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Salters Lode to Denver passage, along the tidal Great Ouse, may sound daunting but with the right preparation and precautions, should be straightforward and safe.
Call ahead to check locking times as these change with the tides (Fox’s will be able to let you know the locking times for your trip if you are on a holiday hire boat).
If you have time, a walk along the bank to familiarise yourself with the landmarks will make the crossing easier. The best course of action is generally to maintain a steady, predictable course and they will manoeuvre around you.
Check out our suggested cruise from March to Ely crossing the short length of tidal river between Salter’s Lode and Denver Sluice.

There are two reasons for this, to make sure you don’t miss the tide and so that you have time to speak to the lock keeper. If you have time have a look at the river at low water, so you can see where the sandbanks are. Position it somewhere you can easily drop it overboard, and make sure it’s attached securely to the boat!
Whilst some are high and wide, there’s not room to pass under many of them, especially on the Middle Level. Keep an eye out behind you as well as in front, and let them know if it is safe for them to overtake.

When passing moored boats, make sure you slow down to a tickover, especially on the shallow Middle Levels. For small boats which are slower than you, give them plenty of room as you carefully pass by.
There will be marshals on the banks (usually wearing hi-vis jackets) who will give you instructions about whether to wait or pass through safely.

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