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There are several boat renting facilities along Muar river’s middle and upper stream from Bukit Pasir to Bukit Kepong.
This is one of the boat renting centers (not sure it’s legal registered with ROC and marine police) at Gersik Town.
The boat renting center in Gersik is operated by a Malay businessman and their contact is listed on the banner at the wooden jetty. Do you notice there is a concrete jetty which was built by the British Colonial government before World War 1? Those old jetties in Muar River built by British lasted for a very long time unlike new jetties built by BN government which are never lasted for more than 10 year.
I prefer to say British old engineers in non-IT age are smarter than engineers hired by BN government.
The limits exist for your own safety and must be kept to all islands off the north west coast of Corfu are the limits with no exception.
The famous Channel of Love (known as Canal D’ Amour) is an idyllic area with unique rock formations that form a series of wonderful coves and canals. With beautiful crystalline waters, the Canal D’ Amour is one of the most unique spots in Corfu. Cape Drastis is tucked away in a beautiful wooded landscape in North Corfu, namely the traditional village of Peroulades.
One of the advantages is that access to these places can only be done by sea (either swim, or by boat) and this has protected them of human intervention, keeping them naturally beautiful and unspoilt. Is a lesser known but equally beautiful beach that you can easily pass by without ever knowing it even exists. Also, you will have the opportunity for a free spa, using the muddy sand of the beach as an ointment for your skin.  A favorite by many locals, especially children, Apotripiti is a relaxing alternative to Canal D’ Amour!
With a backdrop of gentle hills, olive groves and an unspoilt rural valley, Agios Stefanos beach is over a mile long and offers both shallow, flashing blue water, safe for children and a broad stretch of golden soft sand.
This safe, spacious and relatively undeveloped beach is popular with children and has been the centerpiece of many family holidays.
With the wealth of landmarks and picturesque landscapes to see, it can be hard to decide just which countries you’ll include on your itinerary. Europe is notorious for having great public transportation to take you anywhere you want to go, but you may not want to spend your entire vacation figuring out how to get from point A to point B.

Countries such as France, Holland, England have beautiful canals and waterways which you can travel by boat to visit many charming villages, and even larger cities. Discovering Europe by water will allow you to experience the authentic culture and unique customs of any country you travel through. Lifelong memories will be created for each and every one on board as you travel through the canals.
Experiencing the real feel of a country and meeting its people is essential to having a great time abroad. This entry was posted in Boating destinations, Boating holidays and tagged authentic culture, beautiful canals, charming villages, England, Europe, France, great adventure, Holland, picturesque landscapes, Renting a boat, renting a boat in Europe on March 4, 2013 by lateboat. All the boats are fully ensured, there is no license required from 30 hp and below, also we give instructions if you have no experience how to drive a boat. There is no better way to experience the beauty of this coastline than from a private boat, sailing at your leisure in calm waters under warm sunshine.
Lazaretto islet is located on the NE side of Corfu island, two nautical miles from the city of Corfu.
Local old folks said the jetty is older than them, the actual erection date could be more than 100 year ago. According to the tradition, couples who swim through the narrow canal will get married soon. Beyond the cape, where one can sit and swim, there are many small and beautiful secluded beaches and several islands that enable you to choose the place that suits you to lie down and try your skills on the cliff-jumping . Just past Canal D’ Amour beach, you can easily locate this beautiful beach while passing by boat and you can stop next to its two private islands (Kapases) and have some relaxing time laying down on them and excercise your cliff-jumping skills. Agios Stefanos is a quiet fishing village which has added tourism over the last twenty years without losing its identity. If you are looking for a cheap, last minute, discounted boating holiday bargain we offer all the best special offers, from the leading companies on all the major waterways. Who wouldn’t want to travel through one of the most beautiful and historic continents in the world? Hotel accommodations can also be costly even when booked in advance, but there’s a wonderful alternative for your vacation! There is no special license or competency required- they travel slowly and are simple to steer for any adult.

Whether you’re an avid sailor or not, you’ll find that renting a boat in Europe is simple and fun. If you’d like to do something different and enjoy Europe to the fullest, we can explain each and every detail to help you make an informed decision. We can also  provide you with an experienced driver instructor (captain) for your trip if it is needed. This islet is small in size but has yet many special types of flora and fauna around it, thus it is protected as a nature reserve.
It has an area of some 17,5 acres, belongs to the state and is being administered by the National Tourist Organization.
Along of Corfu’s North-west coast you will find something for everyone, from beautiful resort towns live with restaurants, shops and lots of other things to do, to small quite coves and bueatiful beaches only accessible by boat.
You can find this beach by renting a boat from us and it is located a few miles after Sunset beach. A strong fort, also used as a prison, was built there by the French but was destroyed by the British. Lazaretto islet was a concentration camp for the prisoners of the National Resistance movement of the 1941-1944 period.
It is said that some underwater tunnels, constructed by the French, used to connect Vidos islet and the four fortresses of Corfu. A Serbian mausoleum also stands close to the small port of Vidos in the memory of the thousands of Serbian soldiers, who had died due to starvation and plague on Corfu in the First World War and were buried there. An outdoor cafeteria and tavern offers refreshment drinks and delicious meals, while you enjoy the view of Corfu town. Small boats connect the old port of Corfu town, right in front of the Court House, to Vidos.
Boats leave very frequently, almost every half an hour, and the trip takes about 10 minutes.

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