio to the AIS250. It was connected to a Raymarine E120 multi-function display and hooked up to our VHF radio antenna.

Once the installation was complete the chartplotter needed to be setup properly by turning on the AIS layer. Information on a particular ship target can be viewed by placing the cursor over the target. The safety zone are can be displayed onscreen and adjusted in size to a variety of distances based on time or mileage.
I used an old screw driver I had ground down and sharpened to cut the slots where the small taps fit through. If the sail cover needs to be tighter at the mast area then I will use a strap to tighten the cover. The straps that were installed at the mast and end of the boom work well to keep water from coming in.
This puts the AIS250 between your VHF antenna and radio and according to Raymarine literature could degrade the performance of your VHF radio. Once we had all the mounting and electrical connections made we went to sea and tried to receive data from commercial ships passing offshore in the Florida Straits. Should a passing ship enter the safety zone aural and visual alarms will alert the helmsman to act to avoid collision.
I find that using large needles work better and high quality needles make a huge difference. Also it's easier to control the feed of the sewing machine if I don't have to worry about it going through evenly. It has no splash or spray protection and on a boat this means the box effectively has no waterproofing.
A triangle icon is used as the standard onscreen display for a ship that is not a collision threat.

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