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In the Wakesetter 23 LSV, being the observer becomes a coveted position, thanks to the oversized seat bursting with comfy 5-inch bolsters. Tow boats are so purpose-built that it’s practically impossible to use them for anything else. The direct-drive inboard is still used for slalom skiing and jump, but for anything that involves aerial tricks, the direct drive has been eclipsed by the V-drive. Today’s dedicated wake-surfing boats come with water ballast tanks to press the stern down and create monster wakes.
V-drive inboards really boomed with the ascent of wakeboarding as the predominant water sport. So the market has evolved quite a bit since its early days, but you’re still looking at the kind of boat that does pretty much only one thing.
While you’re comparing boat types, you might also want to check out the pros and cons of center-console boats. The Wakesetter 23 LSV is the personal boat of World Champion Darin Shapiro and the boat he uses for this personal riding school. The driver has fingertip control of everything important, including our integrated keyless ignition, thanks to Malibu Touch Command (MTC) on the dash. That logic applies probably most pointedly to tow boats: ski boats and wakeboard boats, and we can now add wake-surf boats to the equation, too. The direct drive still has the most balanced weight distribution of all tow boats, which translates to the flattest wakes and the crispest handling.

If you are a hardcore slalom jock, get a direct-drive inboard, but don’t look to bring any more than two people with you on those morning ski runs.
If it’s good enough for a world champion, chances are your family will be equally pleased.
The locking glove box is big enough to house 1.5 cubic feet of gear and stabilizes that with a slip-less rubber tray. The interiors have become so plush, you wouldn’t want a fish anywhere near them, so it’s automatically a nonstarter. One boat was good enough for all three because they all depended on the boat’s ability to pull hard from a dead stop and create as small a wake as possible at slalom speeds, usually around 36 mph.
In the beginning of the wakeboarding craze, that was enough, but things escalated, of course, and companies began selling ballast bags, which held hundreds of gallons of water to add weight to the back of the boat. If you want a wakeboard boat, you can use it for skiing, but the wakes won’t be as small as a direct drive.
Buyers need to know that up front and be ready for the high prices these boats command, even in the secondary market. Whether while cruising across the lake or partaking in a bit of water sports action.Time to slow down?
Large, powerful, plush, the Wakesetter 23 LSV packs in more ballast and features than any other boat in its class.
You can even get connected in the glove box with media inputs for the available MaliView Dash System and the optional Malibu Rockford Fosgate Sound System as well as a 12-volt power point.

The kicker is that tow boats have become so segmented that they are often good for only one thing.
Trick skiers preferred a slower speed, but because wakeboarding hadn’t been invented yet, one boat, the direct-drive inboard, could serve all three disciplines.
These days, the only people who buy direct drives are the hardest of hardcore skiers who want the flattest wakes possible.
The OEMs caught on, and now all wakeboard boats have built-in ballast systems from the factory standard, with options for obscene amounts of extra weight. If you want to go wake surfing, you can use a wakeboard boat, but boats designed for wake surfing are better.
The Wakesetter 23 SLV offers riders and their gear a whopping 30 cubic feet of rear locking storage. In the Wakesetter 23 LSV, our engineers have found that sweet spot between ride, handling and performance. The two 200 pound ballast tanks that are used to invade this space are located beneath the floor and out of the way.
With 2011 options, the Wakesetter 23 LSV offers more power and wakeboard-specific features than ever before.

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