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The closest airport to Destin is Northwest Florida Regional Airport (VPS), followed by Pensacola (PNS) and Panama City (ECP).
As you may know, the Elf on the Shelf has become a new tradition for families across the globe. Day 1: Skipper arrived in Destin and paid a visit to one of our favorite local landmarks, the Destin jetties.
Day 2: Destin is the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village, so of course we had to take Skipper fishing!
Day 3: Skipper worked up quite an appetite fishing, so he decided to grab some food at one of Destin’s iconic local seafood restaurants, Dewey Destin’s, for a shrimp basket. Day 5: Being the fancy and cultural elf that he is, Skipper decided to check out the local art scene.
Day 6: December has been warm and sunny here in Destin, so Skipper decided to kick back, relax, and catch some rays on a yacht charter. Day 7: December 7th brought rain and the SEC football championship game, so Skipper opted to stay in and order pizza from the best pizza place in Destin, Merlin’s Pizza.
Day 9: Christmas is getting close, so Skipper wanted to finish up some shopping and swing by End Zone Apparel for some gifts for the sports fans on his list!
Day 11: Skipper paid another visit to the beach and made some sand angels while lamenting that he didn’t really want to go back to the North Pole…can you blame him? Day 13: With Christmas approaching and baked goods everywhere, Skipper decided to visit our favorite local bakery: KaraBoo Bakery! Day 16: We had so much fun on Day 16 as Skipper took Barbie on a date at our favorite romantic restaurant, Bistro Bijoux! Day 17: We tried to take Skipper shopping at Destin Commons, but Skipper kept sneaking off and getting into mischief, as elves are wont to do!
Day 18: The XPerience Destin is a relatively new local surf shop that sells paddle boards and surf and athletic apparel.
Day 19: Skipper paid a visit to our local Irish watering hole and in true, McGuire’s fashion, had to kiss the moose!

Day 20: With 3 weeks of reports from Destin, Santa decided to pay a visit and have a little fun himself. As all good things go, our time with Skipper had to come to an end so that he could be back in time to help Santa before the Big Day. Copyright Destin Vacation Boat Rentals: Boat Rentals in Destin, Florida All rights Reserved. VPS is approximately 20 minutes away from Destin, while PNS and ECP are approximately 1 hour away. The hotel was no-frills, but it had free Internet and breakfast, so for 28k points you can’t really complain. Each elf is “adopted” and named by a family, then the elf spends the month of December watching to make sure the children behave. Skipper had quite the vacation this month (and became a bit of a local celebrity) as he trekked all over Destin and shared his adventures on our Facebook page. This time of year in Destin, we tend to catch a lot of flounder and this is what Skipper found on his trip. Did you know you can actually take sandcastle lessons, where you can learn to build sandcastles like this one that Skipper made with Rick and Capri at Beach Sand Sculptures!
Andy Saczynski’s Art has been consistently voted the best on the Emerald Coast, so Skipper wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We participated in the parade on our own float this year, but Skipper still had fun watching the floats go by!
Skipper enjoyed hanging out on the Destin Harbor Boardwalk, drinking hot chocolate, and watching the boats go by! We hope you enjoyed his adventures in Destin, and that maybe you learned about something new along the way.
As a Destin area native, mom to 3 boys, and all-around adventure lover, I love to share my passion for my hometown with others.
It is located across from Henderson Beach State Park and right in the middle of Destin, so location was ideal.

We had perfect weather for one day out of our 36 hour trip, followed by two days of rain, rain, and more rain. This is a blog about the evolution of the simple things we love in life: eating, traveling, and exercising our right brains! The elf’s job is to leave each night, fly to the North Pole, and report back to Santa on whether the children in the house have been naughty or nice.
If you missed his journey, here’s a little recap, and if you’re already missing Skipper’s adventures, then stay tuned for Wednesday’s edition of the Destin Log!
I highly recommend their key lime pie as well (and pretty much everything else in the store)!
Big thanks to all of the local businesses that helped to make him a success, and a special thank you to our local paper, the Destin Log, for sharing him with their readers!
Join me as I explore the Emerald Coast and show you how to add a SPLASH of fun and a BOAT-load of adventure to your Destin vacation! The next morning, when the children awake, they go out to find the elf doing all sorts of things and getting into all manner of mischief. Airways return flight was cancelled *glares*, leading to a last-minute chaotic frenzy of airline phone calls. As a family business, we have caught the elf bug too, and thought it would be fun to adopt an elf ourselves and show his adventures in Destin. This gave us the opportunity not only to have a little fun, but also to showcase the activities, restaurants, and small businesses that make our area special.
I’ll follow up with some tips for if you plan on visiting the area, along with a few beach-bound shopping picks. We’ve got quite a backlog of travel posts to share from Portland (and a few stragglers from our Philly trip), along with some new recipes and DIY, so check back often or follow us on Bloglovin for updates.

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