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Purchasing any expensive item, whether it's a boat, a car or a vacation home, should never be taken lightly. One of the benefits of purchasing from a supplier in the lake region is the stress-free and efficient manner in which the purchase can be made, in most cases. As you compare the different dealers you will be talking with, consider not only brand name, style and color, but also service provided by the dealer's staff, availability of staff for questions and problems etc.
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Your Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association welcomes you to the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks.
The Marine Dealers Association is made up of over 40 Lake of the Ozarks area marine dealers.
The newest dealership for 2015 is Carefree Boat Sales with sales locations on Lake Hartwell, Lake Lanier, and Lake Allatoona. Gordon’s Marine Service is Lake Hartwell, Georgia’s local boat dealer.  We provide complete boat sales, service, repair, and storage.
Greenville Boat Dealer for all your boating needs.  Hall Marine Greenville is your full service boat dealer conveniently located on I-85 interstate frontage at exit 44 in Greenville SC. With two locations in Anderson, SC and Seneca, SC, Strickland Marine Center has the best to offer you when it comes to new or used boats from Chaparral, G3, Hurricane, JC, Premier, Ranger, Sea-Doo and Stratos! Carefree Boat Club is looking for qualified operators to help bring the boat ownership alternative to new cities across the nation. Attention all amateur filmmakers… if you want a cheap way to blow things up, After Effects is your man. No, this isn't an elaborate paper helicopter design that will take you weeks to master.
The helicopter in Batttlefield: Bad Company 2 is really powerful, but really pwning people with it requires a lot of technique. This video demonstrates the Heli-Chair and how you can use it to learn how to fly a helicopter. In the video, you'll get some helpful tips and tricks for making sure you can use the helicopter properly to help you and your friends win a match. This tutorial will explain and demonstrate the basic techniques used to fly a helicopter in Flight Simulator X. The ability to fly helicopter in multiplayer matches is one of the things that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 does that Call of Duty does not, so why not enjoy it as much as possible?
Watch this instructional hobbies video to setup and modify the Honeybee CP2 and CCPM remote control helicopter. Three Haitian brothers, with no training of any kind, have constructed a working, flying helicopter. An iPhone-controlled drone unveiled at the recently held CES is expected to revolutionize the world of video gaming. Make an antigravity toy with just some magnets, a pyrex bowl, coper wire, a playing card and some aluminium foil.

This tutorial video will teach you how to make a bottle blast off toy, which will fly into the sky with the aid of a very simple rocket launcher.
One of the best things about Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is how realistic he makes the caped crusader feel. Sometimes it's not the look of a product that makes it unique, but the thought that went into it.
Watch this instructional hobby video to properly set up and fly a remote control helicopter. Hang gliders are exciting, but if you can't fly in the sky, free as a bird, then try the next best thing-- making a paper version that you can make soar through the air. It's important to be an educated consumer and learn as much as possible about the options you have.
If you are considering buying a boat here you already know that some of the best fishing and boating in the world is available at Lake of the Ozarks.
If you find that you are visiting here on a regular basis it may be time to move from boat rental to boat ownership, even keeping your yacht, fishing boat or pontoon boat at the lake year round. Not only will you find a great variety and many top name brands, you will discover that the prices offered by area dealers are as good as any around the country. These agents may act in a way similar to a real estate agent, offering a variety of new and used watercraft. Some of the higher end speed boats and pleasure craft have price tags in the $150,000+ range. This boatera€™s paradise here in the Midwest is perfect for any type of recreational boating. They represent all the top lines of boats, marine accessories, docks, personal watercraft and everything else to promote fun on our waters. Gordon’s Marine Service is an authorized dealer for Mercury MerCruiser and Mercury Outboard Engines.
We see a big trend in continued growth in this industry and are offering licenses throughout the country.
This tutorial will show you specifically how to obliterate a flying helicopter in the sky, but this easy effect could be applied to anything you choose. It's a pretty easy tutorial to follow and will do wonders for you shooting and flying abilties.
Called the AR.Drone (AR stands for augmented reality), this new product will literally bring video games to the streets. That means taking things like carrot tops and leftover bits from garlic, onions, chives, and other herbs and aromatics to create mini reusable herb gardens. Unlike the Joel Schumacher or even the Tim Burton versions, Nolan's world seems grounded in some level of scientific fact. You need a piece of paper and a pen, with which you will have to draw a picture of a helicopter.
This four-part series from Science Toy Maker will show you exactly how to fold and fly an origami paper airplane hang glider, plus you'll get valuable information behind the principles that make it work.

These two pastimes are more than enough reason to consider buying a quality watercraft from a seller in this area.
After you have studied the different types of boats available and have come to agreement with family members about the type of boating you will do, it's time to find a boat dealer at Lake of the Ozarks. Our customers keep coming back due to our superior service, sales and parts and accessories offerings. This video shows you how to make a fun and simple helicopter out of some basic office supplies.
You will have to have some knowledge of how to repair helicopters, and know which part is broken. You can download and print out a pattern off the Internet to make a toy helicopter with a real spinning paperclip propeller! Never fly away until you can hover, because you will never get back without being able to hover and land!
This video will teach you how to make the cuts and folds to make a flying paper helicopter. So, naturally, Brando's Wall Hook Coat Hanger Camcorder is the latest gadget to excite. But just how close is science to actually being able to replicate some of the Dark Knight's gadgetry? The control on the left makes the helicopter move up and down when you push it up and down with your two fingers. Who would have thought that we could create a wave of air with a piece of cardboard, and fly a folded sheet of telephone book paper on the wave of air?
After choosing two or three brands and styles, you should visit about three or four dealers in person. Make sure that prices, service and warranties are as good as or better than you would find anywhere else.
Our trained staff is well-informed in all assets of the sale including care after your purchase with service and parts and accessories sales. And it's a great instructional tool for a science classroom to learn about the principles of flight and the heat of the sun.
Repair the parts that are broken and when you are done you will need to replace all the parts that you previously removed.
If you are a beginner, leaving the flybar weights at the outer position will dampen the controls and make the helicopter easier to fly. Most of the name brands that fit the Lake of the Ozarks lifestyle have factories and dealers close to the lake or in a nearby community. You may also want to consider attending area boat shows well before making any decisions on type of boat or on a dealer.

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