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I listed the best attractions in Geneva and included there a couple of well worth day trips, one of which was a trip around the lake. Lake Geneva, or lac Leman (French) is long and narrow, and is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. Geneve, Lausanne, Nyon, Vevey and Montreux are good departing ports for Lac Leman cruise excursions.Pleasure cruise boat excursions on Lake Geneva’s CGN boats offer one of the best ways to explore the beauty of the Lac Leman region in western Switzerland.
The beautiful lake lies between the Alps and is shared between Switzerland and France so if you’re going to drive around it, you’ll be driving in both Switzerland and France and have to cross borders.
Geneva – The largest city on the lake and typically the starting point of a trip around it.
Laussane – Laussane is the second largest city on the lake and the fourth largest city in Switzerland. Vevey – Less than half an hour drive from Laussane, the small town of Vevey was the final home of Charlie Chaplin and where he is buried. Chateau de Chillon – The beautiful Chateau de Chillon is located on the lake, just 5 minutes drive after Montreux. Evian-les-Bains – The small french holiday resort and spa town has been a favorite resort among kings, and is most famous for its mineral waters. Cruise on the lake – Another fun way to explore the lake, instead of driving all around it, is using a cruise boat.
In spring and autumn sightseeing pleasure cruises are available every day in addition to the regular passenger ferry boats crossing the lake to connect Swiss and French cities. Picture can be used for travels, tourism promotion, depiction of local lifestyles and media articles. The drive itself is not long – it’s about 200 km (124 miles), and the roads are very good, but there’s much to see and do, so it could be a long day. The major local attractions within the city are the Jet d’Eau fountain, the Palais des Nations, the old town, CERN and more. In 1875, Daniel Peter invented Milk Chocolate in Vevey and together with Henri Nestle they established the Nestle cooperation, which headquarters are still located in Vevey today. The small town has a long beautiful lakeside promenade stretching all they way from Vevey till the next town – Villeneuve, a total length of 12 km (7.5 miles). The first record of the castle is as early as 1005, and today Chillon castle is among the most visited castles in Switzerland and Europe, offering a tour in both an interesting and beautiful castle, as well as a wonderful view of lake Geneva. There are sightseeing pleasure cruises that stop in all the major towns on the lake: Geneva, Nyon, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, and even in the small castle of Chillon. Anyone traveling the area of lake Geneva will easily notice the large number of tandem paragliders in the air. Geneva, Nyon, Lausanne, and Vevey are good cities to depart on boat cruises with many boats also passing the Lavaux area and calling at Montreux and Chillon.
The beautiful Laussane Cathedral is overlooking the city and lake and the old town has its own charm. The town is a musical icon, holding the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival every July and home to recording studios where world famous bands come to record, including Deep Purple (recorded here the albums Machine Head and Burn), Led Zeppelin, Queen and The Dubliners. On the way down you can get off the train in Glion, for another panoramic view of the lake, and then return down to the lakeside using the funicular, which itself opened in 1883!

The glide begins from the surrounding mountains and continue mostly over the lake, for a flight of 90 minutes or more, with exceptional views. Passenger ferry boat services connect Lausanne with the French cities Evian and Thonon-les-Bains. Deep Purple’s song Smoke on the Water was written here, describing the events that took place in Montreux when a fan set the Montreux Casino on fire. Pleasure boat cruises depart from Lausanne on day excursions to all parts of Lake Geneva including Geneve, Nyon, Morges, Yvoire, Vevey, Montreux, Chateau de Chillon, and St Gingolph.
Savings deals and cheaper offers are available to reduce ticket prices which are often far from cheap.Dinner and lunch cruises are available (with fondue cruises popular in winter, autumn, and spring).
The winter timetable is much more limited with pleasure cruises generally available only on weekends.
Ferries, pleasure boats, and historic paddle steamers from Lausanne are operated by the Compagnie Generale de Navigation sur le Lac Leman (CGN). The summer timetable is much busier with many daily departures even from smaller ports.Lake Geneva Boat Cruises from Geneve in Spring and Autumn Geneva is a good departure point for pleasure cruises on Lake Geneva. Lausanne is not only a popular departure point for boat cruises but also located where the Alpine backdrop over Lake Geneva is at its most beautiful.Passenger Ferry Boat Services from Lausanne to Evian and ThononLausanne is the Swiss port for passenger ferries to the French towns Thonon and Evian on the southern shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman).
These ferries carry only passengers and bicycles – no car ferries operate on Lake Geneva.The two ferry routes from Lausanne are officially known as Navi Mobilite routes N1 (Lausanne-Evian) and N2 (Lausanne-Thonon). Just fewer than 30 crossings of Lake Geneva are made each day per route.The Lausanne-Evian ferry crosses Lake Geneva in between 20 and 35 minutes. Smaller boats without restaurant services are usually used for these cruises.Beautiful Panoramic Cruise (Majestueux panorama du Leman) – this is the longest cruise available on Lake Geneva during the shoulder season. On weekends, it goes all the way from Geneva to Lausanne (and back) with stops en route at Versoix, Coppet, Nyon, as well as Yvoire and Thonon in France. A surcharge, not covered by most passes or day tickets, is payable on the fastest crossings on this route.The ferries from Lausanne to Evian and Thonon are aimed at commuters and thus operate year round, although sailings are fewer during winter. On weekdays, two cruises are available but only up to Yvoire (two hours).Lunch and sunset dinner cruises are available most days from Geneva.
The first boats of the day depart for Evian around 5 am and the last ones around 11 pm (hours on the Thonon route are a bit shorter).Pleasure Boat Cruises on Lake Geneva from LausanneLausanne is a popular departure point for Lake Geneva excursion boat cruises and day trips with many daily departures during summer. Not all boats stop at both jetties, while some also call at Geneve-Eaux-Vives and Geneve-Paquis.Lake Geneva Boat Cruises from Lausanne in Spring and AutumnLausanne-Ouchy is a busy port for CGN lake boats. The boats stop in many Swiss town en route (including Nyon, Rolle, and Morges) as well as in France (usually Yvoire).The Famous Lemanic Vineyards Cruise sails three times per day from Lausanne via Vevey and the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage-listed vineyards of Lavaux to Montreux in around 90 minutes.
Passenger ferries from Lausanne to Evian and Thonon-les-Bains in France operate year round but pleasure cruises and dinner cruises are also available from Lausanne.
En route, the boats usually call at Pully, Lutry, Cully and Vevey.The Chillon Castle Cruise is a round-trip cruise from Lausanne via Chillon, the most popular medieval castle in Switzerland.
This cruise goes up to four times per day from Lausanne to St Gingolph, Le Bouvet, and Villeneuve before arriving at Chateau de Chillon. The return is via Montreux, Vevey and the Lavaux vineyards.Many further pleasure boats go from Lausanne to Vevey, Montreux, and Chillon with further connections available from especially Vevey. Despite the longer distance, the Lausanne to Thonon route is often faster and significantly more expensive than the popular tourist Lausanne to Evian route.

This area of Lake Geneva, known as the Haut-Lac, has the most spectacular Alpine backdrops to the south and the Lavaux vineyards on the north shore.Savings Offers for Lake Geneva Boat CruisesLake Geneva boat cruises are often not cheap but many discount offers are available to bring ticket prices down. The crossings take around 30 minutes.Famous Lemanic Vineyards (Fabuleux vignobles lemaniques) – a spectacularly  beautiful cruise from Lausanne-Ouchy to Chillon Castle stopping en route usually at Pully, Lutry, Cully, Rivaz, Vevey-Marche, Vevey-La Tour, Clarens, Montreux, and Territet. It is often worth paying extra for first class, as second class passengers do not have access to open upper decks.
During the shoulder seasons, this Lake Geneva cruise is available twice per day in each direction. This cruise is around two hours each way.Fondue dinner cruises are available from Lausanne and Morges on Friday nights. Lausanne-Geneva or Lausanne-Thonon return, the daily card is automatically offered as it is the cheaper option.All general transportation cards and passes of the Swiss Railways are valid under the same conditions on all regular CGN boat cruises. In this area, Alpine peaks tower over the water to form a spectacular backdrop not available to pleasure cruises closer to Geneve.The Wonderful Alpine Scenery (Splendeur des Alpes) cruise follows a circular route through the region.
Thus bearers of the Half-Fare Card receives 50% discount and children with a Junior Card cruise for free with their parents. Up to five cruises sail per day – but not all boats go the full circle and stop at all landings. Particularly good value is the Swiss Family Boat Pass – it is CHF90 per year and gives 50% discount to parents while children under 16 cruise for free with at least one parent present. Nyon has excellent transportation links to Geneve and Lausanne allowing travelers to use trains to cover part of the journey from either of these Lac Leman cities.Cruise options from Nyon include the regular passenger ferry services, which operates year round to Yvoire (up to 10 sailings on spring weekends) and Chens-sur-Leman. In spring and autumn, daily cruises from Nyon go to Geneva with a connection available to Lausanne over weekends.See also Savings Tickets for CGN Lake Geneva Boat Cruises for details on how to save on excursion fares when sailing on Lac Leman.
See the citya€™s most spectacular attractions from a variety of vantage points and delve into Genevaa€™s rich history with commentary from a professional guide. The boating on Lake Geneva was really relaxing and beautiful Pramod K October 2015 SUPERB! Fun trip Eileen R September 2015 There were three of us and we all loved the tour. We loved how you covered a bus tour of the city, the tram ride through old town, and the boat tour.
Job well done Petula P August 2015 Geneva is beautiful, great value for money trip, saw loads and learnt loads. Our Product Managers select only the most experienced and reliable operators in each destination, removing the guesswork for you, and ensuring your peace of mind. Our pricing is constantly updated to ensure you always receive the lowest price possible - we 100% guarantee it.

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