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Dont remember what it was called or where i got it from but my first rc car was one that u had to reverse to turn it. I can't remember what the first hobby grade car I got,but I remember buying it from my neighbor,it cost me $90 all in change I SH*& you not and it was a racing porsche with sponge tires. I won my first RC car when I was 6 years old Was a tamiya buggy, then it got hidden in the basement for some years until I digged it up and started upgrading it, but then it started smoking and it started burning.. I see all the good things about Poli Glow on their web site, but they are trying to sell it. I would like to know if Poli Glow will remove the yellow or if I will have to sand and buff it out. I took it to the park and 2 days later it was not fast enough for me so Me and my cousin went to the hobby store and bought a faster motor,don't remember what,this was 89-90 and installed it at home,and it did'nt even get of the start line.

Did you get your rig new and just maintain it or did you buy it used and have to bring it back to a nice shine??? We are going to try the Red Max Pro on our 37' fiver - yeah, it looks to be a lot of work - have not started yet. Truck Trader Magazine in Phoenix, Periodical Printing & Publishing, Arizona with telephone, cell phone, fax and adress for Truck Trader Magazine in Phoenix. Regardless, awesome job maintaining your rig, what products, in addition to the massive amounts of elbow grease, do you use on yours? While I was staying at a campground in FL, my neighbor with a 5er had black streaks on the front cap that he couldn't remove. A couple of spritzes with the Poli-Prep (diluted) and about 5 seconds of light scrubbing removed them both.

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