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States will have to make tough decisions that balance competing river uses, including fishing, barge traffic and hydropower generation.
On Friday, governors from most of the eight states along river will meet in Omaha, Neb., to discuss options for keeping the river in its banks.
The Missouri, which travels 2,341 miles, has been overflowing for months because of heavy Rocky Mountain snowpack and a rainy spring. But governors have promised to unite to prevent flooding in the past without much progress, said J. The Missouri River ran largely untamed until the 1950s, when dams were built as part of a nationwide effort to control and harness the power of waterways.
Search for arrests by Syracuse and Central New York law enforcement agencies and New York State Police. All lots are east facing - featuring spectacular lakeside views at dawn while providing cool shade for those warm summer evenings. Environmentally friendly geothermal heating and cooling will be used exclusively throughout Vintner's Cove and the use of green materials is encouraged.

Steve King, R-Iowa, wears waders as he stands in floodwater from the Missouri River at the junction of Interstates 680 and 29, near Crescent, Iowa, on Thursday. Flooding forced residents from their homes, submerged thousands of acres of farmland, rerouted motorists and trains, and forced cities such as Omaha to spend millions to protect airports, water treatment plants and other facilities.
Army Corps of Engineers controls six dams along the Missouri River, from Fort Peck in northeast Montana to Gavins Point in the southeast corner of South Dakota. In interviews ahead of the meeting, governors and other state officials told The Associated Press that they expect to unite around safeguards such as levee repairs and improved river-level gauges. Dave Heineman, who is hosting his fellow governors, said the states have different priorities but that the scale of this year’s flooding should convince them to find common ground. As the Missouri River slowly recedes, authorities will have to deal with the aftermath of the flooding. When Congress approved plans for the dam, lawmakers required the Army Corps of Engineers to maintain the river for flood control, navigation, irrigation, power generation, municipal and industrial water supplies, recreation and wildlife preservation. He said he’d be willing to make sacrifices if the burden was shared up and down the river, but noted that past post-flood meetings have yielded few results.

Rivette, the corps spokeswoman, recalled not so long ago when the issue was low river flows, not flooding.
Vintner's Cove Lots at Arbor Valley Lake are now available with lot prices starting at $59,900!Arbor Valley Lake is a new, private lake development, just 30 minutes from Des Moines, located on the outskirts of Osceola, Iowa. Hayden pointed to a report written after the river flooded in 1993 that warned of too many roads, railroads and other infrastructure in the flood plain. King organized a boat tour to inspect damage caused by the continuing flooding of the Missouri River. Jay Nixon has said he would call lawmakers into a special session to develop a plan to repair and rebuild hundreds of miles of flood-damaged levees. Army Corps of Engineers northwest district, also will attend, but agency spokeswoman Sarah Rivette cautioned against demanding sweeping changes based on one flood season.

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