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The Original location of the Hall Marine Group, established in 1975, and a full service facility with sales, marina and dry stack storage. Hayden Barber started working as a fishing guide and Dive Master in Vilancolous, Mozambique.
In 2003 he completed a diploma in marine mechanics at the American Marine Institute, Florida. In 2005 Hayden joined up with his father in Harare to start a partnership catering for the general marine industry in Zimbabwe. H20 Mechanix are well renowned in the Zimbabwean fishing circles for superior boat repairs and outboard engine services.
In 2006 Hayden began a year long project to change the old plugs and lengthen the Reef Runner from 25’ to 27’.
The highly versatile Conqueror RIB is a joint venture between Honda Marine Kya Sands and Phillip de Vries from Conqueror off road trailers.
The hull itself is manufactured by the world-renowned Falcon Inflatables concern, with all the ‘Valmex’ pontoon material and trimmings being imported from Italy, thereafter it is transported to Honda Marine Kya Sands where the deck layout is finalized and the complete boat is assembled to Conqueror standards. The trailer itself is manufactured by Conqueror giving you that peace of mind that you would expect from their superbly crafted products.
The complete boat weighs in less than 750kg which makes this the perfect vessel to tow to remote locations as are found in both Mozambique and Botswana without the need to own a monster truck to get it there. The Conqueror RIB package is only available at 5.75m and is powered by twin Honda 4-stroke BF60HP outboard engines.
Just about everybody shopping a new camper is diligent in determining what type of unit they want to buy and if it can be towed by their vehicle.

Simple as they may sound, you’d be surprised how many people buy a new camper without taking these steps to ensure total comfort.  Happy shopping! So first and foremost in a travel trailer, if you’re a tall guy, you’ve got to be careful on the beds. All right, so the fourth thing, and it’s not the most important thing, but it’s probably my favorite out there.
Our scout team was optimistic on what they saw during their 3 days of reviewing hundreds (and hundreds!) of campers. The following snapshots provide a nice slice of what consumers will be seeing advertised and promoted heavily by RV dealers in coming months The pics in this album were taken at Forest River, Thor and a few independents. View more than 300 pictures of new for 2014 RVs plus some fun candids of the boys at the event in our Manufacturers’ Open House photo album on Facebook! This boat will soon be available from all the Conqueror dealerships countrywide and will offer an excellent product extension to their already industry leading off-road camper trailers. Certainly the unique feature of this rigid inflatable boat is its versatility, allowing you to ski or tube with family and friends or alternatively to invite your fishing buddies to go offshore for a deep sea fishing trip. What’s more you can also easily launch and load this boat without requiring lots of outside help.
If you can’t sit on the toilet without having your knees up in your chin or something like that, maybe this is not the unit for you. And it’s a little bit more important if you’re going to be staying in the unit for longer term stays, other than just a weekend shots with your family is sit down somewhere where you can be comfortable, where you can see the T.V. Okay, so one of the things that is really important to me obviously  at this point you know if you want to travel trailer, or a fifth wheel.

So lie on the bed, sit on the toilet, and make sure you’ve got room enough around you to do what you need to do. So find a good place to sit down and relax and just kind of take a load off, and enjoy your new RV. So definitely want to check to make sure the beds going to work for you before you think about purchasing that camper.
So we started pre-qualifying you for it, but there’s some things inside the camper that are very important and that can make or break a camper for you. Some of the smaller units out there, the lightweights are going to have a little bit shorter ceilings.
You’re not quite sure what you want so, I’m just going to give you a couple tips on pre-qualifying and if the units right for you. That will better help you shop the units out there and choose the unit that’s going to work best for your family so you don’t’ end up with one that’s not going to work for you that you dislike using every time you go out. The first thing we want to look for is the cost, weight, make sure our tow vehicle can pull it, and then there’s a couple other things that I’m going to show you real quick here with Josh.
Moving forward along the side panel there’s another feature that immediately caught my attention — a small flushmount, built-in 12 volt fridge.

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