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Trailer , Boat trailer, Box trailer, Car trailer  We are a professional trailer manufacturer in China.
The only thing I did not do that I saw in your videos is I did not sand off the paint, and rust. After opening the package and trying to mount the light, I discovered the lock washer is so small, it slips through the hole in the light mount.
While the washers were being put into place, I decided to use the old lock washers, as well as the new washers.
To keep the wires from flopping around with the trailer is in motion, I used a small zip-tie to secure the wire to a hole in the light bracket.
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These winches have been designed to operate under harsh conditions and offer benefits and features not available in other brands.2. The trailer is maybe 15 years old, the screws on the lights are rusted up, the bulbs are corroded so bad that the glass broke from the metal base. In order to get the lights fixed before an upcoming river camping trip, my wife and I went down to the local wal-mart and bout 2 replacement lights.
The wires were twisted together, a cap put over the splice, and everything wrapped in electrical tape. Some trailers do ground better when the coupler is on the ball but this is normally because there is a ground problem that needs to be fixed.
Make sure the main trailer connector ground is attached to a clean and corrosion free bare metal surface.

Since this is a boat trailer, if the frame is aluminum you may need to run jumper wires from the light grounds to the main trailer connector ground.You will also want to make sure the converter on the vehicle is grounded to a bare metal surface. If everything is installed correctly on the vehicle, use the included circuit tester or another one if you have one to test the 4-Way on the vehicle to see if power is getting to the pins on the connector.If power is on the 4-Way then you know the issue is on the trailer. If there is power going in but not coming out then there is a problem with the converter and it will need to be replaced.
And does anyone know if it may be a bad bulb causing this or something to do with the wiring?

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