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Parts for this Corvette-styled dashboard were brought to VIP Upholstery & Interior Design in a box. Estimating job costs is one of the cornerstone skills of running a successful upholstery business. Experienced upholsterers and marine fabricators from across the country answer these questions and share their expertise, insights and tips for estimates that lead to profitable jobs and satisfied customers.
At the job site, you can take measurements, upsell products and services, answer questions and gather information that will help you come up with an accurate estimate.
When Justin Jones, owner of Custom Covers in Salt Lake City, Utah, visits potential job sites, he snaps photos of problem areas, which he later includes with his estimate.
Katie Bradford, MFC, of Custom Marine Canvas in Noank, Conn., offers a method that can help experienced fabricators refine their labor estimates.
An alternate way to standardize the estimating process comes from Chandler Clark, co-owner of Signature CanvasMakers in Hampton, Va. At the end of the project, you’ll either have to rush to stay within your estimated time (risking lower-quality results), eat the difference between your estimated and actual labor costs, or charge the customer significantly more than you quoted. In a time when every penny counts, it might be worth your while to review your estimating tools and procedures. In this redone master suite in a 37-foot Sea Ray, high-quality textiles enhance the reupholstered upper and lower valances and new custom comforter, pillows and pillow shams. A high-performance boat was presented to this fabricator as a fiberglass shell with the request to fabricate an interior mimicking a F-440 Ferrari car.

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When I read the title for this article, I thought it was going to give tips on estimating, but I didn't see anything other than the usual sales tips. It has become very common for us at Dela Studios Upholstery to quote more often by email than actual visits to the customer. We have encouraged customers to take pic and measurements and either bring with them or e mail so we are on the same page. The more accurately you can estimate the amount of labor and materials a given job will require, the better the job will go and the more satisfied the customer will be. What tools and changes can improve your estimating procedure, making your business more efficient and profitable? When a potential customer calls you, first ask what they are looking for or what problem they want fixed. Ideally, once you’ve had phone contact with a potential customer and given a rough estimate, he or she will agree to set up a meeting so you can visit the job site and discuss the job in more detail. When Ritsema gets back to the office after visiting a job site, he sits down and estimates the materials the job will require. With a recession still breathing down our collective necks and everyone keeping a wary eye on their wallets, it may be tempting to be optimistic about how long a given project will take. Quality in craftsmanship or products, like zippers or thread that carry lifetime warranties, can be a big upsell when trying to secure a job or justify a premium price.

Estimating, to me would be how to accurately measure, and how to determine hours as closely as possible. Most clients and potential clients see the value in using email to get the initial "ballpark" estimate.
What are the most common problems and mistakes upholsterers make when estimating the cost of a project, and how can you avoid or fix them? Then show the customer why the quality and extra services they will receive are worth the added expense.
Using a collection of time studies (like the one published in the MFA magazine, or like I do, my own actual times, can provide a base from which to add in details that are particular to a job.
Once they get a feel for the potential cost of the upholstering project we can move on to the next steps in the process (hammering out details, selecting fabrics, etc ). Will not be displayed on site or used to send unsolicited messages.Your Website URLIf applicable.
Rules of thumb are helpful for some jobs, like a dollar amount per foot for boat covers or restaurant booths. Why not ask the customer to take a picture, so the upholstery shop can qualify the job and give a also a better estimate to the client.

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