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This entry was posted in Reparasjoner Vedlikehold and tagged klassisk motorbat Reparasjon vedlikehold on 10. Ellen – en Nordic cruiser og klassisk motorbat forlater batverkstedet-Den klassiske motorbaten har fatt nye vindskjermer. This entry was posted in Reparasjoner Vedlikehold and tagged klassisk motorbat Nordic Cruiser vedlikehold vindskjerm on 3.
For noen n?rmer det seg tid for batopptak, mens andre haper pa mange fine hostdager pa sjoen. Embla er na ferdig lappet og polert og levert tilbake klar til ny dyst i Bestumkilen roklubb i Oslo. Embla skal lappes, pusses og sprayes etter alle kunstens regler, slik at finishen blir perfekt og det igjen blir en fullverdig robat. This entry was posted in Reparasjoner and tagged Dobbeltsculler Reparasjon robat on 18. Sailfish powercats were top-five aluminium fishing boats at Australia’s Greatest Boats three years running.
Travelling halfway around the globe and ending up in Milwaukee, USA, Jack Murphy was left gobsmacked by the new Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboard engine range. When BRP brought together staff, dealers and media for its global reveal of a new Evinrude engine is was dubbed "the next generation of outboard engines". The brief for the E-TEC designers was to "create an outboard that was identifiable 100 yards away at dusk." So yep, they certainly nailed that one. Almost arrogant in its design, the E-TEC G2 smashes all preconceived ideas about what an outboard should look like.
Match it with the extensive custom colour palette and you’ve got an outboard that’ll have little kids (and big kids like me) looking like stunned mullets with dropped jaws when an E-TEC G2 comes cruising past.

Currently BRP has five different side-panel colours available: white, blue, black, grey and red, with 14 different Evinrude swoosh colours too – mix and match them as you like and you’ve got hundreds of different combinations. Additionally, partnered boatbuilders will be offered a range of "Hero Colours" which are fully customisable colour configurations, suited to the manufacturer’s boat decal designs.
One example of this feature is the Aussie-built Quintrex Trident that was on the water – all the way over in Milwuakee. As stated, Evinrude hasn’t only made a few cosmetic changes to its current outboard – it has re-engineered this thing from the inside out.
Although we were only offered limited testing of the new engines, I was able to pick up a few things during my short time on the water. As previously mentioned, the power steering is now built into the engine and comes as standard across the range. Although I did like the idea behind the new automated i-Trim system too, I did feel like the technology is still in its infancy and I’d personally prefer to be trimming the engine manually, as conditions are always changing on the water. Performance-wise, the motors are super torquey out of the hole and in the mid-to-high range they’re extra responsive, so much so that they push you back into the seat when you push the throttle(s) flat. BRP hasn’t given any indication of its retail prices just yet, but I think it’s safe to say customers could expect something of a price jump due to so many new inbuilt features.
With a launch comparable to a new Apple iPhone release, it was clear the Canadian company wasn’t messing around. It had a radical green paintjob with a colour-matched E-TEC G2 250 on the back (see our video from the local Quintrex launch). Still standing firm on its "two-strokes are better than four-strokes" mantra, these outboards boast some insane (and previously unheard of) numbers.
Well, they studied the original E-TEC’s thermodynamics and by using Computational Fluid Dynamics were able to build the E-TEC G2 engine block specifically for direct injection technology.

I experienced the G2 outboards on a 35 Scarab Offshore with triple 300hps, as well as the Quintrex 690 Trident with a single 250hp.
I immediately noticed they’re distinctively less smoky than their predecessors but still have that great E-TEC purr. I really love how you can actually adjust the feedback level of the power steering from the helm on the easy-to-use ICON touch display. Despite spending just a short time on the water with the new Evinrude E-TEC G2, it was truly exciting to finally see something so different in the outboard world.
This last feature lets you adjust the level of wheel resistance from the helm and on the fly.
BRP claim these new direct-injection two-stroke outboards are cleaner-running, more fuel-efficient and have more torque than the four-stokes in their class. The new Clean Rigging feature also gives back vital transom space in the splash well by incorporating the steering, wiring and fuel lines into one neat casing tube that doesn’t move at all when turning the outboard. Whether BRP will be able to sway dedicated big four-stroke owners over to two-stroke technology is anyone’s guess. Match that with the precisely mixed 14:1 air-to-fuel ratio and you’ve got better fuel efficiency than before too. But if the performance numbers are all spot on and the price is right, then I can’t see why not.

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