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The Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard (ASRY) in Bahrain (shown above) and Estaleiros Navales de Lisboa (Lisnave) of Portugal recently signed an agreement under which Lisnave will continue to provide technical support to ASRY until 1989. Cooperation in succeeding years has been close, with Lisnave sending management and technical specialists to ASRY and supervising the training of local technicians, both in Bahrain and Lisbon. The original concept of a repair yard in the Arabian Gulf to service the many tankers, bulk carriers, containerships, and general cargo vessels trading to the area has been a great success, with occupancy of ASRY's 450,000-dwt drydock always exceeding 83 percent.
The link with Lisnave has enabled ASRY to call on teams of specialists at short notice to work on large repair specifications and thus extend the yard's capabilities, making ASRY technically competitive with larger shipyards in Europe and the Far East. To further enhance their 25 years unrivalled customer support, Adverc BM Ltd has undergone a period of expansion, including the provision of integrated development, production, assembly and installation facilities, all under one roof.
The concept ONEbox, provides an enclosed DC or AC electrical distribution panel or integrated panels, incorporating, in them, many components, normally installed separately. This simplifies installation, creates space, reducing fitting out time, by as much as 70%, and minimizes installation errors during fitting out. Full schematics would be supplied, which can be included with boat documentation details, for inspection purposes, etc where necessary.

Technosonic Mini Washing MachineIt looks like an overgrown blender, about 2 feet high with a motor at the bottom and a detachable bucket on the top that has an agitator in the bottom. I laughed when my wife bought this tiny little washing machine for the boat.
One of the world's largest and most experienced VLCC repair yards, Lisnave was originally chosen both to design and then manage ASRY, the AOPEC-owned repair yard that was inaugurated in 1977.
This link will now continue, at least until 1989, and provide a useful base for ASRY's further development in line with shipowners' demands for larger and more complex repairs as docking intervals lengthen and more specialized machinery and equipment is incorporated in new vessel design and development. It can be in standard form, a bespoke unit or optimised for rapid production line fitting out. Equally, though, we can provide a bespoke system according to individual requirements, as well as supplying a host of bits and pieces to complete the job, including cable and connectors, batteries and battery clamps, battery links, switches, relays, fuses, RCD’s etc.
It was only after she returned to Florida that I found out how useful the machine can be. The machine runs on 110V off my inverter and draws hardly any current.
The Coast Guard swung into action after receiving a tip-off and tugged the boat to Dibba port. Police has seized seven boxes of banned cigarettes, and more than 200 bags of banned tobacco products from the shop.

The ASRY work force is reinforced by contract labor from the Far East as well as technicians from Europe in specialist activities, among whom Lisnave provides more than 100 personnel.
The result considerably reduces installation time, as well as increasing the integrity and reliability of the working system. It uses about a bucket of water and can wash about 3 long sleeve shirts, or a double bed sheet at a time, in about 9 minutes. The laundry comes out of the machine and I squeeze out the soapy water back into the machine. I then rinse in the first bucket, and squeeze the somewhat soapy water back into the machine again.

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