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Mercruiser MEFI-3 ECM Delphi 16237009This topic is under development and really only scratching the tip of the iceberg. I have a Triton bass boat with a 12 volt starter battery and two 12 volt trolling batteries (for a 24 volt hook up). My question is can I buy a three-bank charger and hook it up to the starter battery or will my alternator damage the new charger since it will be connected to the starter battery? Battery chargers like this 25 amp unit from Marinco are designed for your boat wiring setup. They have three outputs, two 10 amp legs for the trolling motor batteries and one 5 amp for the engine battery. My Smokercraft boat wiring has one engine, two batteries connected in parallel, one battery switch, and one two-bank battery charger.
I was thinking I could connect the positive leads from the charger to the 1 and 2 battery switch studs and the negatives to ground. If you set up your boat wiring so that the battery charger outputs are connected to the battery output posts on the boat battery switch, then it does not matter what position you put the battery switch in to charge. Connecting them to the battery switch also helps reduce confusion when re-connecting batteries.
I saw some questions like this on your boat wiring site, but didn’t see any diagrams. On the boat wiring diagram it shows the big motor positive connected to #1 on the battery switch, would I also place my kicker motor positive here? As for your question, I would connect the Kicker motor to the exact same terminals as your 150 main.

Anything you can do to help prevent water intrusion will reduce the chance of corrosion and increase the life of your marine electrical system. Any interaction between the 12vdc system and the 120v battery charger to insure that I don’t get a ground fault.
Since your system is 12 volt only, I would connect all of your grounds together, including your batteries, at a common bus. You will only trip a ground fault outlet if there is a fault from ac hot to boat ground and the boat is connected to earth ground.
As you can see, I added and wired the two Attwood battery selector switches and a fourth battery to the system (Battery 2) and wired all the batteries in parallel. Add circuit protection for the Blue Seas fuse panel at its connection location to the boat battery switch. If the trolling motor batteries are near the bow of the boat I would consider adding circuit protection at each end of this wire to help reduce the risk of a catastrophic fault. Most people don’t use welding cable on boats or cars because it is not oil resistant.
My 1977 18 foot Starcraft has an outboard motor with it’s own circuit and will not be involved in the rewire. My current marine electrical has a battery in the back of the boat, approximately 16 feet from the fused, marine electrical switch panel. I will be using the standard small boat items: a depth finder, FM radio, bilge pump, navigation lights (bow and stern), gauges and a rear-mounted gas tank. I think I need a 10 AWG duplex cable for the 30 foot run and 16 AWG boat wiring for leads from the switches to the instruments (+) and bus bars (-)?

Enter your total wire length run in inches for the panel feed (battery to panel and back to battery) in cell 25D – 384 is your guess.
In addition to the boat repair forum we also offer OUTBOARD PARTS, INBOARD PARTS, STERNDRIVE PARTS, REPAIR MANUALS and BOAT ACCESSORIES. I just bought a Marine MPFI system for my truck and the information provided here is AWESOME. This wiring harness is 10 ft long and is the same wiring harness that comes with the pipe light kits.
They operate independently and will not allow your alternator to damage the charger or any of the batteries in your marine electrical system. The smart battery switch system was configured by me for our boat wiring partner site, EzAcDc. You are invited to join our public Boat Repair Forum to seek assistance from other members. Like I said we don't know much about inboards what are something to watchout for on this set ups? I would use the same size cable for your switch to bat #2 positive and negative bus to bat #2 negative as the main battery cables for your engine.
Calibration updates are only authorized for Dealers, but regular public can purchase this software.

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