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This is one of the many Boat dashes we manufacture for various boat manufactures, we create the dash and then they are shipped to our partner in the boating industry and they load all the instrumentation and then sends it to the final boat manufacturer for installation. This is a vinyl wrapped flat universal wall mount double drink holder, it has 2 deep 12oz cup holders. These front door speaker pods can be ordered in raw black ABS or with vinyl lamination applied! This is one of the door panels that we created for one of our conversion companies, this is one of a few we created over the years. This is a dress up imitation hood scoop and is not intended to be used as a functional hood scoop. Salient Designs has continually manufactured various styles of headliners for the conversion industry, we offer Ford and GM Van front section headliners on an ongoing bases to existing conversion and parts suppliers to the conversion industry. This is another specialty product that we manufacture for a conversion company, we created originally a 15.2" flip down monitor for this console but over time it became obsolete and the converter contracted a well known LCD screen supplier to create a model that fit our console design perfectly! We created this sub enclosure for a conversion company giving them a location that would fit under a rear fold down bench seat. These are some examples of the different van wall caddies we created over the years for Ford and GM conversion vans, we offer these in raw plastic form or vinyl laminated. If I get to feeling real crazy that white color Di-NOC might make a sick look on the fiberglass removable top. It is not marine-rated, and is not recommended to be used where it would be constantly submerged under water.

I recently submitted a post about replacing the floor on my aluminum fishing boat and I just have a few questions relating to the dash before I get everything started. In the process of taking off the old floor I decided to take out the previous wiring to the dash as well.
I'm thinking I could either rivet the old aluminum back into place and paint it or perhaps I could just take of the rest of the aluminum and buy some sort of plastic supports along with a new dash? I uploaded some pictures to create a visual and because when I looked at how the steering wheel is attached I became curious if I can simply unscrew the bolts on that metal rod and simply pull the steering wheel off as I redo the dash or if it's more complicated than that? Tony in Sw FL juiceclark View Public Profile View juiceclark's Gallery Find all posts by juiceclark « Where to mount an offshore bracket??
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
This display case can hold a number of small cars or other small items that you would like to display in your home or office. These pods can accept up to 6.5" component speakers and is contoured to fit the factory door panels, SD581 are the rear door lower section speaker pods and can as well be ordered in raw ABS or vinyl laminated.
We had created these factory lower console replacement fascia's for the Mobile Video Industry which has since became obsolete due to the introduction of flip down and headrest monitors with the incorporated DVD players.
It is vinyl laminated and includes a grille cloth covered mesh speaker grille and insert locations for adhesive backed wood accents. It has many features exclusive to this conversion company such as hidden storage, sub woofer enclosure, lighted compartments and rear game console with storage.

The MaXXvision consisted of dual 10.2" flip down monitors along with a flip down compartment that housed a Sony PS2 gaming console and included wireless controllers for the video games and also included a 2 channel infrared headphone system, each screen had a built in DVD player and offered complete independence between the rear passengers. It has since became an obsolete product due to the incorporation of the enclosure into the front of the lower console rather than under a rear seat and also giving them better acoustic imaging within the vehicle. Contrary to initial belief, carbon fiber DI-NOC™ is not just a printed carbon fiber pattern, but in fact has a three-dimensional texture to it. It accommodated 2 9" flip down monitors and included an overhead mounted DVD player and 2 channel wireless headphone system.
This means there are an unlimited amount of applications, from the interior of your car to the back of your laptop. This allows it to reflect light the same way that real carbon fiber would, making it the best real-world alternative to carbon fiber when you just want the look without paying a ton of money. Salient Designs recommends this to be used as a rear observation monitor location only and not as a video screen! There are plenty of other benefits that make the 3M™ DI-NOC™ carbon fiber vinyl so great, read our FAQ for more info! 1969 Camaro1969 Camaro BEFORE1969 Camaro Hellcat project BEFORE1969 Camaro1969 Completed interior by VIP1969 completed interior by VIPThis custom 1969 camaro was built by Classic Car Studio of St.

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