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Another Bond yacht, this time from 2012, the 56m Regina starred in the most recent of the James Bond films, Skyfall. The yacht in the film Adrift (Open Water in the USA) called Godspeed was actually the Dutch yacht Annegine (since re-named Aurelius). There is some uncertainty about the type of yacht used in the film The Talented Mr Ripley, with some convinced it’s a 40ft Hinckley, and others that it is a New York 32. For more film star yachts, see The 5 Best James Bond Boats and Hurrica V: The Yacht to Star in The Great Gatsby.
There is an alternative to the chemical hazards of dispersants, consider DE-OIL-IT as a green option for oil spill cleanup. The NMMA, which owns and organizes the show, has the “aggressive goal” of attracting 120,000 people to the show’s three locations — about 20,000 more than showed up in 2014, says NMMA vice president for boat shows Cathy Rick-Joule. The show will take place at the convention center, Sea Isle Marina and Miamarina at Bayside. The NMMA is also continuing to step up its outreach to international markets, Rick-Joule says. Most important, organizers think they finally have the perfect mix of favorable circumstances to draw buying crowds. For the first time in years, the convention center will have a new layout, featuring more boats on the main floor. The people affected “fully embraced the idea, for the most part, because they knew we had to do it to reach our goal,” says Rick-Joule.
But most understood the NMMA’s goal of refreshing the indoor space, which has not changed in years, Rick-Joule says.
Exhibitor Alan Nederlanden of the insurer Bateman Gordon & Sands will be one of the occupants of the new pavilion.
He had a mixed reaction to his booth being moved from the spot in the electronics room that it had occupied for 26 years.
A new layout will enable more boats to be displayed on the main floor of the Miami Beach Convention Center this year. Michele Goldsmith, global marketing manager and key accounts sales manager for Power Products LLC’s marine division, was instrumental in getting the accessories manufacturers on board with the new pavilion, Rick-Joule says. Next year, accessories manufacturers will have had a year to see what works when they exhibit in a tent space, and they will be making adjustments rather than starting from scratch, she says.

In addition to changes in the floor plan, organizers have been working on Strictly Sail Miami at Miamarina at Bayside, which was up by double digits in exhibitor sales in early January, Dammrich says. As a result, the land portion is moving west of the marina instead of occupying the land adjacent to the south. Project construction will stop during show hours so it does not cause “a lot of static around us,” Rick-Joule says. The hands-on training portion of the show at Sea Isle and Strictly Sail will be ramped up, as well. Classes will teach skills such as close-quarter docking and navigation and offer advanced and intermediate sail training.
The Fred’s Shed Interactive Learning Center is another place for people to learn in an intimate setting, she says, and have conversations with talented people who can teach a variety of skills, including changing oil, maintaining props and winterizing. Nederlanden says he can count on one hand the number of insurance sales he’s made at the show. Rick-Joule says strong sales in September speak to a turnaround for the industry that should carry over into Miami.
It starred in the 2005 Bond film Casino Royale, and the images of this beautiful yacht with classic looks sailing into Venice were stunning. To be exact, it was Velux 5 Oceans US skipper Brad Van Liew’s old Finot-designed yacht Tommy Hilfiger.
She is a Bestevaer 76S designed by Dykstra Naval Architects and in 2004 built by K&M yachtbuilders in Makkum, Holland.
Twenty of these beautiful yachts were built, and one of them, Sirius, following a long and meticulous restoration by the Cantiere Navale in Argentario, Italy in 2006, is currently for sale with a price tag of €400,000. 12-16 Progressive Miami International Boat Show with an all-new layout at the Miami Beach Convention Center, a new Accessories Pavilion and the largest Strictly Sail component yet. For example, lower gasoline prices free discretionary spending that otherwise would be tied up in fuel tanks, Rick-Joule says.
A new, fully floored, air-conditioned Accessories Pavilion tent has been added outside to accommodate the increase in boats inside. First, many boatbuilders were eligible for increases in space and wanted them, but because the convention center is consistently sold out, it had been impossible to provide the upgrades. Though Goldsmith acknowledges that no one is particularly fond of change, she maintains that this will give those exhibitors an edge at the 2016 show, when the entire venue will be different, as the convention center undergoes a renovation (see story, Page 44).

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Van Liew sailed the yacht, renamed Gryphon Solo, to victory in class two of the 2003 edition of the race, winning every leg. At the time of build, this aluminium sloop was the largest yacht the yard had built, and the owner’s brief was for a beautiful and fast yacht that would also be suitable for chartering, with accommodation for six guests and two crew. An unusual pickup in fall sales also has boosted excitement and confidence among dealers and builders, and Dammrich believes an “amazing” amount of new and innovative product will energize attendees. Organizers have added about 50,000 square feet for boatbuilders by moving the accessories exhibitors to the tent. The NMMA also wanted to accommodate the new builders that had not been in the show recently, or ever. It was not the highest-traffic area at the boat show, but you also know if someone’s there to buy a shirt for the kids or some lures, they’re not spending time wandering that room.
We’ve never been able to fill all the requests we’ve had for that program, so our plan is to add more boats and more people because it’s been so wildly successful,” Rick-Joule says. Coming out of Miami, I probably write 70 percent of my business from that show in the three months following it. The 54 is basically a scaled-up version of the company’s 52, but with a full double owner’s cabin forward as well as the double cabin aft – both of which have en-suite facilities. Her open-plan accommodation features subtle Honduras mahogany and cream panelling with chestnut flooring, giving her informal elegance and style.
Engine manufacturers will remain in their convention center space, as will electronics manufacturers. What I think is exciting about it is, one, we’ve been able to address the needs of builders, and two, the look and feel of the show will be different, which is difficult in a show like ours.
And lastly, she says, there were NMMA builders exhibiting outside the center, away from other builders.

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