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Two Missouri men died in an accident on Lake Cumberland on Saturday, according to a release from the Wayne County Coroner's office. Possibly dense fog led to one car ramming into another, causing injuries to three occupants of the cars. Mangled remains of the Audi and a PCR van that were involved on Friday night's accident on Rajpath. Five people were injured as several vehicles collided in two back-to-back accidents in the span of a few minutes at an intersection on the Rajpath in the vicinity of the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on Saturday night. Five persons were injured in an accident involving five cars, a police van and a few motorbikes at an intersection near the Rashtrapati Bhavan, police said today.
Dense fog and other factors late Friday night led to accidents involving five vehicles, including a PCR van, at Raisina Road in New Delhi area. New Delhi: At least three persons were injured on Friday night in an accident involving five cars, several motorcycles and a Police Control Room van near Vijay Chowk intersection in central Delhi, police said. Three persons, including a policeman, were injured in accidents leading to a pile-up of five vehicles, also involving a PCR van, near central Delhi's Rail Bhavan, late on Friday.

New Delhi: Five individuals have been injured in an accident involving 5 cars, a police van and some motorbikes at an intersection close to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, police stated on Saturday. Your videos will automatically start looping from beginning to end, and you can arrange the loop time via slider below the video.
All you need to do is to drag the slider to arrange the time range to loop your favourite parts of the video. With this option, Online Looper lets you to loop your favourite videos with any time range and listen to your favourite songs without ever having to hit the play button again. Following heavy rainfall which caused water levels at the Lake of Ozarks to raise dramatically, Gov. The order, which covers the entire lake, means that boats will need to operate at idle speed because of the increased risk of damage to docks, boats and shoreline from large wakes from boats. The state continues to operate under the State of Emergency issued by the Governor last month and Gov. The storm system that moved through Missouri yesterday and today brought severe weather across the state, including tornadoes, heavy rain and flooding in many locations, including Boone County, Jefferson County and Taney County, among others.

Jay Nixon today directed the Missouri Department of Public Safety and the Missouri State Highway Patrol to institute a no-wake policy at the Lake of the Ozarks, effective immediately.  It is anticipated that by Saturday, releases from Bagnell Dam will take the lake level below 661 feet so that the order can be lifted. The Governor said that the current high water level at the Lake of the Ozarks – above full pool – puts people and property at greater risk from boat wakes. Nixon said his office and state emergency officials would continue to monitor water levels.
There has been at least one fatality reported in Jefferson County, and search efforts continue to look for at least two more individuals.

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