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Location: Eustis, FL Yep, that's a standard raised panel bit or shaper blade set. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: Eustis, FL Festool makes some of the finest tools in the world, but God they think a lot of their products. One tool they do have, which is hands down the only one I've found that actually works, is their detail sander. The typical list is a DA (duel action, orbital), which does duty as a rough to medium surfacing work, detail and finish sanders (jitter bugs, etc.) for the fine work, belt sanders of various shapes for rough work. I'm sure a machine could satisfy your lover as well, if not more then you, but some things should be left to your own hands, as they are much more sensitive to the surface requirements then a machine.
Location: Western Massachusetts I own numerous Festool Power Tools and while they are pricey they are the best that I have ever used. When there's no rush, or when it HAS to be right (like using spokeshave, rasp and scraper on a hand-carved tiller with an S-curve in the grain itself instead of laminations clamped to a form), and when it's your own boat, you have a right to enjoy your work for once. At the end of the sailing season, when I've had enough good sailing adventures, I begin to look forward to implementing all the ideas I had all Summer to modify and improve my boat---- and even the process of repainting and varnishing is enjoyable if it's not rushed. We manufacture and sell specialty tools and supplies to the do-it-yourselfer for repairing MerCruiser sterndrives. Location: key largo, florida, usa what tools needed to repair a large recored deck? I'd buy the tools to make the job easier, better, faster - I'm not looking for perfection but don't want it to look like a amature did it, and I'd like to get done with the glass work so I can move on to the hundred other things I need to do to her.

Location: Kailua, Hawaii Here's what I used and it took even the most tenacious thickened epoxy down fast and level with the 40 grit purple 3m sheets.
Location: maine Having suffered through similar, I recommend microlight and long-boarding prior to a final 10 oz glassing. Location: maine if you make your own board,, and use glue,,, you wont be fairing it,,,,you'll be gouging it,,,when you put glue on,, you CAN NOT put it on evenly across the whole paper,, which in turn gives your board high and low spots,,,,,if you make a home made jobbie,, you'll need to put rubber along the bottom for your sticky back paper will stick and come off it. Adhesive can be polyurethane available in caulking tubes for decking (liquid nails), allow to dry overnight.
Originally Posted by alan white Never sand more than once with the board, and again after primer if painting. For example, a peanut buttery consistency of microlight in epoxy can be scraped onto the surface, filling every scratch at once. Alan alan white View Public Profile View alan white's Gallery Find all posts by alan white Page 1 of 2 1 2 > « limited headroom, so raise coachroof? Again gelcoats, forever and ever » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Final Bottom Repair?
Used on cabinet doors most commonly (rail and stiles), though can be used on all sorts of stuff. They have this cool plunge circular saw, but at $1,200 bucks, it better select and stack the lumber it's cutting too. Every other I've used, you could stall the motor by leaning on the tool aggressively, leaving a useless vibrating sissy. Nothing looks as good as a hand rubbed piano and no power sander will produce this finish, though Festool may soon market one for $2,400 bucks that comes close.

Even my (handheld) power planer has a reduced clearance wood base - the aluminum bases have far too much clearance behind the cutters - I use mine for cutting the rolling bevels for glued planks, the base is extended both sides to rest on the earlier planks. What you need to keep in mind in considering them is that they for the most part are designed as a system.
Their dust extractors work in conjunction with all of their tools (except the drills) and make an amzing difference. I think I got it - I'll get a store bought board and some 40 grit or coarser to start with. I've actually used the weight of my body against one, without it bitching a lick, still cutting and never stalling. Their shop vacuum is also a great product, but again the price suggests the third Reich is attempting a pay back. If you look at the big repair areas I faired, and how many times I faired them, you'll see that for $5 a sheet, they go a long way. I burned out one Home Depot type that I had rigged to the sander, but the Festool is quiet, turns on and off with the sander and uses a bag.

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