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14' flat bottom John boat with foot pedal trolling engine, fish finder, new tires on trailer with spare , swivel seats, brand new battery, anchor lamps, all new wiring everything works great! Water ready 17 foot, 1985 4Winns (Marquise 170) boat with 90 hp Evinrude V4 outboard motor. Floating Paradise Consider it your own personal island: This 2009 Lowe SUNCRUISER SS240 24 ft.
If you're in the marketplace for a quality Aft Cabin Cruiser, don't pass on an opportunity to see this 1995 Silverton 34. The ship spent quite a bit of time "showing the flag" in foreign ports as a part of its diplomatic mission. First seating in the Wardroom was for senior officers and junior officers going on watch at 1200. Of course someone has to operate the ship 24 hours a day, so we had to work our watch schedule into the daily routine.
After this four hour watch periods were from 0400 to 0800, 0800 to 1200 (noon), 1200 to 1600, 1600 to 2000, and 2000 to 2400 (midnight). When the ship was in combat we went to General Quarters, when everyone was at his combat station for as long as combat continued.
We had a radar repeater, gyro compass repeater, rudder angle indicators and other equipment for "conning" the ship. OOD and JOOD (Junior Officer of the Deck) an enlisted sound powered phone talker was on the bridge to communicate with lookouts topside. I took the pictures of the bridge and pilot house in port because when at sea the bridge is all business - no sightseers allowed. The complementary view is from the stern, looking at the ship's wake trailing off to the horizon. A typical day would have people working on the engine in the motor whale boat, or the boat winches.

I have heard that the name derived from the practice of sending crews to steal headstones from cemeteries, in Portsmouth, England, I think.
In addition to ordinary work we would also exercise at emergency drills while free steaming, to keep the crew in a state of readiness. Emergency in the missile house drills practiced the procedures for getting damage control crews into the restricted nuclear weapons spaces. Then the brakes were set and the crew attached the pelican hook "stopper" to hold the chain. We were headed back to our station near DaNang when yet another storm started across the Philippines. A few hours later typhoon Olive appeared bearing down on Okinawa, so once again we rushed into the leading edge of the storm and turned northeast to return to Japan.
During the three week period we fought our way through five typhoons and a tropical storm, and managed to dodge two other typhoons that were in WestPac.
At the end of the cruise as we steamed past O Shima on our way to Tokyo Wan, the view of Fuji san across Sagami Nada was a most welcome sight! Motor Guide Digital Variable Speed TOUR 24 Volt 82lb Thrust Trolling Motor (Pedal recessed in floor for your convenience). After a shower and shave we had breakfast and then mustered at 0800 for Officer's Quarters. To keep these looking pretty (we were a flagship, after all) the deck Divisions had to clean them regularly. It was more politically correct, and it was a ready source of stone that was not available in sailing ship days.
Fire drills tested the condition of our fire fighting equipment, as well as the men themselves.
Sometimes our visits to ports of call were for recreation, and others were diplomatic visits.

In this sequence of pictures you see the anchor detail waiting orders to let go the port anchor. Forward a boxing ring was set up for what, in Navy terms, is called a "smoker." A good time was had by all! We encountered thunder storms with impressive lightning displays and rough seas caused by tropical storms. The picture doesn't convey the size of it unless you consider that it was taken from the deck of the ship, about 23 feet above the water. The bow had plunged into a wave so the front of the ship was submerged, but still that wave had to be at least 60 feet high!
We made a wide diversion to the south around the storm and passed through rough seas in its outer edge. Less than 24 hours after we arrived typhoon Lucy changed course directly for Hong Kong, and we got underway again, steaming east into heavy seas. The OOD on watch on the bridge later told me that the ship took one roll of 35 degrees, almost as far as she could go before turning turtle! At this the XO and two other officers were calmly finishing brunch, hanging on to the table and grabbing at passing plates and cups as they went by.
This boat has been great for me just ready to buy a nice fiberglass bass boat but need this 1 gone 1st. Asking price is $800 cash OBO Have clear title in hand that is ready to be signed over to its new owner I also have a 9.9 evinrude with six gallon fuel tank and new hose.

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