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With a predilection to building the worlds best, since their 1959 inception, the world has appreciated the focus provided by Grady-White Boats. A focus simply to build the safest, most reliable offshore boat, whilst providing their owners with uncompromising and unrivalled customer service. The Hatteras name is and has for decades been synonymous with convertibles and motor yachts of undeniable luxurious quality.
Arguably one of Australia's most iconic brands, the Caribbean heritage of boat manufacture extends back over nearly 50 years. Very casual male attire still dominates - with obvious support from arriving male tourists who are delighted to find there is no pressure to a€?dress for dinnera€? - nor, for that matter, for any other reason.

As far as we know, there is only one reason for any man to own a tux on this island and that is if he regularly attends one or more of the Masona€™s several annual charity events. And then there is the matter of the doctor with the Harley, a relatively young, bearded German who rides an orange Harley to his office and leaves it, not just parked in front, but on the sidewalk under his office window where it is hard for his patients to avoid knowing who owns it.
As far as I know, there is no recognized method of deciding and signaling which driver should move first and it must be some perverse law of nature that requires both drivers always to simultaneously look up, see the other car pulled over and then start to pull out only to then notice the other driver has done the same thing.
Being someone who likes all things mechanical, Ia€™ve always had a latent interest in motorcycles, particularly the foreign ones, possibly because they were foreign and, therefore, exotic, but I also think it was because (except for the two-cycle varieties that I had no interest in anyway) the foreign models usually made a hell of a lot less noise than the Harleys and Indians that I grew up with. Of course, all the Japanese bikes are represented by local dealerships, but how can anyone get serious about something that always runs like it is supposed to without your owning a lot of special tools and knowing all its secrets?

Since the very frequent fiestas sometimes include parades, there are periodic opportunities to show off some of the old cars owned by members of the local Antique Auto Club. Below, is a most spacious and generously appointed cuddy whilst the cockpit is large and beamy with comfortable surround seating and an excellent refreshment station.Throughout, a bounty of luxuries, optional elsewhere, are all standard on this electrifying cuddy.

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