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This image is a stock photo and is not an exact representation of any vehicle offered for sale.
The annual Triton meeting, which showcased the brand's latest aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats, was well-attended by Triton dealers from across the globe, Bentz indicated.
Finding a way to book “non-traditional” travel rentals and services via the Travel Industry Channels they know and trust.
SwitchForce™ offers ETRS providers with seamless connectivity to all major Travel Industry Channels, including the major GDS’s, CRS’s, and dozens of OTA’s. These Affiliate partners market and sell ETRS products direct from their internal reservations and concierge desks.
For most of our partners, we help to consolidate a fragmented, billion dollar marketplace, while reducing start-up, ongoing hardware, IT, networking and labor costs. SwitchForce™ is an Experience Travel Rentals and Services (ETRS) company featuring a new central reservation system for what has remained largely a decentralized and fragmented segment of the travel industry—transportation. Reservations for transportation companies can now include hotels and air, either from a third party provider or managed internally within the companies own “travel company.” For instance, a hugely successful package model for RV Renters “Fly In, Drive Out,” will now feature new opportunities for branding and selling that experience.
Additionally, functionality has been included within SwitchForce to process reservations on an hourly basis, thus fully supporting Adventure Sporting Equipment Rentals, Insurance Replacement Vehicles, and Chauffeured Ground Transportation.
Most of our suppliers have faced challenges for growth stemming from the cost associated with technology required to support successful sales and marketing initiatives, such as the development of a “brand” and mass distribution.
Driving industry leaders today is the integration of disparate systems, creative branding efforts, and wider distribution nets.
For car rental companies, SwitchForce™ leverages advanced reservation technologies to deliver effective access to today’s major distribution channels, both controlling costs and optimizing efficiencies.  Because they often lack this infrastructure, SwitchForce™ is a trusted resource for Independent Car Rental Companies who need to grow airport market share and position themselves as a viable alternative to larger brands in this space.
Without SwitchForce™’s access to the GDS and other major distribution channels, private car service providers largely have limited distribution capabilities restricted to voice and direct web only.
SwitchForce™ has also built relationships with the airlines, hotels and other transportation segments that are offering white-labeled car services as a part of their premium first-class and business services packages.
SwitchForce™’s ability to showcase the motorcycle manufacturer’s brand to untapped markets is a huge asset.
Developed to OTA standards, the SwitchForce™ reservation engine gives Motorcycle Rental companies a unique marketing opportunity to build and market Dynamic Packaging and “Total Trip” products with hotels, adventure sporting rentals, van rentals, helmets, accessories and more. Through it’s network of suppliers, SwitchForce™ will also provide access to Packaged Products such as “Cruise and Drive” programs. Many of the largest and most recognized RV Rental and RV Park brands still lack the technology and resources for connecting to mass distribution channels such as the GDS’s or OTA’s. In bringing the RV Rental industry access to new reservation channels, SwitchForce™ delivers an increase in fleet utilization that will provide multi-millions of dollars in new revenue streams.
For RV Parks, there is a significant First Mover opportunity to capture market share among campgrounds and campers.

SwitchForce™ provides Independent Hotels, Hotel Groups, PMS Companies, and GDS Representation Companies with consolidated access to a comprehensive network of ancillary travel product and service revenue channels. With a rich consumer data offering across various travel industry segments, SwitchForce™ also offers hotels a deeper understanding of local markets in the context of the global hospitality industry. As with all of our customer segments, SwitchForce™ will serve to defragment this growing market as it navigates the years ahead to market maturity. Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Central Reservation System (CRS) rep companies, dozens of Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s), and also smaller travel websites and hotel brands that white label the system, offering their customers additional travel options and thereby creating new revenue streams. SwitchForce™ is also proud to service Tour Operators, Corporate Travel Agencies Travel Management Companies, Destination Marketing Companies (DMC’s), Convention and Visitor Bureau’s (CVB’s), and Airlines.
SwitchForce™’s Affiliate Program provides hotels and other travel website operators with the ability to market and sell ETRS products and services on their website. SwitchForce™ also serves the industry manufacturers, that concentrate on using the rentals business as test drives in disguise – either first-timers trying out the experience or current owners considering trading up.
Advertised vehicles of this model may have styling, trim levels, colors and optional equipment that differ from the stock photo.
I understand that those calls may use automatic dialing systems or deliver prerecorded messages. We invite you to browse through over 2,500,000 used cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs with photos, prices, and detailed vehicle information.
The announcement came during Triton's annual dealer meeting, held July 12-14 in Flippin, Ark. SwitchForce™ is also distributed via our Affiliate program, which provides large hotel chains and smaller travel websites a white label version of SwitchForce™.
Their customers win unprecedented access to new experience-oriented travel rentals and services. It processed this volume while testing both on the car rental side and hotel reservation side with the GDS. Hotel Data Systems, Optims SA (wholly owned Amadeus Company), Amadeus IT Holding SA (AMS.MC), and ITS Group have assisted in the development and evolution of the product since its inception. Smart rental car companies share SwitchForce™’s vision of creating flexible, enterprise-wide, customer-focused, global information systems to gain a competitive advantage. SwitchForce™ offers small and mid sized private ground transportation companies an opportunity to consolidate branding efforts and reap the benefits of defragmentation that their Independent peers across other travel segments have gained for over 30 years. As members of the SwitchForce™ network, these business partnerships increase the utilization of your car service fleet.
By incorporating a branding-centric environment into our CRS data system, we more successfully demonstrate the allure of the motorcycle brand to the travel buyer, broker or tour operator.
SwitchForce™’s premium sales & marketing opportunities supports the ‘Renter › Pre-Owned Buyer › New Motorcycle Buyer’ Conversion Cycle.

Many catamaran owners incur hundreds or thousands of dollars in costs per day during their “off-seasons” due to dock fees and maintenance fees even when the boat is not in use by sailors. There are many barriers to entry, including the costs associated with developing unique software for business owners and consumers, as well as fragmented and outdated niche property management software that lacks integration abilities.
Because the software has been developed to OTA standards, the reservation engine creates a unique marketing opportunity through integration with Dynamic Packaging and “Total Trip” products, including ancillary services like cleaning, trip insurance, and towable rentals. Integration with the SwitchForce™ CRS strongly challenges competitors by providing a full service leisure travel portfolio.  In the outdoor leisure travel and commercial industry, no other system possesses this category of content, campground network, or booking engine. From car services for business travelers to motorcycle rentals for road warriors, hospitality brands can enjoy maximum revenue from Dynamic Packaging without spending any resources or labor costs on operations.
This can play an influential role in hotel branding, as will customer personality, destination access, size, design and technological innovations.
Providing access to the GDS, OTA’s and other major distribution channels, SwitchForce™ will process Rates Exchange, Inventory Exchange, Source of Business Exchange, and Reservation Information Exchange. Selecting a destination, choosing your mode and preferred brand of transportation, picking hotel accommodations, even wrangling together your bags and family of four to make it to your departure gate on time; each traveler’s goal is the same—to create a worthwhile emotional experience. We ultimately help them create a recognizable brand that drives business to their locations. I understand that I am not required to give this consent in order to use the services provided by this website. Our transaction capacity allows SwitchForce™ to be safe from timeouts and downtime—it operates at 99.9% uptime. SwitchForce™ largely functions as a representation company for the chauffeured ground transportation industry, helping Independents obtain greater economies of scale in sales & marketing efforts and cost per sale. Plus, we’ll handle the sales and marketing processes on the back-end, making your core operation of singular concern. SwitchForce™ provides a means for boat owners and fleet managers to offset these costs while building additional revenue streams through access to globally recognized rental channels.
SwitchForce™ provides a low-cost, turnkey online booking engine for mass distribution channels, which will enhance current go-to-market strategies for Dealerships, Rental Companies and Parks. The new distribution visibility will also help companies appear more attractive to prospective franchisees. Imagine the possibilities for serving the Yacht Racing Market—suppliers to this market can rent all year round.
For the manufacturers, it’s a fresh opportunity to start the conversion process by rooting an affinity for their brand within the travel buyer.

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