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Location: crosbyton, TX I saw it the other day on the Totally Texas Boating Forum. It's nice to see someone come up with a design of thier own that is so clearly a new design, and seems to perform well. Location: USA Rounded Tunnel I've always heard that the best tunnel design on these fiberglass boats is a round half-pipe design, to reduce turbulence created by the corners found in rectangular tunnels. I've run a tunnel boat with ice runners that would turn on a dime at any speed, but the ice runners were a real hassle if you ever ran aground - can't slide the boat sideways. I've also often wondered what would happen if you put a vertical plate down the center of the tunnel, virtually splitting it in half longitudinally.
I'll just say that for reference that my little hovercraft (flat bottom) on an inland lake turned out not to be the best fishing platform. Based on what I have learned in other threads, perhaps a retracable keel or retractable dagger board may help out shallow draft watercraft in rough seas which are at anchor.
Location: Texas I've often caught myself sketching a hull that could augment, but I keep coming back to a design that can handle a degree of abuse with the minimal amount of up-keep. For the most part, this prototype has quite alot of time and effort invested into it, and is the predecessor and platform for some ideas I will be trying. Originally Posted by Baywolf For the most part, this prototype has quite alot of time and effort invested into it And it shows, it's quite a striking design with lots of curb appeal. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
This iconic racing boat was originally designed by George Crouch in 1924 and went on to win the 1924 and 1925 APBA Gold Cup. It has been said that the 16 foot Gar Wood speedster is, pound for pound, the most valuable classic production speed boat in the world. There are some 15 frames, 2 keels, twin hatch assembly, vertical cleats, gas tank fixing, drivers bench seat, breast hook, front and rear stems with knees etc. Location: St Augustine Fl, Thailand That is a pretty nice looking vessel for what it likely accomplishes in a fairly short length. I'll submit a reference posting to your design over there in the much longer discussion of these type vessels. Not sure what shape you are referring to, it is just a little yacht tender, to putter around in with a tiny outboard.
Its not one thing or another!!, take the bits out of the middle of the hulls you have a common cat !!!
I made tunnels for a long time and cant see anything that going to set the market alight !! If you make a prototype and do some testing make that thing completely detachable and see the differance with and without and reduced in size etc etc . Like i already said its just another cat in the crowd so when they all sitting at the marina how does one find it amongst the hundreds of others ??
The shear line being a flat straight line as a detail line and will make it look like a shoe box . Laught as much as you want women have colour more sense in there little finger than any man has in his whole body .
This website, as you’ve no doubt noticed, extols the virtues of designing your own boat with your own boat design software. So if anybody tells you that there’s nothing left to design in the world of boats, yachts catamarans, trimarans, proas, dinghies and kayaks then tell them to think again. With the 3-D boat design software that we’ve been recommending here all of this is achievable. Here's a remarkable collection of pre-drawn boat plans, ranging all the way from canoes and dinghies to houseboats and even submarines! All material provided on this web site is intended solely for informational or educational purposes. Location: Poland New design a 22m motor boat - first shape of hull I am starting a new design. Location: Melbourne Please, oh, please micspoko, if you're doodling with ideas, drawings and plans, could you be generous enough to share sufficiently detailed plans, information and construction methodologies to actually build it? It will create a tremendous drag at 30+ kts (if it allows you to get to that speed), and might become a source of dynamic instability during the ride. Location: Thailand Micspoko, I understand that You are not designing boat for construction.

Location: Poland The shape of underwater hull will be changed I now about this hump but thanks for help.
Location: Eustis, FL It'll never see 30 knots with buttock angles like that. Location: Oriental, NC Bow in either direction, I don't think I have ever seen a less workable bottom shape. You stated that - you didn't have much time - so then - why bother all of us - we are very busy doing the real thing.
Your wording - sounds very young - suggest you follow all the good advice above & then come back in 10 years after you get an education - but not at our cost. As to the design above, well I think the lines and their match with the rudimentary SOR says it all about the designer's abilities, frankly. Originally Posted by Silver Raven You stated that - you didn't have much time - so then - why bother all of us - we are very busy doing the real thing. See that your machine OCV (open curcuit voltage) is on par or higher than the requirement of the CO2 welding wire manufacture spec. Another trick welding aluminium is to remove all oxidation on the alu where you want to weld with sandpaper or file before welding it. From experience I have found that it is easier to push the weld rather than pulling it as an arc weld. Originally Posted by Wynand N Another trick welding aluminium is to remove all oxidation on the alu where you want to weld with sandpaper or file before welding it.
Location: Wasilla Alaska One of my Sign guy customers just bought the Lincoln your talking about getting. Location: Western Australia For what it is worth, I will throw in my opinion here as well.
The 260 amp machine was big enough, but on a couple of the heavier welds I had it on maximum settings.
It sounds as though some of the people writing in this thread are learning alloy welding as they go. If you are making MIG welds without this sort of testing you are risking wasting a large quantity of expensive alloy.
Location: Western Australia Yes, I designed it specifically to give good performance between 5 and 15 knots, as I have a place on a river area where there is a lot of concern about wake damage. I have just towed the boat 500 miles north to a place called Shark Bay and it towed very well at 50 to 60 mph.
It is not perfect, as the broad quarters are inclined to lift in a following sea and some active steering input is required in long seas. Look around you !!,look in a cloths shop for men its drab and dead looking and not exciting at all !!,then look in any womens ware shops theres colour! And it may have crossed your mind that surely after three thousand years of boat development we have designed every possible hull shape that there is to design.
There is always room for innovation and new ideas as these shots of the new LCS-2 USS Independence will testify. If your skills lie more in the practical sphere then this pack of boat plans might be just what you're looking for!
Nothing on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional boat construction advice. Sorry to say, with this understanding of hull shaping You need more theoretical study and practice.
Instead of fooling around with pretty pictures, a bit of time learning about hydrodynamics might be in order. Lucie, FL New to welding Aluminum I was on earlier about MIG machines and you all warned me against buying a cheap machine. Because of the torch nozzle size, it is easier to see where you are welding and it produce a better looking weld.
You can remove the closed-pore oxidation (old and foggy), and it would be replaced by an open-pore oxide layer (new and shiny).
I have built several steel and wooden vessels over the last 20 years but designed and built my first alloy (28 feet) boat two years ago.
This was when welding 5mm plate to 10mm flat bar for the chine weld and 28mm round bar to 5mm plate on the stem.
Helium mixtures are better for high penetration in thicker material and being lighter are also better for overhead welding.

It should be degreased and sanded clean of all old mill scale before assembly and it should also be wire brushed with a clean stainless steel wire brush immediately before welding.
The spool gun might be OK, but if I had used one, I would have to build the boat differently, beacuse I don't think I could have got the bulkier unit into all the places I did. Lucie, FL Thanks for that; I am going to take a MIG course in the next semester. It is not very efficient above 20 knots, as it causes a lot of turbulence as the water tries to follow the twist or warp in the hull. The mark 2 version that I am just finishing the desig for, will hopefully fix this problem. The Cobra has all frames and deck beams defined, floor timbers, dash, transom, seating, original stringers, stem, hatch assembly and the dreaded fin! Always consult a professional if you are in any doubt about the seaworthiness of any craft you design.
I bought the heaviest single phase (240 volt) machine available, which was a 260 amp machine with push feed on a 10 foot stinger. The oxide on alloy melts at a much higher termperature than the metal and if you do not get rid of it it will sit in the weld in flakes and weaken the weld. Although this style is not my forte, I know what it takes in the design, developing, and construction aspects, to get a finished aluminum boat to look this nice.
However, and once again this was a flat bottom top heavy design not really intended for this use and a bit out of it's element.
The predominance of right facing bows, is likely more to do with the dominance of left brained designers. I have held off on this particular welder because I am still unsure of it's ability to handle the stock I generally use.
I appreciate the offer of the spool guns but I had better hold off until I settle on something for a powerhead. The suppliers all looked very doubtfull that this was a big enough machine for what I wanted, but I did not want to go for a 440 volt three pahse machine, as this would limit its resale value.
Because MIG is a semi-automatic process, machine settings and weld procedures are critical. With new plate material you can get away with just the wire brush but with weathered plate and all extrusions you have to sand or grind the mill scale off.
Top speed empty has been around 15 knots and she cruises very comfortably in any sea conditions at 13 to 14 knots at about 10 to 12 litres per hour consumption. Most boats in Western Australia are designed to go 40 miles offshore and come back the same day.
The entire assembly can then be mated to the vessel using added checking blocks included with the plans. I'd be surprised if this boat had performance advantages that the comparable 20-odd year old boat I provided a link to earlier, did not. Now, what will hurt your weld is oil, dirt, the white residue that is left during oxidation, etc. If you make a bad weld in alloy, you will not know until it fails, which could be catastrophic.
Though my goals are much more modest and my welding will be mainly in fabrication on trailers and other gear. If I were commercial I wound not hesitate but as a hobbyist I think my wife might think about murder. In a MIG welding course, you are taught what causes a wedl to be rejected for visual faults and whwn you are making welds that pass visual inspection you are taught how to cut the weld test piece up and acid etch it to see just how good it is inside.
Just a note that the Lincoln 175 turns out to be a lower end model built for the mass market and the price jumped to $617 so I bought a new Hobart Handler 180 from Airgas.
If this worlks, you note down all the machine settings in a procedure and use then settings next time you make this kind of weld.

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