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Whether you own watercraft or choose to rent, you’ll find everything you need at our marinas! Located at the north end of Elephant Butte Lake, Rock Canyon Marina provides quick access to the open lake, making it ideal for sailors and other boaters wanting to quickly and easily get out and enjoy the water. One good way to explore Elephant Butte Lake is by renting a boat.  Below are the boat rental vendors that we know of on Elephant Butte Lake. Elephant Butte Lake is a fisherman’s paradise known for record-breaking black, white, and striped bass, as well as crappie, catfish, walleye and bluegill, with numerous tournaments throughout the year. Take advantage of the expertise of outfitters and guides to get you on the lake with the right gear, bait and boat. Elephant Butte Lake is popular with sailors throughout New Mexico and beyond, and is home to the Rio Grande Yacht Club. The club organizes racing through the spring, summer, fall and winter, as well as year-round social events and occasional overnight “raft-ups” and club cruises.
Choose from four different sites to launch your boat at Elephant Butte Lake State Park…Marina del Sur, Rock Canyon Marina, Dam Site Marina and the Monticello launch site. Fun for friends and the entire family, the Party Barge is a 40-foot platform which can be permanently anchored near any of the marinas. Enjoy the wind in your face as you ride the waves from one end of Elephant Butte Lake to the other!

Enjoy Elephant Butte Lake from sunup to sunset and all night long with the privacy of your own Aqua Lodge. Lakeside RV camping is one of the many things that sets Elephant Butte lake apart from most other lakes in the country. One thing you’re sure to have plenty of at Elephant Butte Lake is plenty of blue sies and sunshine. Catch the breeze off the lake as you launch your kite high into the blue skies over Elephant Butte Lake.
With the Luchini Trail and West Lakeshore Trail offering more than 11 miles of scenic trails around Elephant Butte Lake, you’ll have every reason to walk, hike or bike. You’ll find plenty of sandy beaches from which to go swimming, but you’ll also want to explore the many coves on Elephant Butte Lake by boat. You’ll find several launch sites for your boat, but you can also rent speedboats and ski boats.
RGYC also operates a mast-up storage facility for sailboats near the Marina Del Sur launch ramps.
Some ramps may be closed at various times of the year, but you can call 575-744-5923 to learn which are open.

The barge is equipped with a swim ladder, picnic table, BBQ grill and a shaded area on one end, with cleats on both sides for easy docking. Aqua Lodges are 40' houseboats that are permanently anchored in a cove behind Rock Canyon Marina.
Take time to build a sandcastle with your kids…or get your friends together to create a giant sand sculpture. So take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend some time on a beach towel in the sun. Whether you’re a novice or serious kite flyer, you’ll find the lake is the perfect place to fly with its wide open spaces and dramatic scenery. The views of the lake, Turtleback Mountain, Sierra del Rio Golf Course, Rio Grande River, Elephant Butte Dam and the surrounding mountains and mesas are breathtaking.
Flying above or at the edge of the lake ensures smooth air during the day even from the late spring to the early fall.

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