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Boat trailer electrics, especially trailer light plugs are very susceptible to damage, either through the wires being pulled out or through corrosion. Fill the void around the terminals and the whole of the inside of the socket or plug including the wire entry port with silicone mastic.
Close the clamshell or remount the socket and then fill the grommet that goes round the wire with silicone mastic and slide it into position. More than 7,000 visitors flocked to Beaulieu Boatjumble yesterday and left the Hampshire country estate laden with bargains. Use the free weather tool for sailors offering real-time high resolution data in a six day forecast. When replacing items like brakes or lighting, spend a little extra and get good components. Good news: trailers aren’t complex, so maintenance — even when deferred by a previous owner — is correspondingly simple. With regular flushing, a year and a half is about the average lifespan for a set of drum brakes used in salt water, so if the previous owner was lackadaisical about flushing, plan on replacing the assemblies. You won’t need to grease a trailer’s electrical components, but you will need to inspect them to ensure they work properly. Urban legend has it that some people have lubricated their bunks with Pam cooking spray, and ended up losing their boat off the trailer as they backed down the ramp.
The Mini-T (Mini-transporter) fits inside our larger transporters and can retract or extend (telescope) to 40a€™ feet long.
Hollywood, musicians, media entertainers and corporations take note: The entertainment industry has changed ! The Mini-T Marine Connection: Two thirds of the earth is covered in water which is far less crowded than any gym ! The Mini-T Transport Technologies boat transporter is self-propelled and remotely controlled. Xanadu Plantation originally covered 28,000 acres in two states and has now been downsized to a more manageable wildlife sanctuary resplendent with deer, geese, swans, loons and eagles. Transport all your horses, toys and equestrian friends to the prairie in style and then tour the park with a custom Transport Technologies chariot or stagecoach with air conditioning and dinette which seats up to eight on two levels.
Accessibility on all sides: With air ride suspension in the a€?kneelinga€? position, the first floor is just above ground level which means accessibility to cars, engines and equipment are easy and make loading and unloading far easier than traditional high second floor cargo bays. Transporters track side means everything is where the pit crew can access it including tires, wheels, extra body panels with no going back to distant trailers or a garage. Sponsors take note: Put the transporter near the stands and your 3D color changing logo is being continuously exposed via huge screen video display on the worlda€™s largest rolling billboard.
Funny car sponsored by Traxxas that builds world class models and while Courtney Force looks like a world class model, she's driving the real thing ! Join Date Dec 2007 Location okie, lake Texoma Posts 6,113 Aluminum I-Beam jet boat trailer? Join Date Dec 2007 Posts 3,619 Originally Posted by Hass828 Why dont you see some of these?

Join Date Dec 2007 Location HOUSTON TEXAS Posts 138 Is this what your tAlking about .
I did have an all aluminum dolly trailer as Mike indicated ,but it was chanel on the rails, I- beam cross members. Join Date Dec 2007 Location okie, lake Texoma Posts 6,113 Originally Posted by SEEIN RED Is this what your tAlking about .
Join Date Dec 2007 Location okie, lake Texoma Posts 6,113 Originally Posted by TexasJet McClane Trailers in Houston makes that type. Never had a problem with mine floating .Cross braces are square tubing and fill with water maybe thats why .
Reply   Reply With Quote + Reply to Thread Page 1 of 2 12 Last Jump to page: vBulletin Message   Cancel Changes Forum Tech Forums Jet Boats Aluminum I-Beam jet boat trailer? Guys, I need some advice on lifting strakes, I understand what they are but specifically do not understand the difference between placing them on the inside versus the outside of the logs on a toon.
Link,I would go with the third tube and lifting strakes on the center to get more speed & load capacity. The dryer ride comment I made was based on information provided to me in comparison to having no strakes, not in comparison to a center tube.
Link - If that's what you end up doing (center tube with 2 strakes), I would be interested in hearing if your boat leans in at all in a turn.
Test to make sure all the lights work and then undo the clamshell of the plug or remove the socket from its base. Once the silicone has set no moisture can get in to corrode the terminals or wires and the wire will be so secure they won’t easily pull out. Odds also are good that any money the previous owner spent to make the boat more appealing was not spent on the trailer.
The systems that need regular maintenance are, in order of importance: brakes and bearings, electrical components, couplers, jacks, and bunks.
Go for the whole shebang, which includes shoes, backing plates, hardware, and wheel cylinders.
These can be the biggest headache of all if you don’t service them, and they are usually the reason you see boat trailers stranded by the roadside.
If that’s the case, be sure you have a set of stainless steel Bearing Buddy caps installed. We don’t know whether it’s true, but it’s a good idea to leave the winch strap attached to the bow eye until you have the boat in the water. Variable decks can accommodate synthesizers, instruments, rolling wardrobes, stage props, sound system, giant video screens and portable light shows.
I see the aluminum I-Beam under everything from small single axle junk to the very large boats. Posts 205 Originally Posted by PCE680 Originally Posted by bfp I did have an all aluminum dolly trailer as Mike indicated ,but it was chanel on the rails, I- beam cross members.
It takes less power to get up to speed for plane also the more strakes you have, I think that you can steer and manuver easier without them on the outside of the outer tubes but since you don't tube or ski it wouldn't matter.By adding the center tube with strakes is going to make a huge differenc from what you have already, I would start there and if more is need in the future then you could add strakes to the other tubes.

That means if you want to be sure you get your boat to the water, you should give the trailer a good once-over before heading out. A Bearing Buddy will keep water out, but it also will tell you immediately when your bearings are low on grease. Then have someone step on the brake pedal and actuate the turn signals to see that they work.
If your jack has a lock pin with a spring-loaded ball, shoot some penetrating lubricant on it, too. Self-propelled, it can be driven inside the auditorium or coliseum for loading and unloading.
This also puts the weight and center of gravity down low for better handling and safety when traveling.
The stuff stays looking great and from what i can tell it would be very easy to change the axle arrangement from dolley trailer to regular axles-back & forth. It cost me 3 k in aluminum alone, plus the hubs, springs, hangers, equalizers, wheels and tires.
Figure about $220 for a pair, and they come assembled, so all you have to do is bolt them on. As you can see, much of the maintenance involved in electrical systems is a mere matter of inspecting them. You do need to be sure the carpeting that covers them is in good shape and that the wood the carpeting is stapled to is sound.
Though it is rare, hitch balls have actually worn through the top of the coupler, so be sure the coupler stays greased.
A new center toon with lifting strakes is more costly, but will impact boat ride and handling at all speeds including no wake. Regardless of how often you top them off, pull them apart at least once a year and clean, inspect, and repack them with fresh grease and always, always use new seals.
Do it the easy way, without getting your hands dirty: Two or three times a year, simply turn a tub of grease upside down and lower it onto the trailer ball.
Another big advantage of going this route is the strakes will be welded to the brand new center toon at the factory - new metal to new metal.
If you do have to replace any of the lamps, spring for sealed LEDs, which are more reliable because there are no incandescent bulbs to fail.
Bunk carpeting can tear a bit more frequently on trailers that carry stepped-bottom boats, because the steps rub the material as the boat slides up and over the forward edges of the bunks. Because our new boat with out OUTside lifting strakes is just as dry as our old boat with inside and outside strakes.

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